If God and Heaven Come to Korea …

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Main references: Rv 21, Rv 3

※ This article is written in a conversational format in order to help understand those who have questions concerning persecution- Who is God? What kind of kingdom of heaven?

– God is the creator of heaven and earth (Gn 1:1; Jn 1:1-4). He is the one and only Lord (Is 37:16; Mk 12:29; Jn 5:44, 17:3), and he is spirit (Jn 4:24). Heaven is God’s kingdom, and the world of the spirits who belong to God.

– God and heaven left the world that he created after Adam’s fall.
– Why did they leave?
– It was because of the sin of Adam, who was created by God.
– What type of sin did he commit?

– Adam believed in the words of the serpent, who was the archangel that had betrayed (refer to Ez 28), and he ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (in short, the fruit of good and evil). As a result of eating that fruit, he became good and evil. His sin, therefore, was to want to be like God, just like the serpent. Because of his sin, all things in heaven and on earth that were once entrusted to Adam as an inheritance became the possession of the serpent. Since Adam believed and followed the serpent more than God, God left the world.

– Who, then, is in control of the world?

– It is the serpent, that is Satan. Please read Matthew 4:8-9. Did the devil not say that all the kingdoms of the world were his? God left the world, and Satan came to rule over it instead. This devil is the serpent according to Revelation 12:9 and Revelation 20:2.

– What is the fruit of good and evil, which Adam ate?

– The fruit of good and evil is the fruit of the spirit, which is the ideology of both good and evil. Since the serpent betrayed God’s affiliation and proclaimed himself to be God, he became evil after being good, did he not? Thus, the fruit of good and evil represents the words mixed with good and evil. [You, foolish person,] Listen carefully! You have read James 1:18, right? How did people become the firstfruits?

– Through the word.

– Please look at John 15:1-5 as well. Jesus is the true vine, and the disciples are the branches. Many fruits are born from those branches, right? How many fruits?

– Twelve kinds of fruit every month (Rv 22:1-2).

– Have you not seen it in the Bible? Furthermore, Babylon is the kingdom of demons (Rv 18:2). The king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, was symbolized by a tree. Its top touched the sky, its branches are visible even to the ends of the earth. It has abundant fruit, and birds come to rest in the tree. It also gives a shelter to the beasts of the field (i.e. wild beasts). This tree, in fact, refers to a person, the king, Nebuchadnezzar (Dn 4:20-22).

Should we take a look at the tree of the serpent? Listen carefully, you foolish person! Deuteronomy 32:32-33 makes a reference to Sodom’s wild vines (refer to Is 5:2-4). This is the tree of the serpent. Its grapes and wine symbolize the venom of serpents and the poison of cobras. If one eats it, he will die. It was the serpent that gave the fruit of good and evil to Adam and Eve. Do you follow me? The fact that Adam ate the fruit of good and evil, which God had formerly told him not to eat, shows that he listened to the word of the serpent and accepted it. This was his sin. We have gone too far, so let us get back to the main issue. Don’t try talking to me. It confuses me, OK?

– Let me ask you one more time.
– What is it?
– When and where will heaven and God come?

– First the world has to be renewed. In order for the world to be renewed, God and the promised pastor have to appear, and they have to fight against the devil and overcome him (refer to Rv 12:10-11). After overcoming the devil, God brings to an end the previous corrupt generation through the promised pastor, and afterwards he harvests and seals people to create God’s new kingdom, the twelve tribes. When God’s kingdom is established here on earth just as it is done in heaven, God and heaven descend upon that place.

– Where is that place?
– Why do you ask? Do you want to go there?
– Yes, I do.
– If you do not understand anything, you will be thrown outside even if you go there.
– I still want to go.

– Mr. Foolish, you first need to be qualified for going there. God is the foundation of all blessings. He is sovereign over life, death, blessings and curses, and he is the creator of heaven and earth. If you are not qualified for meeting a president of the earth, how can you meet God, the creator? If you truly want to meet God, you need to be born again.

– How can I be born again?

– You can be born again of God’s seed. In doing so, you can become God’s son and become the same family of God who can live with him. Do you understand this?

– Is that true? But my question is about where God and heaven are coming to.

– It is actually the Republic of Korea.

– What will happen if God and heaven come to Korea?

– Mr. Stonehead, listen carefully. Just as I spoke earlier, do you remember I said that God and heaven are coming to the kingdom of God, which is created here on earth by harvesting and sealing people? Therefore, a saint cannot come to the kingdom of God unless he is harvested and sealed. At a time when God’s kingdom is created here on earth, people are divided into the people of heaven and the people of the earth. As God and heaven descend upon this world, the spiritual realm becomes one with the physical realm. It becomes the world where spirits and flesh are united as one. Korea to which God and heaven have come, will become the best nation in the world, which will shine like the light of heaven. It will become a place where all nations come and worship. It will be the kingdom of God and the people of heaven, the family of God, in the midst of this world. Thus, Korea will be the most blessed country.

– What will happen to the ones who persecute and curse today?

– They cannot breath.

– If they cannot breath, what will happen to them?

– Ask those people who are not breathing and see what they answer. Even if the pastors of Korea conduct evil deeds just like the pastors during Jesus’ first coming, the leaders and the politicians must recognize the promised pastor and make him known to the whole world. The promised pastor is the boast of Korea. He is an outstanding person and the light by which all nations can live. There is no greater or more valuable than this. There is no better boast than this. Through the promised pastor, Korea becomes the best country, and Koreans become the greatest people. Korea is the country where God and heaven have come to.

– Through whom have they been able to come?
– They have been able to come through the one who overcomes promised in the New Testament (refer to Rv 3:12). The one who overcomes has become the place where the holy spirits of heaven, angels, and God’s throne are situated (Rv 14, Rv 21). There is no greater blessing than this. This is the greatest country in heaven and on earth.

If Korea understands this quickly, the words mentioned above will be fulfilled soon. If Koreans want to be blessed, they should announce the glory of God and the light of life by making known the one who overcomes, the promised pastor, to the whole world. Today is the time when the Bible is mastered for the first time in the entire history of mankind. Thus, it is a gigantic work that testifies about how the promises in the New Testament are all fulfilled. It is not the act of killing, but the act of bringing people to life.

God and heaven have come to our country, Korea. That which the whole world has been awaiting and looking forward to has been accomplished. God and heaven have come according to the promises. This is the hope of God, hope of religion, and the hope of believers. Korea will become the kingdom of God out of all nations. It will become the kingdom of priests and the holy nation, the people of heaven.

I pray that you will understand and believe in this, and that you will attain salvation.