The Pastors Who Persecute at the Time of the Fulfillment of the New Testament and the Promised Pastor


Main reference: Rv 22:16 (2 Cor 6)

Who are the pastors who persecute at the time of the fulfillment of the New Testament, and who is the Promised Pastor who is persecuted? The pastors who persecute do not belong to God, and the Promised Pastor, who receives persecution, is the one whom the Lord is with.

Why do they persecute, and why is he persecuted?

Jesus explained the reason for persecution at the First Coming in John 15. The first reason the world (the pastors of Israel) hated (persecuted) Jesus’ disciples was that they had become one with Jesus. The second reason was that they bore many fruits, and the third reason for persecution was that they did not belong to the world. The fourth reason was that it was the fulfillment of the words, “They hate me without reason (Ps 35:19, 69:4),” and the fifth reason was that Jesus did what no one else did (refer to Jn 15:16-27). Jesus received the revelation of the sealed book of prophecies (Is 29:9-13) of the Old Testament and mastered it and fulfilled all of the Old Testament (Jn 19:30). This is the work that he did, which no one else could have done (Is 29:14).

As according to Rv 10, Today’s Promised Pastor of the New Testament received the revelation of the sealed book of Rv 5 and mastered it, and fulfilled the promised prophecies (Rv 21:6). This is the work that he did today, which no one else could have done. Isn’t this what all people desire? And isn’t this something that should take place? Isn’t this the Bible and its promise? Isn’t this the promise that we must hear about, believe in, and be saved?

Why do the pastors of the world persecute all the time, in this time of the New Testament fulfillment and the time of the Second Coming?

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, the Israelite pastors, who claimed that they were the only chosen people among all the peoples of the world, did not think about their own level (the level of their knowledge of the Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillment) and persecuted Jesus who came from the heavens by mobilizing the chief priests, the elders, and the Sanhedrin (refer to Mt 26).

Today, 2,000 years after that time, the Christian Council of Korea (CCK), who were proud to call themselves the orthodox among the peoples of the world, did not think about their level (the level of their knowledge of the New Testament prophecies and their fulfillment) and are once again mobilizing all the pastors to persecute the Promised Pastor who has seen and heard what is in heaven and who has been sent by the heavens. How is this any different from the First Coming? Read Mt 23:29-36. This also is what has been fulfilled according to the Bible. Woe to those who persecute!

Next, let us take a look at the meaning of the parable described in Lk 20:9-19. It says that God (the owner) gave His church (the vineyard) to the pastors (the farmers), and God sent His messengers (the servants) to them. However, the pastors did not pay their dues, but threw out the servants and killed them instead. Then, God sent Jesus (the son), but they killed him as he was the heir, and made the vineyard, meaning the church, their own. God, who knew this, said that He would come and destroy (NKJV) the pastors, and that He would give the vineyard to others.”

These words are similar to the meaning in Mt 23. These words apply to today’s era, as well. Do you believe in these words? And if the pastors and congregation member know the time of the fulfillment of these words, they must repent. Do you think God will just watch when they are following the inherited actions of the time of the First Coming?

Don’t the congregation members who are watching with their own eyes know that they are being ruined by their evil actions? CCK has been divided into two (CCK and the Communion of Churches in Korea – CCIK), and every day there are more Christians who are not attending churches. News like this is spreading more and more. On the other hand, Shincheonji, whom they condemn, is growing even more rapidly every day. Anyone who has not received the spirit of the devil will know where the true God is.

One must not believe in the spirit of the devil and become a pastor of the devil, but must believe in God and become God’s pastor to receive salvation. The Bible already explains about the pastor of the devil and the pastors of God. Read Mt 7:15-27.

The serious wrongdoings done within CCK are not reported and other established denominations and those who belong to them are not being persecuted. However, they make up lies about Shincheonji in regards to things that never happened, and persecute Shincheonji and publish biased and false reports.

It is written in Acts 7:51-53 and Mt 5:11-12 about those who persecute and those who are persecuted. When the persecutors continue to persecute even after being told not to do so, they are not persecuting out of their own will. They are persecuting, because the spirit that persecuted the prophets and the apostles in the past entered them; it is by that spirit that they persecute. One can know that the spirit of the devil entered them when they persecute with lies. This is like how the man like the beast with seven heads and ten horns was revealed to be the pastor of the dragon, Satan, when he entered the heaven-tabernacle, fought and overcame its congregation members, gave them the mark of the beast on their hands and heads, and had them worship the idol of the beast (false pastor) in Rv 13. Can you not know after seeing and hearing these things? If one does not know after seeing it, he is blind; if he does not know after hearing it, he is deaf.

One who persecutes has inherited the spirit of the devil. It says that the whole vision is like a sealed scroll and that no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth knows (Is 29:9-13; Rv 5). This is true. When a person claims that he knows the sealed vision and explains it, he is lying before God. It is a false testimony, and such actions serve as the evidence that he is Satan’s pastor who spreads the seed of lies. This is sin. And such testimony is not correct. This is why it is a lie! Their explanations are shameful and detestable.

Who is the pastor the Lord promised about? The Lord shows and makes known to the promised pastor what has been fulfilled according to the prophecies of the Book of Revelation from chapters 1 through 22. He feeds him the revealed book and has him testify to the words that he has seen and heard. From this, it can be known that the promised pastor testifies to the fulfilled realities based on the books of prophecies. This testifies that the physical entities of the entire Book of Revelation exist.

At times like this, perhaps the destroyers and the betrayers, recorded about in the Book of Revelation, a book of prophecies, will hate this testimony the most. They will falsely testify that this testimony is not true. The false pastors are saying that this fulfilled fact is not true. They take photos, make up lies, and report them in order to slander the promised pastor. They are publishing books out of these lies and gaining profit by selling them at a high cost. Whose army are they? They are the army of the dragon; they are the pastors who belong to the dragon.

The Promised Pastor is the pastor who is promised in the Bible, even if he were to say that he is not. The work he does testifies to who he is. And this work is accomplished, for the Lord is with him.

There is only one person who has seen and heard the physical entities of the entire Book of Revelation at the time of its fulfillment, one person who has received the revealed book, and one person who is sent. This is the Promised Pastor of Shincheonji.