The Beginnings and the Ends of the Old Testament & the New Testament (A and Ω)


Main references: Jn 19:30; Rv 21:6

After the worlds of Adam and Noah ended, God came to Abraham and promised future events that will fulfill (Gn 15). After making this promise, God fulfilled the promise He had made with Abraham through Moses, four generations after the chosen people entered Egypt. This is something Physical Israel knew very well.

God fulfilled the prophecies and made a covenant with Physical Israel, which He created (Ex 19:5-6), but after entering Canaan, Israel broke their covenant with God like Adam (Hos 6:7).

God spoke through the Old Testament prophets that Israel will betray, and also promised what will be fulfilled in the future—He made known in Jeremiah 31 that He will do a new thing (a new work) and that He will make a new covenant. And this was preached for about 600 years through the Old Testament prophets. After 600 years, God came to Jesus as He promised, and fulfilled all that He had promised with the Old Testament prophets.

The Israelites believed in Moses and the Law, yet they did not believe in the promises the Old Testament prophets spoke of. They were not concerned about the fact that they betrayed the covenant made with God; they did not realize that they did not keep it, that they violated it. When the Israelites got captured by the gentiles and became their captives, they considered this as a part of the natural course of events, so they were neither ashamed nor embarrassed by it. Rather, they were proud to have become one with the gentiles. They considered Caesar as their king and persecuted Jesus. Such action crossed the boundaries of corruption into utter betrayal. They became one with the gentiles and persecuted Jesus. God spoke about this reality through Isaiah in chapter 1.

Jesus came and fulfilled the Old Testament, but they did not believe him. Then, God promised through Jesus events that will fulfill in the future. He also said to not add to or subtract from the promises (Rv 22:18-19), which means that those promises will be fulfilled according to the New Testament. It has already been 2,000 years since God and Jesus made the promise of the New Testament. Jesus said that the gospel of the New Testament will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come (Mt 24:14).

The Old Testament was fulfilled in Jerusalem, in the land of Physical Israel. Where is the place where the New Testament promises are fulfilled? It is fulfilled at the end of the earth, in Asia, the land of the East, at the Cheonggye Mountain in the city of Gwacheon of the Republic of Korea. How can the people in the world know this? [世人何知 Sae-In-Ha-Ji] The fulfillment of the New Testament is the happiest and the most joyous news for humanity, because it is the way to be saved. Today, the time of the fulfillment of the New Testament, is the time when God, heaven, Jesus, and the angels return. Shincheonji, the place where the New Testament is fulfilled, is where God, heaven, Jesus, and the angels return to. Salvation, heaven, and life begin from this place.

The long 6,000 years that began with Adam’s sin were days toiling under death. How can all the heart breaking events be described with words! The tears of bloodshed outweigh the waters of the ocean, the sighs are louder than those of the sky, mankind is buried deep in ignorance, and the children have become enemies. At this time, the path toward healing that all creations have been eagerly expecting has finally come. “The favorable season of ringing out the old and ringing in the new year, the destiny of the new heaven” has returned. It is the time the Father and the sons, who were once enemies, are reconciled and reunited.

Who knows the meaning of the New Testament, and who knows the work of the New Testament? One who does not perceive even after seeing it is simply ignorant, blind, and dead.
When God’s breath of life enters a dead person, he becomes a living being. Salvation is not fulfilled only through the Old Testament and its fulfillment. The complete salvation comes only when the New Testament is fulfilled.

The secret of heaven at the First Coming was the seed, and this seed was told only in parables (Mt 13). The secret of the New Testament at the Second Coming is greater and complete. No one knew the three mysteries of the Book of Revelation. However, God made known the mysteries of the 22 chapters of Revelation, the mysteries of betrayal, destruction, and salvation, to Shincheonji and allowed them to see it. There is nothing greater than this on earth.

We, Shincheonji, met a new world of a bright future beyond this troubled and disorderly world. The world will become a world of peace, and the time for our Father God to reign this world has come (refer to Is 52:7).

The 12 disciples were appointed at the First Coming of Jesus, and they preached the gospel of heaven for the next 2,000 years even as they were martyred. Their souls ascended to heaven and became the City of New Jerusalem. They will come down to this earth again (refer to Mt 19:28; Rv 21). As promised in Revelation, Jesus will harvest and create the 12 Tribes through sealing (Rv 7 and 14). What is created is heaven, God’s kingdom. To this place, God comes and reigns (refer to Rv 19:6). These are Jesus’ duties at the First and the Second Comings.

The spirits of those who were martyred since the First Coming and the living martyrs at the Second Coming become one. The world where the “spirits and flesh unite as one,” are the people of heaven who will live eternally live in God.

At the time of Adam, Adam’s family had Adam’s seed. At the time of Noah, Noah’s family had Noah’s seed. And at the time of Abraham, Abraham’s family had Abraham’s seed.

The new thing (Jer 31) promised in the Old Testament was the secret of heaven, which is God’s seed, and this seed has been spreading in this world through Jesus for the past 2,000 years. Today, 2,000 years after that time, Jesus came, harvested, and sealed to create the twelve tribes of God’s eternal kingdom after the events of betrayal and destruction. They are the promised family of God who are born with the seed of God. This family cannot be compared to the families of any other eras of Adam, Noah, or Abraham; they are the perfected family of God. Who can consider such a family with contempt? They are God’s family promised in the New Testament, and the new creations. They are the children who will receive the restored creations of the heavens and the earth as their inheritance.

The heir is the master of all, but he was like a slave and was under stewards (pastors) until the time appointed by the Father. But when the time came, God sent the spirit of His Son into our hearts so we can call Him, “Abba, Father,” and therefore we became the heirs as the sons (Gal 4:1-7 NKJV).

Thus, we the people of Shincheonji are not the people of the world who are born from the earth below, but we are the people of the heavens who are born in the heavens above. The tabernacle in which the people of heaven live is the heavens and the kingdom of heaven.

God has fulfilled this in 6,000 years, and we are the fulfilled entities, the family of Shincheonji. Amen. Hallelujah! Let us give glory to God.