The Beginning and Origin of Faith – Father God’s heart and His position –

Shincheonji Bible Doctrines-5Main reference: Is 1:1-4 (Rom 12:4-5; 1 Cor 12)

In Ez 37, God spoke and prophesied to the bones in the grave, allowed flesh and tendon to attach to them, and gave them the breath of life so that they can live and come out. He poured out the Spirit to these bones who then, became living beings.

In the same way, those who were dying in the graves, during the First Coming, heard the voice of the Son of God and received the breath of life. They rose to life and came out. This was crossing over from death to life (Jn 5:24-29). Then, in the upper attic room, the holy spirit of God was poured upon the disciples (Acts 2), and thus was fulfilled the prophecy of Ezekiel.

Anyone who sins is dead and is like the dust. God created Adam (man) with dust and gave him the breath of life, making him into a living being (Gn 2:7). Adam was created by God and was born as a son of God.

Prophet Isaiah, who saw and heard, wrote about God’s pain: “Hear, O heavens! Listen, earth! For the Lord has spoken: ‘I reared children and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me. The ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s manger, but Israel does not know, my people do not understand.’ Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, and children given to corruption! They have forsaken the Lord, spurned the Holy One of Israel, and turned their backs on him.” This is the heart of the Father who bore and raised His children.

God the Father, who created the heavens and the earth, gave His own breath of life to Adam and created His son. He gave all creation to Adam as his inheritance. Also, Adam’s partner, his helper, was made from one of his (ribs) (Gn 2:18-24). His helper, Eve, was deceived by the snake, ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and gave that fruit to her husband, Adam also ate it. Adam and Eve broke the covenant they have made with God, their Creator, by obeying and following the snake (Gn 3). If Adam had cut off Eve, who was a part of his own body, and did not listen to her words, the world of death would have never entered, and God’s word would have never left.

Jesus, who was one with God, said in Mt 5:29-30 and Mt 18:8-9 that, “if your hand, foot, or eye causes you to sin, cut if off and throw it away, gouge it out and throw it away, as it is better to enter heaven this way, then to be thrown into the fire of hell.”

Adam listened and believed in the words of the snake and Eve more than the words and promise of God. It is not that Adam and Eve did not know the words of God’s promise and covenant. Even though they knew, they believed in the words of the snake. Because Adam loved Eve more than God, he listened to her words and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. However, their outcome was the fire of hell; the act of disobeying God’s word of promise was an act of being undutiful to God, and their conclusion was death.

We are united as one body. Think about the pain when we have to cut off the part of our body that sins–the eyes, hands, or feet (Mt 18:8-9). Will we be able to describe that pain with words? In order to avoid creating a part 2 of Adam, we must obey the word of God.

People try to justify themselves with excuses, situations, positions, and circumstances. This is going against the commands and promise of God. It is written in the Bible what happens before and after the dragon is captured (Rv 20). Before the dragon is captured, there is deception. And after it is captured, there is resurrection and Sabbath rest. Today, we are living in the most critical era. On either side of the line is heaven or hell.

Today, the long work of 6,000 years is finished. This is the time when heaven and God reunites with the perfection of faith. In this era, our faith is our life.

As we have seen in the beginning, the start of a walk in faith is the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (God and the snake), The origin of our walk in faith is faith itself. There is someone who loved us like his own body and saved us with his life. God, the Lord of our life, and hope is here. From the two entities, whose words are you going to choose to listen and believe in? Adam and Eve were in this scenario and made their decision.

In Dt 30:19-20, God said that He called heaven and earth as witnesses. Life and death, as well as blessings and curses, were set before us. In order to live, we must choose life and love God by obeying and closely following His Word.

According to these words, loving anything and anyone more than God is wrong, and it is sin. Even if it is our eyes, hands, or feet, we must cut it off. We must throw away man’s thoughts and ask God, because that is the road to life and blessings (refer to Gal 1:10).

We, the Shincheonji congregation members, believe only in God, Jesus, and the promised pastor, and work with all of our lives and purpose despite the hardships and difficulty. We are one family of heaven. Because of them we work, singing in joy, and live with the hope of being together for eternity.

We, the congregation members of the new era of Shincheonji, are united as one with God as one family in His kingdom of heaven. It is the light that shines to the earth, the beautiful paradise of heaven! Let’s grow, love, and sing. And let’s be thankful. Let’s offer God the glory forever and ever for atoning our sins and calling us to become His kingdom and priests (Rv 1:5-6).