Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, the Messenger who Overcame (One who Overcomes), and the Life of Faith of the Believers who belong to Each Era

Main reference: Mt 7

▶ The World of Adam and the World of Noah (Adam’s 9th Descendant)

During Noah’s time, Adam’s family thought that they were the only orthodoxy that God created. They did not realize that they sinned against God, that they became deceived by the snake, that they sided with the snake, that they were banished from the presence of God, and that God left them. Also, they did not know that God was with Noah. Hence, they rejected Noah as he tried to evangelize to them, and they were destroyed by the flood.

▶ The World of Noah and the World of Moses (Israel)

Although Noah’s family (the people of Noah’s world) saw Adam’s world betray and become destroyed by the flood, they too sinned like Adam (Gn 9). After this, God went to Abraham, Noah’s 10th descendant, and prophesied about events that will happen in the future (Gn 15). After living in Egypt for 4 generations, Jacob’s family came out of Egypt according to the prophecy, entered the land of Canaan, destroyed the Canaanites, and lived there.

After this, Israel was destroyed, for King Solomon worshiped gentile gods (1Kgs 11); as written in Isaiah 1, only one tribe remained—Judah and Jerusalem. Eventually, Judah and Jerusalem was also destroyed by the gentiles.

▶The World of Physical Israel and the World of Jesus

Jesus was sent to Physical Israel (the people) (refer to Jn 17:3) according to God’s promise (Old Testament) like Noah and Moses. However, like Noah’s family, Physical Israel thought they were the only ones who were saved from Egypt and have entered the land of Canaan. They did not know that they received destruction for worshiping gentile gods and that God left them and was with Jesus. Instead, they insulted and accused Jesus of being a cult. Jesus told the Physical Israelites that they were like their ancestors who persecuted the prophets God sent in the past (Mt 23).

During Noah’s time, Adam’s family only believed in Adam and in his words. During Moses’ time, Noah’s family only believed in Noah and in his words. During Jesus’ time, the Israelites (Moses’ family) only believed in Moses and in his words. As shown above, in each era, the previous world believed, but it did not believe in the promise of the new era. If Physical Israel believed in God’s prophecies of the Old Testament (promise) instead of believing in the corrupted world of Moses, they would not have killed Jesus.

Today, the pastors and congregation members of the church of Jesus (Christianity and Catholicism) believe in Jesus, the cross, and in various images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. They say, “Lord, lord,” without knowing or believing in the prophecies of the New Testament (promise) that Jesus spoke about. How can they be considered as the people who do God’s will? If one truly believes in God and Jesus, shouldn’t they also believe in the things that God and Jesus promised (prophesied)? There are many who cry out to Jesus, “Lord, lord,” but it is hard to find someone who truly believes in Jesus (Lk 18:8). The one who truly believes in Jesus is the one who keeps his promise. Like Adam, Eve, Ham, King Solomon, and the priests and people of Physical Israel, one cannot be a true believer for saying, “Lord, God.”

▶New Testament Prophecy about Spiritual Israel. What is its physical reality?

Aren’t the corruptions of Spiritual Israel by far the greatest in the history of the past 6,000 years? As it is written, Spiritual Israel became corrupt and betrayed; the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens (chosen people, Gn 37:9-11) fell to the earth (Mt 24:29; Rv 6:12-14), not one stone is left on another (Mt 24), they received the mark from the devil and worshiped him (Rv 13), all nations drank and fell from the wine of adulteries, and married the devil (Rv 17-18). How can one say that this is not corruption? They began with the spirit, but like Adam, they returned to flesh.

Do you know what the wine of adulteries is—the wine that made all nations fall? Why are the congregation members (believers of the world) not informed about this? Haven’t the pastors drank this wine and offered it to their congregation members to drink just as Eve gave the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil to Adam? Can they still be the orthodoxy?

While he was on this earth, and even after he departed, Jesus promised to send one pastor just as he (Jesus) was promised about in the Old Testament. In the spirit, the Spirit of Truth who comes in the name of Jesus, the “another Counselor,” will come (Jn 14). In the flesh, the pastor who gives the food at the proper time will come (Mt 24:45-47), and he is also promised about in Revelation 2-3, 12, 10, and 22:16.

If the Physical Israelites at the time of the First Coming had perceived and believed in the Scriptures and in Jesus who came according to the Old Testament, rather than in Moses, they would have received salvation. Likewise, there is salvation for the one who believes in the prophecies of the New Testament and in the pastor who has come according to that promise. The one who truly believes in Jesus is the one who believes in his promise and keeps it. Even if one claims to believe in Jesus, praises his name, and has a fervent faith, but does not believe in the pastor whom Jesus promised in the New Testament, there will be no salvation and no heaven for that person, and he/she will not be able to go to God and Jesus. Please read verse by verse in Revelation 2-3 and see whether or not someone can receive salvation through other pastors apart from the one who overcomes.

I (one who overcomes) am the messenger who received a command from Jesus after seeing and hearing the events of Revelation fulfill; I am the promised pastor sent for the churches (Rv 1:1-2, 22:16). Can you believe? Please, do not forget to read Revelation 12 and 2-3 to see the duty the one who overcomes has, and make much effort to receive salvation.

There is not one pastor on this earth except for the one who overcomes who has mastered the Bible, who truly knows God’s will and acts according to it. The pastors (and religious leaders) must set aside vanity and pride, humble themselves in obedience before the word, and carry a life of faith inside the Bible rather than outside. They must offer their religions to God, and have all religions become one under God so that He can reign (Rv 19:6). Perceiving this and repenting is the road to being born again and a road to salvation (Is 16:1, 1Cor 15:25-28, Rv 19:6). I sincerely pray for this.