Korean Pastors’ Life of Faith & Their Biblical Knowledge

Shincheonji Church of Jesus-Faith-09

Main reference: Jer 6:9-15; Mt 13:24-30

Do Korean pastors today have proper knowledge and a life of faith? No, they do not. Instead they have the worst knowledge and life of faith. They neither know the Bible, nor do they believe in it. They believe in the books of commentaries and teach them rather than believing and teaching the Bible. The books of commentaries were made by man’s thoughts, and they are a different gospel (Gal 1:7-8). The fact that Korean pastors have added to and subtracted from the book of Revelation proves they are preaching a different gospel. Out of all nations, it is these Korean pastors who are conducting the utmost wicked actions, and yet they themselves are unaware of this fact. Why can they not realize their own wickedness?

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, the Israelites, who were proud of being the only people of heaven, were the most wicked of all the people. They opposed God and the one sent by God instead of accepting them. Just like at the time of the first coming, today at the second coming of the Lord, Korean pastors have become the most vicious. Whether it is at the first or the second coming, evil spirits and evil pastors mobilized themselves to oppose God and the promised pastor, as they appear. This is why the pastors have become so vicious.

There was no reason for them to cause to disputes when they all had the same spirit and they were only together with themselves. Since they shared the same ideology, the same doctrines, the same spirit, and the same pastors, there was no reason to have any conflicts. However, God’s holy spirit and its pastor have now appeared. Would the evil spirit and their pastors simply sit still? Since the truth has come, falsehood, false testimonies, and their acts of betrayal are exposed. They have no place to stand anymore. This is why they are attacking God’s holy spirit and its pastor with every possible means. Just like at the first coming, they fabricate lies and try to ostracize Shincheonji from society.

Today there is a difference from Jesus’ first coming. Since today is the time for Satan to become seized and go into the Abyss, he is running to the extreme (the devil told Jesus the time had not yet come Rv 20:1-3). At the first coming, however, the time had not yet come for him to be captured, and the devil begged Jesus to send him into a herd of pigs instead of throwing him into the Abyss (Lk 8:27-33). Today, in Revelation 20, the devil is seized and put into the Abyss.

Jesus, who overcame at the first coming (Jn 16:33), fought against and overcame the spirit of the devil, the ruler of the kingdom of the air. He is also attempting to conquer the devil again at the time of the second coming (Rv 6:2). Just as Jesus and the heavenly hosts, the angels, fought and overcame, the male child born from the woman clothed in the sun, moon, and stars, and his brothers fought against and overcame the false pastors—the group of the dragon, the beast with seven heads and ten horns—here on earth. As they overcame the false pastors, God’s kingdom, authority, and salvation were able to come (Rv 12). By this work of victory, what was lost is now retrieved, and God is able to reign again.

The Bible shows that the sun, moon, and stars symbolilze the Isrealites, who belong to heaven (Gn 37:9-11). The Spiritual Israelites, who believe in Jesus and carry out their life of faith, were once the family of heaven who belonged to God, just like the sun, moon, and stars in the sky. The New Testament, however, makes known the end of the Spiritual Israelites. The Bible uses the world of nature figuratively and says their end is going to be like the sun, moon, and stars which go dark and fall from the sky (Mt 24:29; Rv 6:12-13).

The Spiritual Israelites, who started through Jesus and his disciples, preached the gospel of heaven for roughly 2,000 years, and Christianity has grown throughout that time period. Today the time of the second coming, which Jesus promised, has now come. Jesus first sent seven stars (the messengers) to begin the work that prepares the way, just like the task of John the Baptist at the first coming. From that time on, the signs of the end of the Spiritual Israelites started to appear. Satan, who is the ruler of the kingdom of the air, and who has been controlling this world, did not simply sit still. He killed little children, both at the times of Moses and of Jesus’ first coming (refer to Ex 1; Mt 2). In the same manner, the persecution against promised pastor begins as all the evil spirits are mobilized to kill the him today (refer to Rv 12). From this time on, the religious world meets extreme tribulation. A spiritual and religious battle begins, and the evil spirits attack the tabernacle of heaven (Rv 13:6). This is how the saints of the church of heaven, the sun, moon, and stars lost their ecclesiastical authority, and they went dark and fell from the sky (heaven) to the earth. They returned to mere flesh. Since the tabernacle of heaven, which represented the Spiritual Israelites, was destroyed, this is the prophesied end of the Spiritual Israelites, the world of Christianity.

Although they belonged to heaven before the end times, they betrayed because of the work of Satan which appeared at the end of the age, and they fell to the earth. At the end of the Spiritual Israelites, who were once part of heaven, the group of Satan appeared and fought against the people of the tabernacle of heaven. These people, however, where unable to overcome the evil (Mt 24; Rv 13). Instead, they were held captive and received the mark on their foreheads and hands, and they worshiped the group of the dragon. This is their act of betrayal against God. This very act caused them to be expelled from heaven and to fall to the earth just like Adam (Rv 6). Those who seized these people became one with Satan, and they carried out the same evil actions as Satan. In fact, this is the life of faith of Korean pastors today.

Adam ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and became one with Satan, the serpent. The Physical Israelites betrayed God and turned into the gentiles by bowing down to gentile gods during the time of Solomon. Likewise, Korean churches bowed down to the god of the Japanese Emperor during the time of Japanese colonization, and they praised foreigns gods. Such an action will not be considered a small sin (refer to Jer 6:9-15). Despite committing this sin, they claim to be the orthodoxy. They make such a claim, only to cover up their own sin.

The end of the New Testament refers to the time when one generation comes to an end, and another generation is created. This is the promise of the New Testament. Why not believe in this truth? Even if God and heaven come near, the devil would not believe it. No matter how much one speaks good words to the devil, will he listen to them? No, he will not. The characteristics and the habits of the devil are different from God’s. The path he will end up taking will be different from God’s path. Consequently, there will be judgment for the devil (refer to Mt 13:24-30).

It says in Hosea 4:6, God’s people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. In Hosea 6:6, God says He desires the acknowledgement of God rather than sacrifice or burnt offerings. If the seminaries and the pastors of this generation had known the true meaning of the Bible, they would neither have been deceived nor held captive, nor would they have betrayed.

Religion holds the purpose of the one and only God, the creator. Buddhists, Confucianists, and Christians received their religious scriptures from the one and only God. Today there is no one in Confucianism, Buddhism, and Christianity who knows the meaning of thier own scriptures. It is only the one who acts according to the will of the scriptures, the will of the creator, the founder of the religion, who can go to heaven (the world of paradise according to Buddhism). However, believers have not acted according to the will of the creator, because of their lack of understanding pertaining to the will of the scriptures. If there is anyone from those three religions who has mastered the scriptures, all the believers from those three religions must be unitied through this one person who has mastered the scriptures. Only when they do this, will the all religions be unified, and the world will meet peace and rest.

If no one within their religion has yet to master the scriptures, then they must search for the pastor who has mastered them and become one with him. Today the promised pastor (the one who overcomes) who has mastered the Bible is in Shincheonji. All the religious people in the world, for the sake of the unification of religions and world peace, must unite themselves with the pastor who has mastered the Bible.

At the end of the age, people say they are from orthodox denominations, but they make such a claim because of their ignorance in knowing the will of the Bible. Their claim is the result of their arrogance, which was also the result of thier ignorance. They are not the true orthodoxy but are part of the worn-out traditions. The true orthodoxy is the harvested and sealed twelve tribes, the kingdom promised in the New Testament (Rv 7, 14). It is only in this place, heaven, God, and the food of eternal life are found (Rv 2 ~ 3). People carry out wicked actions because God and the word are absent within them. They do not know, they themselves have become the slaves of the devil. They carry out evil deeds because they have the characteristics of the evil spirits. The only thing which can awake them is the word of Revelation (i.e. the revealed word). This word is the way and the true religion. Why are pastors in Korea persecuting the twelve tribes of Shincheonji Church of Jesus Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (refer to Rv 21:1, 15:4-5)? They are doing so because they have received the spirits of the devil. Will anyone say differently? The twelve tribes of Shincheonji are the promised kingdom of God.

The names of their own denominations are not the promised names in the New Testament. Even their own organizations were made according to their own will. Since truth has appeared, falsehood has been exposed. The place where all nations must come and worship is the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. The promised kingdom of God is the twelve tribes, Shincheonji. It is the new heaven and new earth, the world which is made new (Rv 21:1-5).

Whoever hates this hates it because he has received the spirit of the devil. As Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony has been testifying about the fulfillment of Revelation, the wrong teachings of those who have added to and subtracted from Revelation are being exposed. This is why they are persecuting Shincheonji. They are attempting to kill Shincheonji because they are doing among the people something which no one else has done. The commentaries those false pastors teach are not the Bible. They are false testimonies, personal interpretations, and different gospels. These false testimonies are the serpent’s wine of adulteries which have caused all nations to fall (Rv 17, 18). The golden goblet they are holding in their hands (Rv 17:4) is the commentaries containing the wine of adulteries.

The life of faith of the Korean pastors is not the true life of faith. They lack knowledge of the Bible. The knowledge they have is of different gospels, commentaries.

Shincheonji is testifying about the meanings of the prophecies and the physical fulfillment at the same time, according to the 5Ws and 1Hs. Thus, Shincheonji is the city of the greatest truth in the whole world. Heaven, God, Jesus, and the one who overcomes are all in Shincheonji, and the promised kingdom, the twelve tribes are also in Shincheonji. This is the tree of life which bears twelve kinds of crops every month. Whoever eats this fruit will have eternal life. The leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of all nations, and Shincheonji is healing all nations through its leaves.