The Beginning and the End of Physical Israel & Spiritual Israel

Main reference: Is 1 (Rv 21)

What were the beginning and the end of Physical Israel and Spiritual Israel?

● The beginning and the end of Physical Israel

The Physical Israelites started with the twelve sons of Jacob, the descendants of Abraham and Isaac. God established a covenant with these people (Ex 19:5-6; Gn 15).
This was the beginning of the Physical Israelites. After having made the covenant with God, however, they became corrupt and rebellious and broke the covenant just like Adam. Consequently, the gentiles held the people of Physical Israel captive.

God made this known to the Old Testament prophets and promised to establish a new kingdom. Roughly 600 to700 years later, God appointed Jesus, and through him, God judged and brought an end to the Physical Israelites who betrayed the covenant (Lk 16:16). This was the end of Physical Israel.

● The beginning and the end of Spiritual Israel

Spiritual Israel started with the twelve disciples of Jesus after he came, judged, and brought to an end the Physical Israelites who betrayed. God established a new covenant with His chosen people.

Jesus proclaimed to the world, for the last 2,000 years, Spiritual Israel would come to an end just as it says in Matthew 24, Revelation 13 and 16, and a new kingdom would be created according to Revelation 7 and 14. Today, Jesus has returned and judged the Spiritual Israelites who became corrupt, and violated the covenant. After having put them to an end, Jesus has created New Spiritual Israel. This is the end of Spiritual Israel and the beginning of New Spiritual Israel.

The Spiritual Israelites, who have been judged today, are well aware of the worlds of Adam and Noah (the times of Noah and Lot) and of the Physical Israelites during Jesus’ first coming. Despite knowing of these times well, the Spiritual Israelites have also become degraded just like the people of those times past, and they are hindering the work of the second coming. They are doing such work because the very spirits which entered the persecutors at the time of the first coming have entered into the Spiritual Israelites, and they have turned out to be even more wicked.

Considering their actions, they seem to be like the devil who lost his mind instead of acting like believers. Although this is the true situation they are in, they still regard themselves as the best believers. They thoughtlessly treat anyone who is not part of them as a heretic, just like the people during Jesus’ first coming.

The twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel have been established today through Jesus’ blood, and they have been created through God’s word of revelation, which is the greatest biblical knowledge in the history of all mankind. They have become the word, just like God and Jesus, because they have been born of the seed of God’s word.

Shincheonji people have been born again of God’s seed and the holy spirit, according to the will of God (Mt 7:21; Jn 3:1-6). They have been created according to the promises of the New Testament (the new covenant). Everything has been created according to the Bible.

In other words:
1) They have been born of God’s seed.
2) They have been harvested.
3) They have been sealed with the names of God and of Jesus.
4) They have not added to and/or taken away from Revelation.
5) They have been registered in the twelve tribes, the new kingdom of God’s promise.
6) Their names have also been registered in the book of life.

“Shincheonji”, (the new heaven and new earth in Rv 21:1), is a name of the new kingdom of the new era. “The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony”, is the promised temple where all nations will come and worship. The sealed 144,000 are the priests of the new kingdom purchased by the blood of Jesus. The great multitude who dressed in white is also washed by the blood of Jesus. They are the promised citizens of heaven in the new kingdom.

Just as Jesus overcame the devil and the world during the first coming, today, the one who fought against Satan’s group and overcame them (Rv 12) has received the promises in Revelation 2 and 3. According to those promises, he received the food of eternal life and has fed the twelve tribes of Mt. Zion. The blood of Jesus is this food of eternal life, the word of revelation (i.e. the revealed word).

The twelve tribes of the new spiritual kingdom is the tree of life in Revelation 22. They are bearing twelve kinds of fruit every month. The leaves of this tree are for healing of all nations.

Despite the fact Shincheonji is being intensely persecuted, mocked, and hindered by Babylon (the nation of evil spirit: Rv 17, 18), the congregation members of the existing churches are swarming to Shincheonji. They were once in the places, which became arid because of the corruption, and when they heard the word of the water of life, they ran to Shincheonji. Now having been born again of the revealed word, they are giving glory to the Lord. The Christian Council of Korea has witnessed this. However, instead of repenting, they made commentaries with personal interpretations on the book of Revelation, and they hand out these commentaries and teach their members with them. They do such work thinking, if they teach their members Revelation, then it would stop them from going to Shincheonji. Those commentaries, in fact, are not the Bible, but are the words of the devil himself and his explanations, rather than the explanations of the holy spirit. They are false testimonies. What has straw to do with grain? (refer to Jer 23:28)

God is the one who prophesied the book of Revelation, and He is the one who has fulfilled it. It is not man, but God alone who allows us to know the secrets recorded in the Bible. It is only the messenger who speaks on behalf, the promised pastor, one person, who is capable of testifying about the prophecies and their fulfillment. Look at the promises in the Bible. It is only one person, the one who overcomes, who eats the revealed scroll and receives the command.

This is the promise of the Bible, and yet, people gather to create books containing personal interpretations. Men have appointed pastors, and they are then asked to teach. How can this not be lawlessness? This is Satan’s wine of adulteries, which has caused all nations to fall.

The Bible records one era (Spiritual Israel), comes to an end, and a new era (New Spiritual Israel), launches at the time of the Lord’s second coming. If one wants to live, he must not follow the world, which is coming to an end, but follow the new world, which is coming.

If you do not believe in the promises of the Bible, what else do you believe? Let us believe, so we become the citizens of heaven in the promised kingdom. I pray, in doing so, everyone will be the people who serve the Lord forever.