The Betrayers, Destroyers, and the Savior in the New Testament

Main reference: 2 Thes 2:1-12 (Rv 13, 12, 17)

Who are the betrayers, the destroyers, and the savior in the New Testament? When and where do they appear? One cannot attain salvation unless he knows the true identities of these three entities.

At the time of Adam, the betrayers were Adam and Eve. The destroyer was the snake, and the savior was Noah. At the time of Jesus’ First Coming, the betrayers were Judah and Jerusalem (the chosen people). The destroyers were the snakes, the Pharisees (Mt 23:33). The savior was Jesus. At the time of the Lord’s Second Coming, the betrayers are the chosen people of the tabernacle of heaven (Rv 13). The destroyers are the pastors from the Stewardship Education Center. The savior is the one who overcomes (Rv 2, 3, 12).

Just as it was in the times of Adam and Jesus’ First Coming, the events of betrayal, destruction, and salvation at the Second Coming—at the time of the New Testament’s fulfillment—all take place within one era. Those who know this will recognize it, but those who do not know this will not be able to. In addition, history and eras change due to these events, and thus, the changed history and eras serve as testimonies that testify about the betrayal, destruction, and salvation. The events of the betrayal, destruction, and salvation were prophesied, and these prophecies have been proclaimed for a long period of time. The New Testament has been proclaimed for about 2,000 years since Jesus’ First Coming. When these events fulfilled, however, they did within a short period of time. Furthermore, the events took place in one location. God, Jesus, and heaven have also come to one place. How can the people of the world fathom this?

The prophecies concerning this betrayal, destruction, and salvation have been preached to the ends of the earth (refer to Mt 24:14). Since what was yet to be fulfilled was proclaimed to the whole world, what has been fulfilled must also be made known to the whole world. How many people in this world would know this fulfillment of the prophecies through the Bible? And how many would be anticipating this fulfillment?

It is inevitable that one world passes away and another comes. The new world must become fruitful, increase in number, subdue this world, and rule over it. This is the work that must soon take place in each era and it is the work of healing of all nations. There is only one place—the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Revelation 15 where those who have been victorious are gathered—that all nations in this world must go to and worship. There is only one pastor, the one who overcomes, that plays the role of the savior and that has received the scroll of the revealed word. What is more, there is also only one place, the twelve tribes of Mount Zion, where people are harvested to, and where the new song (the seminary of revelation, the revealed word that testifies about the physical fulfillment) is taught and learned. This is also the only place where the will of God is fulfilled here on earth as it is in heaven. It is only the Mount Zion center (Zion Christian Mission Center) where the tree of life is yielding twelve kinds of fruit every month. It is also only this place, the twelve tribes of Mount Zion, upon which God, Jesus, and the heaven of the spiritual realm have descended.

In this era (of Revelation), who are the betrayers? How can we know if someone is a betrayer or not? The betrayer was the tabernacle that initially belonged to God. The tabernacle is otherwise referred to as a church or a temple. This temple was the tabernacle that prepared the way, which God appointed as the representative of all the churches. In order to interfere with this, Satan (Satan’s pastor) enters into this tabernacle. He becomes a member of this tabernacle just like Nicolas at the time of the First Coming (Acts 6:5). He first follows the messengers of the Tabernacle Temple, but his true nature is revealed later. This pastor of Satan deceives the messengers (the pastors) of the tabernacle. He also teaches the congregation members his own doctrines (the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) just as in the time of Adam. The pastors and the congregation members of the tabernacle fail to keep the word of God. They are deceived by Satan just as Adam was and as a result, they become submissive to Satan. It was the New Testament, the words of the book of Revelation that the believers should have kept at this time.

The chosen people at the tabernacle were deceived just as recorded in Revelation 2. Nicolas, the pastor of Satan, brought gentile pastors (the group of the dragon, the beast with seven heads and ten horns) to the tabernacle just as illustrated in Revelation 9. In doing so, this pastor of Satan seized the ecclesiastical authority, the tabernacle, and its congregation members for his own purpose. This is how the chosen people were deceived and came to betray God, as in accordance with Revelation 13; and because they betrayed, the chosen people were destroyed by the deceivers in this chapter. The destroyers are those who did the work of deceiving and destroying, just as Revelation 2 and 13 explain. Deuteronomy 28 expresses that there are seven pastors who destroy, and there are also seven messengers (seven stars) who are destroyed. The congregation members who followed these seven messengers (pastors) betrayed God the same by following their seven pastors. The church and the congregation members then became the possessions of the destroyers. In this way, one can get to know the identities of the betrayers and the destroyers. In other words, the betrayers and the destroyers have appeared in accordance with the Bible (the prophecies), and the events of betrayal and destruction have also taken place in accordance with the Bible. The evidence to prove this is this very word (the prophecies) and the physical realities that have appeared in accordance with it.

In the midst of the destruction of God’s tabernacle churches, who is the savior? The savior is the one who appears in Revelation 12. He is the one who has seen the betrayers and the destroyers in the location of Revelation 13, and the one who testifies about these events. In the location where these events (all the chapters of Revelation) occurred, a male child was spiritually born from God’s pastor in front of the pastor (of the dragon) with the seven heads and ten horns. This male child, along with the brothers who became one with him, fought against and overcame the enemies, the pastors from the dragon’s group, with the promised blood of Jesus and the word of their testimonies—what they have seen and heard. The dragon was expelled, and then came salvation and the kingdom of God. This is the proof that the male child is the savior (refer to Rv 12:10-11).

This one who overcomes receives the blessings promised in Revelation 2 and 3. It is through those blessings that he can save, rule over, and judge all nations.

If their actions and order of appearance (of the betrayers, destroyers, and the savior) are identical to the prophecies, then they must be the physical realities of the prophecies. Whether it is the betrayers or the destroyers, whoever is defeated in the war scatters and flees into seven directions (Dt 28). The one who is victorious, in contrast, becomes New Israel and establishes the twelve tribes. This is what the book of Revelation in the New Testament testifies (refer to Rv 2 ~ 3, 7, 12). The entire book of Revelation is concerning the events of the betrayers, destroyers and the savior. Hence, Revelation is enough evidence to testify about these entities. For such reasons, in order to attain faith, one must first know (the book of) Revelation, and also the physical entities at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment.

The sixty six books of the Bible and the 6,000 years of God’s work come to their grand finale as Revelation is fulfilled. The eternal kingdom of God, heaven, is also fulfilled here on earth. Those who believe in this and are sealed will live with the Lord for eternity in this place (Rv 21:1-4; 22:1-5).