Fulfillment of the New Testament

Main reference: Rv 21:6

The New Testament that Jesus prophesied 2,000 years ago has been fulfilled. The prophecies of the Four Gospels and the Book of Revelation have been fulfilled as promised (Rv 21:6), without being added to or subtracted from it.

The seven stars (messengers) and the seven churches have appeared as prophesied, and the messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus (the New John) sent letters to the seven messengers which urged them to repent. Satan, Nicolaitans, entered the tabernacle of the seven stars, fed food sacrificed to idols to the congregation members of the tabernacle, and had them commit adultery. How can anyone deny this fact?

After this, the New John was in the Spirit and was taken up to heaven (the spiritual realm), and saw the organization of the throne in the spiritual realm in Rv 4. He saw the scroll sealed with seven seals in God’s hand in chapter 5, and heard Jesus will open the seals.

He saw Jesus open the seals in chapter 6, and the work of sealing took place in chapter 7.

The sealed scroll became wide open as the last seal was opened in chapter 8. The New John heard the sounds of the trumpets in chapter 8 (sounds of the 1st~4th trumpets) and saw what happened at that time, and also saw the terrible reality that took place at the sounds of the trumpets in chapter 9 (the 5th and the 6th trumpets). How can he say that he did not see it, and did not know it?

In chapter 10, the New John received the scroll the angel gave, and testified what the angel commanded.

In chapter 11, he experienced hardships and even spiritual death, and saw how the kingdom of the world became the kingdom of God at the sound of the last and the seventh trumpet.

In chapter 13, he saw the group of the dragon enter the tabernacle and give mark on the foreheads and the right hands of the congregation members, and saw how the congregation members of the tabernacle were destroyed.

In chapter 12, we (the child born from the woman clothed with the sun and his brothers who are the people of Shincheonji) fought the group of the dragon with their lives on the line and overcame them. The group of the dragon was thrown out of the tabernacle of heaven, and starting then came God’s kingdom and salvation described in Rv 7 (Rv 12:10-11). They are the people who are harvested as described in Rv 14, those sealed in chapter 7. This is God’s kingdom described in Rv 14. The location of Rv 14 is also the location of Rv 15.

Those standing beside the sea of glass (people of the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony; Rv 15:2) after overcoming and coming out the location of Rv 13, which is the location of chapter 12, became the bowls of wrath in chapter 16. The angels poured them out to the earth, which is the tabernacle of heaven that betrayed, and the sea, which is the destroyers. This was the judgment of the betrayers and the destroyers.

The great city Babylon in chapter 16 (Rv 16:9) was the group of the dragon in chapters 13 and 12, and the wine of adulteries which the prostitute fed in chapter 17 was the doctrine of Satan.

The mystery of Rv 1 was the seven stars (Rv 1:20), which was the mystery of the betrayers. The mystery of Rv 17, which was the mystery of the destroyers, was the prostitute and her group, the beast with seven heads and ten horns (Rv 17:7). And the mystery of the last trumpet in Rv 10:7 was the child in chapter 12, and the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony. This was the mystery of the savior, and these are the three mysteries of the Book of Revelation.

The nations fallen in Rv 18 were the group of the dragon of Babylon, and the reason they fell was because of the wine of adulteries. Their (the congregation members of Babylon) wedding was the wedding with Satan. Rv 16 was regarding the judgment of the betrayers and the destroyers, and chapter 17 and 18 were the description of how the destroyers, Satan Babylon, were judged.

Chapter 19 takes place after chapter 18, and this is when the wedding supper of the Lamb begins. This banquet was thrown with the betrayers (chapter 13) and the destroyers (chapter 17) captured (refer to Mt 22:4). The martyred spirits and those who overcame today are satisfied with this food and give glory of thankfulness to God (Rv 19:17-21).

The first resurrection takes place in chapter 20 where the spirits and the flesh gathered in Rv 19 become one; the kingdom of the thousand years is established.

Chapter 21 is regarding how God and heaven come down and become one with the place where a new era began, after the previous era came to its end. This is the new heaven and the new earth, which is Shincheonji.

In chapter 22, those who washed the clothes of their hearts with the crystal-like water of life, which is the revealed word, enter the holy city where the tree of life is. It also says that the crystal-like water of life (revelation) is given freely to those who wish.

At this time, the dogs and those who practice falsehood cannot enter the city but remain outside, and those who add to or subtract from Revelation are not able to enter the city either.

This is today’s fulfilled reality of Revelation. This is when Jesus chooses the One Who Overcomes as the messenger who speaks on behalf—he is the one who saw all of the events of Revelation (Rv 22:8), the one who received the revealed scroll (Rv 10), the one who sent letters to the seven messengers (Rv 2, 3), and the one who knows the three mysteries (Rv 1, 10, 17). Jesus chooses him to testify to the church what he has seen and heard (Rv 22:16). How could the messenger who speaks on behalf (the New John) not obey those words, when Jesus gave him the revealed scroll, showed him the events of all of Revelation, and commanded him? Just as Elijah and Jesus obeyed God, how could the messenger who speaks on behalf not go where Jesus was sending him? And as he was told to testify, how could he not? He is obeying to that command.

Not only does the messenger who speaks on behalf knows the true meaning of the New Testament’s Revelation, but he is testifying to it because he saw and touched the physical entities of the prophecies spoken in Revelation. This is different from the testimonies of regular pastors who claim to know the meaning of Revelation from studying or interpreting with their thinking, or from interpreting using commentaries.

I will summarize as what follows: the main characters of Revelation’s three mysteries are the betrayers, the destroyers, and the savior, and the events of all of Revelation are regarding the three mysteries which are betrayal, destruction, and salvation.

Revelation chapter 6 is regarding an era of religion coming to its end, and Revelation chapter 7 is regarding the coming of a new era, meaning, the creation of a new era.

Revelation 13 makes known that a church of one era betrayed and was destroyed, and Revelation 14 makes known that a new world is created and God comes down to be with people.

Revelation 18 makes known that all nations became a possession of Satan and that they married Satan. Revelation chapter 19 makes known the wedding supper of the Lamb that takes place after the judgment of Babylon, the kingdom of Satan in Revelation 18.

Jesus who fulfilled the Old Testament promised the New Testament, and he fulfilled the New Testament’s Revelation today in the nation of East, in Republic of Korea. This is the Bible, this is the prophecy, and this is the fulfillment of what is promised.

If one has eyes and ears, he must see and hear. If he has a heart and a mind, and has a sense of judgment and faith, he must follow the will of the heavens and become a person of heaven in the new era, as according to chapters 7 and 14.

Isn’t the fulfillment of Revelation, ultimately the New Testament, that we the believers have been wanting, waiting, and believing in? Let us do the Lord’s will as promised, and fulfill the hope. Let us also be thankful.

This is an era to receive God’s grace; it is the day of salvation. Let us not miss this time. I pray the Lord’s guidance will be with you.