Faith in Each Era and the Level of Its Culture

Main references: Mt 24:45; Gal 3:23-28; 1 Cor 13:9-12

The Bible encompasses about 6,000 years of biblical history since Adam’s time. In this 6,000 years of history, there were the eras of Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus’ first coming, and the era of Jesus’ return.

Whether it is culture in terms of a physical or spiritual sense, which of these eras is civilized with culture? In the sense of both world history and religion, today’s culture of heaven is the highest. There is, however, one thing that remains the same in the past and present time: it is the aspect of people’s life of faith, which is their faith and knowledge (refer to Hos 4:6). Believers during the first coming of Jesus did not know the meaning of the Old Testament prophecies. Likewise, today’s believers at the time of the second coming do not know the meaning of the New Testament prophecies (refer to Is 29:9-13; Jn 1:11; Rv 5:2-4).

Those who claimed to believe in the Old Testament (the promise of God) at the first coming refused to believe when the physical fulfillment of the Old Testament (Jesus and the work he fulfilled) appeared. They opposed Jesus by calling him a heretic, even crucifying him. In the same way, people claim to believe in the New Testament (the promise of Jesus), but they are refusing to believe in the fulfillment of the New Testament (the one who overcomes and the fulfilled work), although it has appeared. They, just as in the past times, are going against the one who overcomes, labeling him as a heretic and attempting to kill him. This is the same aspect of the life of faith that the believers between the past and present times share.

The Law of Moses at Jesus’ first coming was a tutor (kindergarten teacher) that led people to Christ (Gal 3:23-24). It was proclaimed until the time of the faith in Jesus’ gospel of heaven, which was the faith that should be revealed.

The faith that should be revealed at Jesus’ first coming was the faith in the fulfillment of the Old Testament. This revelation was the revelation mentioned in Ezekiel 3. This revelation was the new work, the new covenant, and the two types of seed in Jeremiah 31. One of these two types of seed was the seed of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven that Jesus sowed (Mt 13:24, 31). This work of sowing the seed was the new work. The work of harvest that will take place at the second coming was the new covenant. The accomplishment of this new covenant is the fulfillment of the book of Revelation. The objective of the New Testament is the creation of the twelve tribes at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation in the New Testament. These twelve tribes are God’s promise and the promise of the Bible for the last 6,000 years.

If the Law of Moses served as a tutor for the faith (the Old Testament) that should be revealed, the new covenant during Jesus’ first coming, which is the New Testament prophecy, also serves as a tutor that leads people to Christ at the second coming. We have been locked up under the supervision of the new covenant and the prophecy until the faith in the New Testament (Revelation) should be revealed. We, however, will no longer be under the covenant when the revealed faith comes. At the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, we will not be with the elementary and partial teachings, but we will be able to go on to maturity.

At the first coming, Jesus spoke about future events in parables. He had many things to say, but did not say everything (Mt 13:34-35; Jn 16:12). The spirit of truth, the Counselor who comes in the name of Jesus today, allows us to know everything about the fulfillment of the New Testament (Jn 14:26). Thus, it will be the greatest gospel and truth in the history of mankind.

Ever since Adam’s time, God planned what he would fulfill, and has been fulfilling it step by step. His fulfillment was the events that took place in each era; as a matter of fact, all of this work happened for the sake of today, the time of Revelation. Today, accepting the faith that is revealed is such a blessing. The greatest blessing in the history of mankind that allows one to attain and enjoy eternal life and heaven has finally come true today, the dream that mankind has had for the last 6,000 years. There is no higher truth nor greater blessing than this. Because of this, we will be eternally thankful, thankful to God and Jesus.