Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near!

Main reference: Mt 4:17
What was the kingdom of heaven which came near? Why did Jesus ask for repentance? The kingdom of heaven which came near was God’s spiritual realm. He asked for repentance because the chosen people had betrayed.

This was the word Jesus spoke around 2,000 years ago. At that time, God and heaven came to Jesus according to the Old Testament promises. Those who believed in this word and repented, crossed over from death to life and attained salvation (Jn 5:25-29). Whereas, those who did not believe in this word did not receive salvation, but instead became a part of the evil ones and carried out the work of opposition.

Jesus came according to the Old Testament promises, and he fulfilled all which was promised. The pastors at the time, however, betrayed and became one with the gentiles. They became those who opposed and went against Jesus. It was a plain fact, the opposing pastors in each and every generation carried out their work as the spirit of wickedness entered into them.

This was the reality and the fulfillment of the Old Testament (prophecies). How about the reality and the fulfillment of the New Testament (prophecies)? If there is any believer who can speak truthful words, please speak. Those who murdered the Old Testament prophets were the pastors who kept the Law of Moses. The Old Testament prophets prophesied the end of the Israelites in accordance with what they heard and saw. Jesus came and fulfilled what was prophesied through the Old Testament prophets (Jn 19:30). He also proclaimed the gospel of heaven. The legalistic pastors who saw Jesus preach the gospel of heaven, persecuted and killed Jesus. The persecution Jesus and his disciples received was portrayed in Matthew 5, 13, Acts 7, and Luke 20.

Among the words Jesus and his disciples recorded within the New Testament, they prophesied the end of the Spiritual Israelites in the New Testament. Jesus and the apostles who preached this end were killed by the pastors of their time. Today when this New Testament prophecy is being fulfilled, the messengers who prepared the way and the promised pastor have appeared. The promised pastor has seen and heard the fulfillment of the prophecies, and he is testifying about this fulfillment. Because of what he is doing, the pastors have mobilized themselves, and they are persecuting the promised pastor.

Why are they persecuting? Just as Jesus said at the first coming, it is because he is doing among them what no one else has done (Jn 15:24). This was not only speaking about the situation first coming; Jesus also prophesied how it would be the same at the second coming (Mt 23:34; Acts 7:51-53; Rv 12:13). Today, at the second coming, Shincheonji has done among them what no one else has done. Thus, no one will make an excuse, saying, “I have not heard it.”

Our faith should be the faith in the fulfillment of the New Testament. According to what Christians say, even their own pastors have said, “Shincheonji’s testimony is correct.” Despite having said this, why is it they cannot come to Shincheonji? It is because of their thoughts of fear, thinking they might receive persecution from the world of Christianity. It is also because of the authority they have and the fear their congregation members might not trust them anymore. These thoughts, however, are quite wrong. Only when they overcome these thoughts, will they attain salvation.

What kind of kingdom is the kingdom which came near? Jesus and Apostle John (the New John at the time of the fulfillment) went up to this heaven and came back (Jn 3:13; Rv 4, 5, 21). These two people went to heaven, and they saw and heard many things. Jesus saw and heard the things of the Old Testament. He received the revealed scroll and testified about the fulfillment of the Old Testament. As for the New Testament, Apostle John saw and recorded a vision he received on the island of Patmos. Roughly 2,000 years later, the New John today has seen and testified about its fulfillment.

What we need to see and believe today is not the fulfillment of the Old Testament, which is the revelation at the first coming; now is the time to believe in the revelation of the New Testament. Moses saw what was in heaven, and he fulfilled it accordingly. Jesus, too, saw what was in heaven and accomplished it according to what he saw. Today the New John has seen what was in heaven, and he has fulfilled it together with the Lord. Since there is the fulfillment at this time, we need the revelation of today.

No one knows God, heaven, and the one sent by God except the ones who receive this revelation. Jesus promised the one who overcomes would receive the food of eternal life, the authority to judge, and the iron scepter to rule over all nations (Rv 2). Furthermore, God, Jesus, and heaven will descend upon the one who overcomes (Rv 3).

Today, we in Shincheonji have proclaimed the heaven of the second coming, not the heaven of the first coming, has come to the one who overcomes in Shincheonji. Now that heaven is near, we have also preached and asked for repentance several times.

The reward for those who believe in the New Testament and the punishment for those who do not believe will be determined by the judge of Shincheonji. How can the ones who are persecuting attain salvation? Politicians, pastors, and even the press must depart from any personal matters, and as they are born again of the culture of heaven, this country will be even more blessed. Blessings have come very near to us. No one in this world can come to heaven and Jesus except through the one who overcomes. No one among the Buddhists and Confucianists understands their own scriptures. No one among them has acted according to their scriptures. How then can they receive salvation? Only hell waits unless people are born again of the fruit of the tree of life in Shincheonji. People must know before they speak, and they must speak truth.

Shincheonji is the greatest city of truth within the 6,000 years of God’s history. The reason why it is the greatest city of truth is because Shincheonji has been established through the holy spirit of truth (refer to Jn 14:26, 16:13-15, 25). It is in Shincheonji the truth which the Bible refers to exists. I am making this known to people once again that the eternal truth no one else can transgress is in Shincheonji. I am praying everyone will live through this truth.