The Words in the Bible the Saints must Perceive, Believe, and Keep

Main reference: Hos 4:6

One becomes destroyed if he lacks the word of God, the knowledge of the Bible.

The content of the 66 books (39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament) of the Bible (the Old and the New Testaments) can be categorized into four types: History, teachings (moral instructions), prophecy, and fulfillment.

The logical order of the events that occur in every era: The betrayal of the chosen people, the destruction by gentiles, and salvation through the promised pastor.

The logical order of creation and re-creation:
1. Selection of a pastor
2. Creation of a kingdom
3. Covenant with the chosen people
4. The betrayal of the covenant by the chosen people and destruction
5. Selection of a new pastor
6. Judgment and salvation
7. Creation of a new kingdom
8. New covenant

(The logical order can be seen in ten steps if the numbers 4 and 6 are divided into two parts each–number 4 can be divided into the betrayal of the covenant and destruction, and number 6 into judgment and salvation.)

Distinguishing of the eras during the 6,000 years of biblical history:
1. The era of Genesis
2. The era of the Exodus and the Law
3. The era of the Judges
4. The era of the Kings
5. The era of the Prophets
6. The era of the Gospel of Heaven
7. The era of the Epistles
8. The era of Revelation and Re-creation

Qualifications to enter into heaven: Six things which must be fulfilled in us are.
1. One must be born of the seed of God.
2. One must be harvested.
3. One must be sealed.
4. One must belong to the promised kingdom, the 12 tribes.
5. One must not add to and/or subtract from Revelation.
6. One’s name must be recorded in the book of life.

Testimony according to the 5Ws and 1H: who, what, where, when, why, and how

Distinguishing of the pastors: Pastors are categorized into three types.
1. The pastor of prophecy (Old Testament prophets)
2. The general pastor (a pastor who peaches the fulfillment)
3. The pastor of promise (the pastor promised before things are fulfilled)

These three types of pastors must exist. Among these three, the pastor of promise appears at an appointed time. At the appointed time, everyone must listen to the words of the pastor of the promise in order to attain salvation.

● The parables, the secrets from of old, and the testimony of the physical realities (prophecy and fulfillment)

Main references: Mt 13:34-35 (Gn 3:22; Mt 13:11-15)

· The world of Adam: Pastor and creation, covenant (Gn 2:17), betrayal of the covenant by the deception of the gentile, fulfillment of the covenant (Gn 3, Gn 7), judgment and destruction.

· The covenant with Abraham: Gn 15
☞ The fulfillment: The exodus and the entry to Canaan

· The prophecy in the Old Testament: Is 14:24
☞ The fulfillment: “It is finished” in Jn 19:30.

· The prophecy of Revelation in the New Testament: Rv 1:1
☞ The fulfillment: “It is done” in Rv 21:6.

When books of prophecy are testified, both the pastor of prophecy and the pastor of fulfillment need to be testified about. The fulfillment should be testified according to its prophecy as well as to the 5Ws and 1H.

In regard to the fulfillment of the books of prophecy, there is a fulfillment of the Old Testament, and there is a fulfillment of the New Testament. The Old Testament was fulfilled at the time of the first coming, and the New Testament has been fulfilled at the time of the second coming. A promise was given so people will believe when the foretold prophecy comes to pass (Jn 14:29).

Now is the time of the testimony of the fulfillment of the New Testament. At a time like this, causing problems with trivial matters is a trick of Satan. We must realize it is the devil’s play which takes our time away and confuses our minds. Let us keep our promise and attain our hope.

★ Shincheonji is the leading characters for the work of the new creation.