Who are the Betrayers, the Destroyers, and is the Savior?

Main reference: 2 Thes 2:1-4 (Rv 1, 2, 3, 13)

Who are the betrayers, the destroyers and the savior? When and where do they appear and what do they do? Should we not find out who they are? Can one be saved without knowing these beings?

There once was a young man who was born with the light of the heavens. While praying, he met a star for three days and through the guidance of this star, met a person from the heavens. From this time he pledged his loyalty to God with his own blood and began his life of faith. While carrying on his life of faith, he returned to his hometown in the countryside and stayed there for the next 7 years. This was during the time of “Saemaeul Movement” (New Village Movement) which was a modernization movement in Korea under President Park Chung-Hee.

In the 7th year, he greeted the Lord who came amongst the clouds in the heavens and was guided to the Tabernacle Temple by the words of the Lord’s commands. This was the church he was previously carrying out his life of faith. As it is recorded in Rv 2 and 3, he sent letters to the Tabernacle Temple’s seven messengers, also called “the seven stars” in accordance with the Lord’s command to urge repentance. But the seven messengers simply ignored him and the content of the letters and did not accept any of it.

The seven messengers of the seven stars made a covenant with God with their blood. They vowed to be loyal to God with blood drawn from cutting their wrists in 1966, which amounted to 2 ringer bottles. This blood of the covenant was used to mark the back of the Certificates of Duty with crosses given to their congregation members. They however, broke this covenant made with God and instead made a new covenant with the Presbyterian and seven pastors from different denominations (which were from seven of the biggest denominations in Korea) therefore becoming a part of them. This all took place in 1981. The pastors from the seven denominations established the “Stewardship (Chung-Ji-Gi) Education Center” through the strength of the authority of a certain past President. This was an institution that trained pastors from all over Korea and was an organization that controlled Korean Christian leaders with this authority.

Under the pretense of a “cult-eradicate” movement, the seven pastors from this organization approached the Tabernacle Temple, (established through a covenant between God and the seven messengers), and devoured it by exercising their authority. On one Sunday early that year, these gentile pastors gathered all congregation members of the Tabernacle Temple (including the 80 branch churches throughout Korea) at its main temple located in the city of Gwacheon. They then made all congregation members swear an oath (marking their foreheads and right hands) acknowledging their denomination, church laws and doctrines. This was the event of the congregation members of the Tabernacle Temple receiving the mark of the beast and worshipping it, as described in Rv 13. That day, the head of the Stewardship Education Center had all the congregation members stand up and take an oath with their right hands to acknowledge the Presbyterian denomination, its laws and doctrines and anointed them on their foreheads. This was the event of receiving the mark on their foreheads and right hands.

After acknowledging the Presbyterian denomination, church laws and doctrines, the congregation members worshipped the beast-like destroyers (the invaders). This was the betrayal by the congregation members at the Tabernacle Temple. The pastors of the seven gentile denominations were the destroyers who brought destruction upon the Tabernacle Temple and its congregation members. This was the event of the sun, moon and stars falling from the heavens and the event of the abomination that causes desolation (the destroyers and invaders) standing in the holy place (the altar) (Mt 24:15, 29; Rv 6:12-14, Rv 13).

The young man, who had sent letters as described in Rv 2 and 3, saw and heard these events at that very location. Having been commanded to, he testified the prophecy and fulfillment in accordance to what he has seen and heard. He is therefore the Promised Pastor and the Savior.

As can be seen in Rv 17, the mystery of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, the pastors of the dragon, were the pastors of Babylon. The seven pastors that came out from the sea (the world: refer to Dn 7:3, 17), and the beast with ten horns was the eighth beast that belonged to the seven heads. He was the group of Satan, Nicolaitans (Nicolas) who had converted, the beast of 666 that came out of the earth in Rv 13 and he was the fallen star, which fell from the sky (the heavens), as it appears in Rv 8 and 9. The beast with the ten horns burned the seven beasts, the group of the prostitute (mother of Babylon) and took away the kingdom of Babylon and made it their own in Rv 17.

The congregation members of the Tabernacle Temple, which belonged to the seven stars, received the mark of the beast and worshipped it; thus, they were the betrayers. The beast with the seven heads and ten horns (group of the dragon of Babylon) who destroyed the congregation members of the Tabernacle Temple; thus, they were the destroyers (Parable of the beast [animal] according to Prv 30:2-4 KJV = an ignorant person).

The One Who Overcomes came to fight and overcomes the group of the dragon in heaven (Rv 12) and this is how the kingdom of God and salvation comes. Therefore, the One Who Overcomes is the Savior.

The key point of the Book of Revelation is the event of the three entities, the betrayers, the destroyers and the savior (the one who overcomes) as seen in Rv 12 and fulfilling what was recorded in the Bible about them. The betrayers fulfill what was recorded regarding them, the destroyers fulfill the work of destruction as recorded and the savior also fulfills what applies to him (the work of salvation).

Those who were victorious, appearing in Rv 12 and 15, are used as the bowls of wrath that begin the judgment described in Rv 16. This is the judgment of the destroyers (the kingdom of Babylon and its pastors) and the congregation members of the Tabernacle of Heaven (Tabernacle Temple) who betrayed. What then comes is the sound of the last and the seventh trumpet, which is the sound of salvation. The destroyer Babylon, which destroyed the Tabernacle of Heaven in Rv 13, comes to an end as it is judged in Rv 18. The wedding banquet of the Lamb takes place after this, with the spirits and the flesh that are gathered there take part in the first resurrection as seen in Rv 20 (refer to Jn 5:24-29 regarding resurrection).

There are three mysteries and three types of plagues in the Book of Revelation. These are the three things that apply to the betrayers, the destroyers and the savior. But what should be understood is that these three things were made known only to the Promised Pastor. The reality to the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation can be seen starting from Rv 1, as the people and their actions appear as the reality to the prophecies.

Let us have faith based on knowledge. Let us not add to or subtract from the Bible (the book of Revelation).

This is what the Promised Pastor prays for.