Pastors Who Did Not Believe in Every Generation & the Persecution

Main reference:
Is 1 (further reference: Acts 7:51-53; Mt 23; Mt 5:11-12; Lk 20; 1 Kgs 11)

In every generation, why do the pastors not believe, and what is the reason they lie, and persecute?

As written in Ex 19:5-6, God made a covenant through Moses with the Israelites, whom came out of Egypt. The content of the covenant was; If you keep my covenant, you will become God’s kingdom and priests and a holy nation. However, as written in 1 Kgs 11, they bowed down to the gentile gods during the time of Solomon, and as a result, the nation had been divided into north and south. Eleven tribes became gentiles as North Israel, and in Jerusalem in the south, Judah was the only tribe left. As written in Is 1, according to God’s words of 1 Kgs 11, Judah and Jerusalem were both captured by the gentiles.

In order to save these people, God prophesied numerously through the Old Testament prophets about the future of Judah and Jerusalem and made it known to His people that Jesus, the saviour, would come. However, the pastors, who had become Satan’s gentile pastors, had cruelly killed the prophets, whom prophesied. Regarding this, it says in Jer 31 and Hos 6 that the people broke the covenant like Adam. At a time like this, Jesus came and carried out the work of salvation with the twelve disciples, but the pastors and elders at that time did not believe. Instead, they treated Jesus and his disciples like the Old Testament prophets by labelling them a cult, persecuting them, and killing them. Amongst them, who is the true pastor and who is the false pastor? Who is God’s pastor and who is the devil’s pastor? As could be seen from the Bible, the prophets, the apostles, and Jesus came to the nation that had become Satan’s nation, to the pastors who had become Satan’s pastors, to the people who had become Satan’s people, and fulfilled the Old Testament and proclaimed about what was fulfilled. However, Israel did not realize what kind of situation they were in and they thought they were the righteous, chosen people. Jesus and the disciples, who had come into this kind of world, promised what is stated below and were killed.

< The promise for the Second Coming: Jesus would come like a thief in the night and harvest (Mt 24).
Those who are harvested would be sealed in the name of God and Jesus (Rv 7).
God’s kingdom, the twelve tribes, would be created through those who are sealed (Rv 14).
If anyone adds to or takes away from the words of the book of Revelation, he would not be able to enter heaven and be cursed (Rv 22:18-19).
Only those whose names are recorded in the book of life are able to enter heaven (Rv 21:27).
The one who overcomes Satan’s pastor would receive the blessings of Rv 2 and 3 (Rv 12). >

Who is the true believer–the one who believes in this word of prophecy or the one who doesn’t believe? What is stated above is one of the most epoch-making and important content of the New Testament that gives hope to the believers. These prophecies have been fulfilled today in the Republic of Korea. “I have proclaimed it.” I have seen and heard the fulfilment, and I am testifying about the physical fulfilment of the prophecies as I have been commanded. For testifying this, there are persecutors, but are they true believers or from the devil? Are they God’s pastors or the devil’s pastors? Please judge for yourself. Are they not like the false pastors who killed the prophets and apostles? Why do they not believe? Is this not proof that they do not believe in God or His Word (New Testament) (Rv 21:8)? Are they not like the priests and elders of Israel who did not believe even if Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and testified about it (refer to Lk 18:8; Rv 9:20-21)? Are they not the same as those who persecuted Jesus and labelled Jesus a cult? Will these people go to hell or to heaven? It is written that people will be judged according to their deeds as written in the books. Please read Rv 20:12-15 and Jn 12:48. These things are happening right before our very eyes. It is sad to see the false pastors, who are captured by the devil, and it is also sad to see the believers, who are captured by Babylon, the devil’s kingdom, and do not know this fact. If they do not believe in the Bible, why do they carry it around? It is a sad situation. They are blind!

The chosen people, whose citizenship was in heaven (Phil 3:20) and who were referred to as the sun, moon, and stars of spiritual Israel (Mt 24:29; Rv 6:12-13), became dark and fell from heaven. The reason for this is because they were destroyed by Satan’s pastor (Mt 24:15). The reason why the sun and moon (pastor) could no longer shine light (Word) was because they were struck (Rv 8:12) by the authority of Satan’s pastor, the destructor. To say they fell from heaven means that they went from being citizens of heaven by the Holy Spirit to returning to the earth, (i.e. to flesh) and became a part of Babylon, the nation of demons, being captured and enslaved (Rv 17, 18).

This is the night of the religious world of spiritual Israel, and at this night-time, Jesus comes with the angels and harvests. They come like a thief in the night to gentile Babylon where the believers are captured and discreetly bring them out of there. This is the work of salvation and harvesting (refer to 1Thes 5:2; Rv 17:14, Rv 18:4).

If one truly believes in Jesus and his words of promise, one should realize that the promise has been fulfilled when he hears about the news regarding the work of harvesting and come running to the mountain.
The reason why “Those who believe in the New Testament” do not come running is because they do not believe in the promise.

Anyone who hears about the work of harvesting, sealing, and the creation of the promised kingdom, the twelve tribes, and anyone who realizes that the promised prophecies are coming true and believes in this will come running.

Those who do not believe nor come and persecute instead do this because they have become the people of Babylon, the nation of demons. Although they add to or take away from Revelation and do not have their names recorded in the book of life, they do not consider this seriously and think of themselves as orthodox. This is proof that their faith is false. If they heard that the New Testament prophecies have been fulfilled, they should put everything aside and come looking for the fulfilment. This is what a believer should do. Isn’t this what believers hoped for and isn’t this why believers carried out their lives of faith?
How can a dead life of faith and dead spirit regard this as precious? “It is so heartbreaking.”

As the pastors and the people of physical Israel, which had become gentile, did not believe even if Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and proclaimed about it, today, the reason why the pastors and the church members do not believe is because a different water has been diluted and mixed. “Please take a look at Is 1:22.”

God offered his Son on the cross for the new kingdom of the New Testament. Jesus, the Son, sacrificed himself and shed his blood. This was proclaimed for two thousand years and the promised kingdom has been fulfilled as mentioned above. We are raising our voices and asking people to believe this (refer to Rv 5:4-10).
If people do not believe like the First Coming, then God, Jesus, and the spirits will strike the ground and wail.

Let us believe. Let us unite. Let us become the promised kingdom. “The Counselor is crying out.” We at Shincheonji know the scriptures and reality of each generation through the Spirit of Truth, who comes in the name of the Lord, and this is why we are teaching again through the Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Level teaching materials (refer to 1 Cor 2:10, Jn 16:13).

For those who have not been harvested, we help them to be harvested. For those who have not been sealed, we help them to be sealed. For those who have added to or taken away from the words of Revelation, we help them not to do so. For those who are not part of the promised kingdom, the twelve tribes, we help them to become a part of the twelve tribes. For those whose names have not been recorded in the book of life, we help them to have their names recorded in the book of life.

Should we call Shincheonji, who is doing this work, a cult? Or should we thank them? Is there anything more precious than this for a believer?
We have sent letters urging repentance and made known these facts to pastors in Korea and all over the world, and therefore, they will not be able to make an excuse by saying they did not hear about it on the day of judgment (refer to Jn 15:22).

The words of the messenger, the Advocate, are the words of Jesus, and the words of Jesus are the words of God, the Father (Jn 16:8-15).

The words that were testified were the promised words of Revelation, that is, life that was conveyed. If one does not believe, it does not mean they do not believe in the words of the messenger, the Advocate. It means one does not believe in Jesus’ words, that is, no believing in God’s words. Those who believe will receive salvation. Those who do not believe will be thrown into the lake of fire for the sin of not believing.

Shincheonji earnestly prays that people will believe and receive salvation.


– Attachment 1 –

Pastor, do you have the Bible?
When the disciples asked, Jesus said, “…this gospel will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come,” (Mt 24:14). He also said the time of the harvest is the end of the age (Mt 13:37-39).

The sun, moon, and stars (Gen 37:9-11, Mt 24:29, Rv 6:12-13) turning dark and falling, and the temple being destroyed with not one stone left on another is the end of spiritual Israel. It is making known that the generation of the church of spiritual Israel has come to an end. Please do not neglect words of advice that are given at this time as well as the words that are spoken on behalf of Jesus.
The hearts of the pastors living at the end of the age are like the sun that cannot shine light.

Our branch is located in Cape Town, and therefore, in order to go to heaven and attain eternal life, please throw away yourself and with a heart to be born again, please study. It was very difficult to say these words to you, Pastor. This is because you are a pastor of stature.
I ask you earnestly. You have not learned anything here because of time. Please try to lower yourself once, become a layman, and try studying. There are countless lives depending on you.

– Attachment 2 –

Dear Pastor Barry Isaacs,

Pastor Barry Isaacs, how are you doing?
I write this letter as I envision you in my mind.
I fear that we were lacking in our hospitality in the midst of a hectic schedule.

Our prayers are continually with you.

Pastor Isaacs, I liked your facial expressions and your voice.
If you click on the two Internet broadcasting links ( and the two links of “The Correct Understanding of Shincheonji” (, you will be able to see more information. Pastor Isaacs, I, too, have thrown everything away and I am doing God’s work as my life. Let us forgive, love, and bless one another and act in accordance to the Lord’s will.
There is nothing to look back at a world that is passing away.

Our branch is available in Cape Town and so I would like to request that you would humble yourself like a child, who is not yet mature, and with a heart that desires to be born again, please listen from Lesson 1 of the Introductory Level.

If you graduate after the Advanced Level, God will be with you.
I have enclosed an attachment. Please read it.
I pray that the grace of the Lord be with you abundantly.