The World before Moses, the Old Testament, and the New Testament

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Main references: 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles (History in the Bible), Old Testament and New Testament

Let us look at the history and its process in the Bible, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

The Five Books of Moses were written by Moses who recorded what he saw and heard. The events of Genesis, the world of Adam, and the world Noah occurred before the time of Moses, so God spoke of these events to him. God spoke of the history (NKJV Gn 2:4), and in them are also hidden things, mysteries (Ps 78:1-2).

If we look at the recorded words in Genesis chapter 1literally as the creation of nature, there will be many things that are hard to understand. Jesus at the time of the New Testament also spoke of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven in parables, not in plain language (Mt 13:34-35).

The cause of the corruption of Adam’s world, Noah’s world, and Moses’ world, Abraham’s descendants, was Satan’s schemes. The flesh, ignorant of the spirits and Satan’s deception, did not know and thus, committed sin. Sin is not keeping God’s covenant, like Adam (Hos 6:7). They sinned, because they were born in the hereditary line of a betrayer, a sinner. Jesus told the Jews in John chapter 8, “You are doing the things your own father (devil) does” (Jn 8:41-44). And he told them to be born again by God’s seed and spirit (Jn 3:1-6). They did Satan’s actions through the characteristics of the spirit of Satan and his deception. As a result, one must be reborn by God’s seed and spirit.

Because sin could not be resolved with the law, God promised through Prophet Jeremiah, at the time of the Old Testament era, that He will do a new work and establish a new covenant (Jer 31:22, 27, 31). The Jesus planted this seed of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven and proclaimed that one must be born again by God’s seed and spirit to go to heaven. The one who received God’s seed received God’s spirit through repentance.

Unlike Adam’s world, Noah’s world, and Moses’ world, Jesus did not betray but went into martyrdom. This is the difference between those born of the sinful seed of Adam (hereditary seed) and those born of God’s seed. Moses heard of the events of the past world from God (Ex 17:14, 24:4, 34:27), Jesus saw and heard from God and said that he existed before Abraham (Jn 8:26-28, 51-58). In spirit, he was in God and saw these things. There is a difference between the one who was in God since the beginning and the one who heard a history from God. However, Jesus revealed the hidden things of old in parables.

Until now, these are the events that Moses heard and recorded from God, from Genesis until Jesus’ first coming.

The things Jesus spoke about were the fulfillment of the Old Testament and the prophecies in the New Testament in parables. The new covenant (New Testament) is prophesied in parables, and this is the covenant made with the congregation members who believe in the New Testament.

The world before Moses were the world of Adam, the world of Noah who was Adam’s 9th descendant, the world of Abraham who was Noah’s 10th descendant, and the world of Moses who was Abraham’s descendant. Knowing the reality of the past and his present situation, what kind of resolutions did Moses make? And how did he approach and handle in keeping God’s covenant (Ex 19:5-6)? He must have known very well the actions of the people in the past world and reacted accordingly.

Jesus of the New Testament knew very well the events that happened in the past 4,000 years. The life of all mankind in the world depended on the resolution and decision of one man, Jesus. Jesus did not betray like the pastors of the previous world, but he followed God’s will into martyrdom. He was able to make this kind of resolution, because he was born of God’s seed and God’s spirit. He knew very well that if he did not bear the cross, there would be no atonement of sin and salvation. Furthermore, he would not be able to find back the world that had been handed over to Satan after Adam’s sin (Lk 4:5-6). The words of the new covenant that Jesus spoke, the New Testament, was regarding the events that he will fulfill in the future. And as mentioned above, he spoke of these events that he will fulfill in parables.

The blood of cross and the covenant Jesus established with his blood (prophecy) takes into effect at the time of the New Testament fulfillment. Who can completely know this? One can know from the Book of Revelation that without Jesus’ blood, there is no kingdom of God, no salvation, and no victory (Rv 12, 7, 5). This lets us know that the world before Jesus and the world after Jesus are different from one another. The reason there is the kingdom of God and salvation at the time of Revelation, is that Jesus’ blood that he shed takes into effect at the time Revelation is fulfilled. With his blood, Jesus purchases the kingdom and priests (Rv 5:9-10). With that blood, there is the great multitude dressed in white (Rv 7:9-14) and with that blood, we are freed from sin (Rv 1:5-6). And by overcoming with that blood, there is God’s promised kingdom (Rv 12:10-11). There is no salvation if one does not know this promised kingdom. The person who knows this has received the greatest and best blessing of all mankind.

After 6,000 years God captures the dragon and throws him into the Abyss. After 6,000 years, God finds the kingdom He had lost, and He begins to reign over the world he created. In 6,000 years, mankind experiences “a favorable season of ringing out the old and ringing in the new”, a world of peace. The day when mountains and streams, trees and grass, and all creation dance in joy has come. It is the best Way since the beginning of time. Death is put to an end and life begins for the first time; it is the destiny of the new heaven.