The New Heaven and New Earth, & the First Heaven and First Earth that Passed Away

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Main references: Rv 21 (Rv 6, Rv 7)

What are the new heaven and new earth in the main chapter? What are the first heaven and first earth that ceased to exist?

The first heaven and earth that passed away was the tabernacle of the Spiritual Israelites and their congregation members. The new heaven and new earth is the tabernacle that is re-created and its congregation members.

The tabernacle (the dwelling place of the saints) is referred to as heaven because God’s chosen people are symbolized by the sun, moon, and stars (refer to Gn 37:9-11), and thus, the place (the tabernacle) where the sun, moon, and stars are, becomes heaven. Moses saw what was in heaven and built the tabernacle on earth accordingly (Ex 25). Therefore, the tabernacle of Moses was heaven on earth. Jesus proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near!” (Mt 4:17). He also said, “Your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven” (Mt 6:10). According to these words, the kingdom of God that Jesus established with his disciples here on earth (refer to Jn 5:19-20) was heaven, that is, the tabernacle, Spiritual Israel.

Since man was formed from dust (Gn 2), dust or earth figuratively refers to flesh. The heaven and earth that passed away was the first heaven that Jesus started, and that has lasted for the past 2,000 years. The new heaven and new earth is the second heaven that is created today at the second coming. The short term for the new heaven and new earth in Chinese is Shincheonji.

The main reference, Revelation 21:1, shows the old and the new things. These old and new things are equated to the worlds of Adam and Noah, the worlds of Noah and the Physical Israelites, and the worlds of the physical Israelites and the spiritual Israelites. The new thing is created again after the previous thing becomes corrupt, aging, and obselete.

The Old Testament was fulfilled at Jesus’ first coming, and the New Testament is fulfilled at Jesus’ second coming.

Why does the main reference say that the first heaven and first earth passed away? The reason why Jesus proclaimed, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near!” at the first coming was because the Physical Israelites, Jerusalem, at that time committed sins. That is why Jesus asked for repentance. Today, too, at the time of the second coming, if you look at the tabernacle in Revelation 13, the group of the dragon, the destroyers (the beast with seven heads and ten horns) came into the tabernacle of heaven, and they marked the foreheads and the hands of the saints of the tabernacle with the mark of the beast. The saints received that mark and worshiped the beast, the dragon. As a result, the chosen people of the tabernacle were destroyed. This is why the first heaven and first earth passed away. This event was betrayal and destructioin. There were people who marked others, and there were people who received the mark. Furthermore, there were people who worshiped, and there were people who were worshiped by others. Just like at the first coming (Mt 23), the destroyers stood in the tabernacle of the chosen people at the second coming. This is why the one who has witnessed that event asked for repentance.

The first heaven and first earth that was destroyed and passed away were the Spriritual Israelites that Jesus created with his disciples 2,000 years ago when he came to the land of Judah. It was the end of Spiritual Israel. They passed away due to their betrayal. Revelation 6:12-17 and Matthew 24:29 figuratively use the sun, moon, and stars of the sky (Gn 37:9-11) to explain their end. They fall from heaven to the earth. They begin with the holy spirit, and yet they return to mere flesh. They are part of heaven, but later they become part of the earth. In other words, they belong to God, but then they come to belong to Satan.

God prophesied the events of Jesus’ first coming through the Old Testament prophets. The prophecies were regarding how Jerusalem would be destroyed and captured by gentiles. Likewise, Jesus and his disciples prophesied in the New Testament that the saints of God’s tabernacle would be destroyed and held captive by the pastors of the devil, and that all nations would fall down by taking the fruit of good and evil, the wine of adulteries—the venom of serpents, the devil, and the poison of cobras, and that they would also marry the spirit of the devil (Rv 17 ~ Rv 18). If these prophecies and the fulfilled realities are not true, then God, Jesus, and his disciples would have lied. However, the prophecies have been fulfilled just as they were recorded. Who can deny this? This is the end of Spiritual Israel that was established 2,000 years ago.

The Physical Israelites in the Old Testament came to an end at Jesus’ first coming, and the Spiritual Israelites were created through Jesus. In the same manner, Jesus, who has returned today according to the New Testament, has brought an end to the corrupt Spiritual Israel, just as we have examined above. He has created the New Spiritual Israel by harvesting and sealing people. This newly created New Spiritual Israel is new heaven and new earth. It is to this placet that God, heaven, and Jesus come according to the promises (Rv 3:12), and that the spirits of the dead also come (1 Thes 4:14). The blessings promised in Revelation 2 and 3 will also be in that place.

When are the new heaven and new earth created after the first heaven and first earth disappear? Where are they created? And who are they? What kind of kingdom are they?

The time when they are created is the Lord’s second coming when Revelation in the New Testament is fulfilled, just as examined earlier. At that time, Spiritual Israel (churches of Jesus) is destroyed and comes to an end. The Lord returns to harvest and seal people, and he creates God’s new kingdom (new heaven and new earth) here on earth. The new kingdom Jesus creates is the twelve tribes of Shincheonji Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (the 144,000 priests and the people of the great multitude). This is the kingdom promised in the New Testament. It is heaven, and its people are the people of heaven. This is truly the kingdom, which is the fulfillment of the New Testament of the prophecy that Jesus gave so that we would believe when it happens.

The pastors of the devil will hinder and insult this place, but God even prophesied to fulfill this kingdom from the Old Testament (Jer 31). According to that prophecy, Jesus came and sowed seed. Today grains are harvested and sealed, and the twelve tribes are created in accordance with the promises. God had Satan appear in order to create this promised kingdom, and Revelation 13 describes the events of the appearance of Satan. Satan appeared according to the prophecies, and as a matter of fact, a trap was set up to capture Satan (refer to Jer 50:24). These are the events of Revelation 13 and 12. As the promised pastor fought against the dragon and overcame it, he has become Israel (New Spiritual Israel) and has created the twelve tribes. It is from this time on that the kingdom of God and salvation can come (Rv 12:10-11). Do you believe in this prophecy and its fulfillment?

The prophecies and the pastors of the New Testament exist until the messengers of the seven lampstands who prepare the way in Revelation 2-3 and 13. Since that time, people have been hearing the gospel of the revelation, the fulfillment of the book of Revelation, and they have been coming and gathering to the new heaven where they can attain salvation. Therefore, the events of Revelation in the New Testament encompass the end of the Spiritual Israelites due to their betrayal and destruction, and the judgment of Satan, the group of the destroyers, in Revelation 12 and 18, and the New Spiritual Israelites. As Spiritual Israel and the destroyers are judged and come to an end, only the re-created New Spiritual Israelites can exist at the end. These are the events of destruction and salvation similar to the days of Noah and Lot (refer to Mt 24:37-41; Lk 17:26-30). The work of salvation has nothing to do with those who do not know and believe in the New Testament prophecies and their physical fulfillment. But to those who believe in God and his promises, this work of Salvation is the greatest blessing because it is the fulfillment of their will and hope.

It says in Revelation 21, “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and first earth had passed away.” It means that when the new heaven and new earth is created, the first heaven and first earth has already ceased to exist. The Physical Israelites were already brought to an end at Jesus’ first coming, and yet they still do exist. In fact, they were put to an end as God’s chosen people and became gentiles 2,000 years ago. Likewise, even if the new heaven and new earth has been created today, the Spiritual Israelites still exists. The reality, however, is that they were cut off from God and became gentiles. In other words, they returned to mere flesh and to the world. God is now with the New Spiritual Israelites who have been victorious.

The Republic of Korea where God, heaven, and the promised pastor, the one who overcomes are, will become the greatest and the most wonderful country. All nations will have to come to Shincheonji of the Republic of Korea to worship God (Rv 15:4).

Hallelujah Amen!