Church of Jesus, Calvin’s Presbyterian Church, and Shincheonji Church of Jesus

Main reference: Matthew 5

The teaching of the Church of Jesus is the education, which God is with. It is the education of heaven that brings the dead to life, grants the forgiveness of sin, resurrects people, makes people born again, and leads people from death to life. Calvin (1509-1564), the founder of the Presbyterian Church, received the authority from people in Geneva. He used his predestination theory to murder people. He also denied God’s and Jesus’ book of Revelation. Shinchonji Church of Jesus keeps the new covenant by having the Bible as its standard. It is creating God’s will here on earth just as it is done in heaven. It forgives, loves, and blesses others. It also educates people with the new song (the revealed word, the word that testifies about the physical fulfillment of the New Testament).

There are a few Christian denominations in this globe that lack the word. The one that lacks the word the most is the Unification Church, second is the Catholic Church, third is Calvin’s Presbyterian Church, and fourth is the Full Gospel Church. It has been said that Protestantism emerged from Catholicism due to its sin and untruth. This Protestantism, however, has also been divided into hundreds of denominations due to the same reasons. If one closely investigates such divided denominations, he will be unable to see any biblical basis. The names and the doctrines of those denominations were created by people’s personal judgments. Even the pastors and church workers were appointed by men’s will. Moses built the tabernacle according to what he had seen and heard in heaven. The Law with which he educated people was also granted by heaven. Likewise, Jesus went up to heaven, and he saw, heard, and received the command to teach the revelation (refer to Jn 3:13; Mt 11:27). The denominations that have been created since Jesus’ ascension are not like Moses and Jesus. They have been created merely based on men’s own will.

God and Jesus promised one pastor while they were still here on earth. Jesus also made promises regarding this one pastor even after his ascension. This pastor promised by Jesus is the pastor at the time of the Lord’s second coming. He is someone who overcomes just like Jesus (Jn 16:33; Rv 2, Rv 3, 12:11). It was promised in the Bible that the spirit of truth, the counselor, who comes in the name of Jesus, will be working in the promised pastor (Jn 14:16-17, 26) just as God was working in Jesus at the first coming (Jn 14:10-11). It was promised in Revelation 2 and 3, what God had granted Jesus will also be given to the promised pastor. If someone does not have the blessings promised in Revelation 2 and 3, he cannot become the promised pastor. Nor can salvation and the kingdom exist. Whether someone is a false pastor or a true pastor can be proved by whether or not that person has received the blessings in Revelation 2 and 3. No one can attain salvation at the Lord’s second coming, not even one person, unless they go through the promised pastor. Whoever knows the Bible will speak the same word as this.

At the Lord’s second coming when the Spiritual Israelites have faced their end, the pastors and the congregation members of this world claim to have received salvation and the holy spirit. They also claim they are the orthodoxy and will go to heaven. They are mistaken because they neither know God’s will nor the Bible (Mt 22:29). They do not know how the world of their life of faith has come to an end, how God left them, and how they have turned into gentiles. Just like Adam’s family (people in Adam’s world) during Noah’s time and just like the Physical Israelites during Jesus’ first coming, people do not realize that God left them, and thus, their hearts and spirits have become night. They do not know they have fallen from heaven just like the sun, moon, and stars that have gone dark and have fallen from the sky. The purpose of the Lord’s second coming is to harvest and seal good crops from Jesus’ field (the church), which he sowed good seeds, to create God’s new kingdom (the twelve tribes of Shinchonji) and the priests (the 144,000). It is also to make the great multitude who streams after the 144,000 to be God’s people.

In the midst of the world where the religious world has faced its end of the age, Shinchonji transcends national borders, races, and religions. Just like the light, rain, and air from the sky, Shinchonji is uniting everyone as one through the same love and same grace. Heaven is being created by sealing those who are born of God’s seed because all the religions in this world have become corrupt. This is the New Testament, and it is the purpose of God. Regarding the creation of God’s new kingdom, people do not realize it just like how people did not understand until the flood came and destroyed them all during Noah’s time (refer to Mt 24:37-39).

Not only has the promised pastor at the Lord’s second coming mastered the Bible, but he also knows its purpose and the fulfillment of all the chapters of the New Testament. At a time like this, there are people who will attain salvation and people who will not. Those who will attain salvation will be able to receive salvation not just through any churches or pastors in this world, but only through one person, the promised pastor. This has been the same in each and every generation. The promised pastors have existed in each era, and people have gained salvation only through those pastors. How can one recognize who the promised pastor is? One can recognize it by the work he is carrying out and by the fulfilled work. In other words, one can recognize the promised pastor by examining if he fights against and overcomes the designated people and carries out the work of harvesting, sealing, and creating of the twelve tribes.

The saints in the era of the New Testament have been anticipating the fulfillment of God’s promises in the New Testament (the work of salvation and the appearing of the savior). Since the New Testament has been fulfilled, it is the time for them to believe in it. Whoever refuses to believe in the words of the new covenant, which was promised through the blood, and whoever refuses to believe in the physical fulfillment of the New Testament despite it being made known to them, will be unable to blame others even if they receive the condemnation of hell. We in Shinchonji who are aware of this consequence are wholeheartedly praying for the salvation of all people.