Ringing Out the Old and Ringing In the New: the Old Era and the New Era

Shincheonji Bible Study-01
Main reference: Rv 21

Why do old eras and new eras exist?

When an era that was once created becomes old and corrupt, it is destroyed, and a new era is created. This is called in Korean, “Song-gu-yung-shin (송구영신),” which also holds the meaning, “ringing out the old and ringing in the new.” “Song-gu-yung-shin” does not simply refer to the passing of yesterday and the coming of today.

Let us take a look at the process of creation and recreation of the heaven and earth in the 6,000 years of God’s work as shown in the Bible.
The steps of creation and re-creation are:

1. Creation,
2. Covenant,
3. Corruption and betrayal,
4. New Pastor,
5. Judgment,
6. Salvation,
7. Re-creation,
8. New Covenant.

Celestial mechanics, a branch in astronomy, understands the period of re-creation in terms of the cycle of the universe. They say that the universe completed its cycle in the year 1984. After orbiting a full cycle, the universe returns to its original position to begin a new cycle again. This position marks both the beginning and the end of a cycle. In other words, 1984 is the year when a new cycle began from the place the previous cycle ended. Thus, starting again from the same place it started before is like “ringing out the old and ringing in the new.”

When the sexagenarian cycle (a cycle of 60 years) occurs 100 times, the total number of years is 6,000.

The creation of the heaven and earth that began at the time of Adam turns into recreation in Revelation chapter 21 (refer to Rv 21:6). For the first time in 6,000 years, the favorable season of ringing out the old and ringing in the new finally comes. The 6,000 years of lineage and the events that occurred are recorded in detail in the 66 books of the Bible, the book of God.

Let us take a look at the old eras and the new eras in the past 6,000 years. Let us also not forget that there was a new person who appeared in each new era.

1) Adam’s world betrayed and became corrupt. Because this earth was filled with corruption, in Genesis 6, God appointed Noah, Adam’s 9th descendant, and destroyed Adam’s world with a flood.

2) Like the snake at the time of Adam, Ham, Noah’s second son, revealed Noah’s nakedness. Thus, Noah’s world was also cursed down to Ham’s son, Canaan.

3) After this, God went to Abraham, Noah’s 10th descendant, and made known the future events. Then, God went to Moses, a descendant of Israel in Egypt. Through him, He led the descendants of Israel out of Egypt to the land of Canaan.

At this time, ten out of the twelve tribe leaders of Israel whom Moses guided did not believe God; with the exception of Joshua and Caleb, they disobeyed (Nm 13:6, 8, 16). As a result, God had Moses and the Israelites who sided with the ten tribe leaders (the first generation: over 20 years of age) die in the desert (Nm 32:10-13). God appointed Joshua to lead the second generation, the descendants of those who came out of Egypt, into Canaan. Just as He promised, God destroyed the Canaanites and told the Israelites to live by keeping His covenant (Ex 19:5-6).

4) After this, Israel received destruction, because King Solomon broke the covenant that God established with the Israelites at the time of Moses (Ex 19:5-6; 1 Kgs 11). Just as God made known to Abraham the events that He will fulfill at the time of Moses, God prophesied again through the Old Testament prophets, making known what will be fulfilled in the future. This promise was the Old Testament. After this, God came to Jesus as promised and fulfilled the Old Testament.

5) God, who fulfilled the Old Testament, promised future events through Jesus—the New Testament. It is written that the New Testament is fulfilled at the appointed time, the Lord’s Second Coming.

After his ascension, Jesus made known through his disciple, John, the revelation that will be fulfilled (the Book of Revelation). Most of the content of Revelation is written in parables; it is a sealed scroll that no one in heaven or under heaven can open or look inside (Rv 5:1-4). However, no one should add to or subtract from Revelation (Rv 22:18-19).

What will fulfill at the time of Revelation? It is a huge event that will affect all believers on earth. It is an event the believers cannot be complacent about. However, there is no one who knows neither the meaning of the content nor the date of its fulfillment until the time it is fulfilled. Anyone who claims to know and anyone who creates their own commentaries act in wickedness. The content of their commentaries is false, and those who speak falsehood (liars) plant the seed of wickedness. In other words, they are the pastors of the devil.

It is written that there is no one in heaven or under heaven who can open or look inside this scroll that is sealed with parables(Rv 5:1-3). If someone claims to know it, that very statement is a lie, because the only one who truly knows is the one who saw the fulfillment of all the events of Revelation.

In God’s scroll (the scroll sealed with 7 seals) are the betrayers, those who destroy, and the one who saves. The betrayers are Spiritual Israel, the people who do not believe in the new covenant but believe in the lies and the doctrines of Satan (commentaries).

The destroyers are those who deceive and destroy the chosen people (Spiritual Israel) with the doctrines of Satan (the wine of adulteries).

The savior is the one who liberates the people who became captives of the gentile destroyers due to their betrayal and gives them life by feeding them the bread of life. In order to achieve this, he must first fight and overcome the enemy (Rv 12:10-11) and help the believers cross over from death to life (refer to Rv 17:14, Rv 18:4). At this time, the one who accepts the manna of life, meaning, and the revealed word as clear as crystal will come out to the resurrection of life, whereas the one who does not believe will be judged (refer to Jn 5:28-29 NKJV).

Jesus takes the sealed scroll and opens the seals; he fulfills the prophecies recorded in the scroll (refer to Rv 5, 6, 8). He sends his messenger to speak on his behalf and testify to what has been fulfilled (Rv 22:16). The one who believes in this testimony receives the resurrection of life.

Such era is the “favorable season of ringing out the old and ringing in the new year” (송구영신 호시절: Song-gu-yeong-shin Ho-shi-jul), and “the destiny of the new heaven” (신천운세: Shin-chun-oon-seh). The new era of the fulfillment of promise has come as the era of prophecy comes to its end. It can be said that those who do not know this are darkness and non-believers born with the seed of Satan and possessing his characteristics. Blessed are those who perceive and believe this and become the people of heaven in the new era.

Since the time of Adam, the eras that became corrupt in every generation met their ends, and new eras with new pastors always came after. However, the era of the Lord’s Second Coming when Revelation is fulfilled is different than the previous eras, because it marks a start and an end at a universal scale. It is the grand beginning of a completely new creation. It is the time when the deceiving devil is finally captured and thrown into the Abyss. This new era comes for the first time in 6,000 years, and it is the world of eternal heaven made of the family born with God’s seed. This heaven is the world of peace where God reigns.

Just as one puts off old clothes and puts on the new, the sons born with God’s seed will live in God’s image and likeness. They will put off their old selves that were like old clothes for their flesh. Their inner-persons will put on new clothes. The new set of clothes is the holy spirit. This is change, a change into a new creation.

We must remember the words in Genesis 6, ‘The sons of God loved the daughters of the earth, and they became flesh (NKJV).” One who is reborn with water and the holy spirit (Jn 3:5-6) is a god who received the Word (Jn 10:35), an offspring of God (Acts 17:29). This is the family of God. The era of the new heaven, the favorable season of ringing out the old and ringing in the new year, is the era where the spirit is united with the body.