Fulfillment of Prophecies and Faith

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Main reference: Jn 14:29 (Jn 19:30; Rv 21:6)

Within God’s 6000 years of work there were prophecies and fulfillment. Prophecy was given so that when it fulfills one can see and believe (Jn 14:29). Also, one must first know the prophecies in order to see and believe when it fulfills.

Therefore, one must first write the prophecies that God promised in one’s heart to see and believe at the time of fulfillment. That is why if one does not know the promised prophecies, one will not know and believe when God fulfills the prophecies He promised.

The Old Testament prophets recorded future events that they saw and heard from God. The future events that the Old Testament prophets saw and heard were a whole vision given by God from heaven. Before the whole vision is fulfilled, no one is able to neither see nor touch the reality. It is like the sealed book. The prophet Habakkuk said in chapter 2 (NKJV), “write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it.” If one does not write the vision of prophecies in one’s heart, how will he know the reality when the vision fulfills?

Jesus proclaimed the revelation of the Old Testament vision that was opened (fulfilled). But because the Israelites did not write God’s word of the covenant (vision) in their hearts, they did not believe the revelation of the fulfillment proclaimed by Jesus. After Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave John the vision of the New Testament (Revelation). Since the appointed time of fulfillment will come again, one must write it in his heart and be someone who waits for this era. But there is not even one person among the pastors of the worldly churches or any church members who has recorded these words in their hearts. Then how can anyone possibly believe and be obedient? That is why Jesus said when he returns will he find faith on the earth (Lk 18:8). Today, those who did not write the vision of the New Testament (prophecy) in their hearts claim they are orthodox and call those who don’t belong to them a cult. Can people like this receive salvation?

Jesus said in Jn 12:48, “that very word which I spoke will condemn him (the one who forsakes and does not accept the Word) at the last day.” This is referring to the sin of leaving the Word of promise.

Just like it is written, since Revelation will fulfill (Rv 21:6) one must write it in his heart. If one adds and subtracts then he will not be able to enter into heaven and will also receive curses (Rv 22:18-19). The one who adds and subtracts is one who will receive curses. Just because the one who is not able to enter into heaven, the one who receives curses, calls the one who does not add or subtract from Revelation (the one who has mastered) a cult, does that make him a cult? That person himself is the cult. This is just like the 1st coming when the pastors called Jesus a cult. The Korean proverb explains this situation: one who did wrong will be the one to blame the other who has not done wrong.

Today, the pastors of the CCK, who love money and authority, again call Shincheonji a cult. Shincheonji does not add to or subtract from Revelation but are those who mastered the Bible. The pastors of CCK add and subtract from Revelation. Who is truly the real cult?

Shincheonji is called a cult for freely operating Bible mission centers. In the Bible it says to freely give for you have freely received the free gift of the water of life (refer to Mt 10:8, Rv 22:17)

The CCK is not able to teach the Word at seminary schools because they do not know. However, they still receive money. Because congregation members do not have money, they are unable to attend and also graduate from seminary schools. Why is it that they don’t have the Word? It is because the holy spirit is not at the seminary schools. Why is it that the holy spirit is not there? It is because they love money, power, being honored and worshiped, and lies, that the holy spirit cannot be together with them. That is why they have become the worldly seminary schools that do not have the Word. According to God’s Word, they are the false seminary schools. They are not acting according to God’s will but are operating these seminary schools according to their own. To confirm‍ the reality of this, if a Bible exam is given to a student who attends the free Bible mission centers and also to a CCK seminary student, one will know. The difference will be like heaven and earth. Therefore, the “study of revelation” from heaven and the “study of the earth” from the world is different (refer to Jn 3:31-34)

Regardless of who it is, everyone was born with sin and the original sin of Adam having good and evil. Adam’s descendants were people of Adam’s original sin of good and evil. In other words, it means to be born with the ideologies of good and evil. The reason why Jesus said to be born again is because people are formless and empty (refer to Jn 3:3-7). It is because good and evil were mixed together that people have to be born again. But with what must one be reborn with? It is neither through heredity nor physical lineage (Jn 1:13) but one must be reborn through God’s seed and spirit. Jesus and the disciples, who were born through God’s seed, did not betray, but went on the road of martyrdom dutifully. Those who were born with Adam’s original sin betrayed just like Adam but the martyrs born with God’s seed never betrayed.

By being reborn with God’s seed, one becomes God’s family and receives salvation just like at the time of Noah. Is the person born with God’s seed and the person born with Adam’s original sin the same? The reason why one does not obey God nor act according to God’s will is because he is born with Adam’s original sin. Who will the one born with God’s seed and the one born Adam’s original sin be one with, respectively? The one who receives the evil spirit will have evil actions, and the one who receives the good spirit will have good actions. There are those who believe God’s word of promise and act according to that purpose, but there are also those who do not act according to God’s word and purpose. This is how one is able to know who they belong to.

We at Shincheonji do not add to or subtract from God’s Word but act according to God’s purpose. The name and creation of our temple and even our actions are according to God’s purpose. Because this is the location where Jesus is one with, it is a place that Satan’s pastors hates. Just like Jesus, we are those helping the world receive salvation through the Word (refer to Rv 22:1-2).