Two Types of Spirits and Two Types of Vines

Shincheonji's Bible study-04

Main reference: 1 John chapter 4

What are the two types of spirits and the two types of vines, and how are they different from one another? The two types of spirits are regarding the true God and the Devil. The two types of vines are regarding the pastor who belongs to God and the pastors who belong to Satan. Satan’s pastors are the same as the dragon (Satan: Devil: serpent).

Inside the Bible there is the true God (Jn 17:3) and the false god (refer to 2 Thes 2:3-4, Ez 28:1-19). One cannot see spirits with physical eyes, but can see spirits through spiritual eyes.

Jesus and Apostle John saw God in spirit when they went up to heaven. In Revelation chapter 22 it is recorded that those who are sealed will see God. With what kind of eyes will they be able to see God? The ones who will see God are the new creation reborn into their spiritual (glorious) body; They are those who came out to the resurrection of life from the flesh (where their spirits were dead). Therefore they will see God with spiritual eyes.

Due to sin, people became blind and were unable to see spirit. When Apostle John heard the voice of the spirit on the Island of Patmos, he heard it through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Also, he went up to heaven to see and hear things in the spirit.

How is the spirit of God different from the spirit of the Devil?

God is love, the creator, and life. Also, the Devil is destruction, hardships, and death. This is how the Devil became the one who opposes (the enemy).

God is self-existent and the Devil is a created being that betrayed. Why did God’s created being become the Devil?

Before the Devil betrayed he was one of the four cherubs (four living creatures) that had control over ¼ of the angels in heaven (refer to Ezekiel chapter 28). The cause of betrayal was greed. He had the greed to become higher in position. In the spiritual realm the greatest seat is God and His throne. The Devil was arrogant and prideful to become like God.

Satan, who entered into King Tyre in Ezekiel chapter 28, was one of the cherubs (four living creatures) originally found in Genesis 3:24. He was a perfect seal (model of perfection) and full of wisdom. He was once in Eden, the garden of God, and was adorned with every precious stone. His settings and mountings were made of gold and prepared since the day he was created; he was an ordained guardian cherub. Due to all of this, he became arrogant, and the greed to become higher in position grew inside of him. That greed was for him to become like God (2 Thes 2:4). Through the Bible we can see that there are two gods: one being the true God (Jn 17:3) and the other being the false god, the son of destruction, according to 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, and a self-professed god, according to Ezekiel chapter 28.

Just as there was the betrayal of the spirit in the spiritual world, there came an event of betrayal on earth by the deception of the spirit that betrayed. From heaven, the spirit of Satan, like lightening, entered into Jesus’ disciple Judas Iscariot, and afterwards he committed the actions of Satan (refer to Lk 10:18).

Jesus at the First Coming said no one can know the true God but only the one who received the revelation from the son (Mt 11:27). Also, at the Second Coming, one can know through the revelation where God, the kingdom of heaven, and Jesus come down upon (refer to Rv 3:12).

As we examine a parable in the Bible, there is a small seed that is planted in a field. The seed grows into a tree, where the bird descends and perches on (Mt 13:31-32, Dn 4:20). The figurative bird represents spirit. Also, there are two types of vines mentioned inside the Bible. One is the true vine (Jn 15:1-5) and the other is the wild vine (Is 5:4, Dt 32:32-33). These two types of trees are the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They represent two types of flesh, which means they are two different pastors. The true vine is God’s pastor and the wild vines are Satan’s pastors. God and the pastor that belong to him are heaven, while Satan and the pastors that belong to him are hell.

Grapes are produced from vine, and people can extract grape wine from grapes. God’s true wine is life, and Satan’s wild wine is death. The wild wine, which is the poison of serpent and venom of vipers, is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The maddening wine of adultery that appears in Revelation chapter 17 is the sermon of wild vines, or the pastors who belong to Satan. In Revelation chapter 18 we are able to see that all nations became drunk from the maddening wine and have fallen. Also, it is recorded that all nations have married the Devil. This is the end of age and the end of the churches.

Only through revelation can one know the two types of spirits and the two types of pastors, figuratively represented by two types of vines. Without the revelation, people cannot know God, the Devil, the tree of life, nor the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Will the spirit of the Devil and the wild vines, which are the pastors of Satan, like God and the true vine, the pastors that belong to God, and the true wine that comes from this vine? Wouldn’t they in turn say that they are a cult and go against them? Will Satan’s pastors receive true words, which is the truth? Today all nations are drunk off the wine of Satan and have fallen. Will the people who have become one with the Devil listen to the voice of the messenger sent by God? Only those who are born of God’s seed and do not belong to the Devil will listen and receive the revelation, the words of God. God said knowing the true God and the one whom He has sent is eternal life in John 17:3. These words are absolutely correct!

Someone who truly knows the Bible will know the true God, believing and following after the messenger who was sent by God to speak on His behalf.