The Corrupted Orthodoxy In Each of the Eras

Main reference: Mt 5:11-12, Acts 7:51-53, Mt 23:30-33

Let us not just say, ‘Lord, Lord,’ with our lips, but correctly know and believe God and His Will!

● Betrayal of Adam’s World and Salvation of Noah’s Family
Although Adam and Eve had inherited everything under the heavens, they became Satan the Devil’s possession because they betrayed; this is why God had to leave Adam’s world (Gn 6). After leaving Adam’s world, God came to Noah who was the 9th descendant of Adam. And it was through Noah whom God warned the people regarding the coming flood of destruction. Despite all this, the world of Adam still did not believe in Noah’s warning.
Why did they not believe in his words? It was because they did not realize that they were sinners through Adam, that God had already left them, and that the God who left them was now with Noah. They insisted that they were the orthodoxy and that they were the chosen people of God whom He created; these are the reasons that they did not believe Noah, and believed that God was still with them.

As promised to Noah, God judged Adam’s world, the world that became full of sin and evil, with a flood. They, who probably called Noah “crazy” for building the ark, drowned in the flood while looking at the ark. It was too late for them to regret not believing in his words.
At the time of Noah, the families of Adam’s world had not perceived their sins, God’s departure from them, and that the God of salvation was with Noah. Their thoughts of being the chosen people and the orthodoxy and that God was still with them were nothing but delusions.

Only Noah’s family of 8 received salvation at the time of the destruction of Adam’s world.

● Betrayal of Noah’s World
Noah’s world, saved by getting on the ark, was the people who watched Adam’s world die in the flood due to their betrayal. But even Noah’s world ended up committing sin as Ham, Noah’s second son, received the spirit of the snake and pointed out the nakedness of his father Noah; this is just like how the snake deceived Eve in Adam’s world (The snake told them that they were naked, Ref: Gn 3:7-13). And in the same way that Adam and Eve, deceived by the snake, were cursed, Ham and Canaan were also cursed. Although Noah’s family of eight were the only ones who were saved while numerous people of Adam’s world were wiped away in the flood, Noah’s world, through Noah’s son Ham, committed the same act of the snake.

● Promise with Abraham, and Salvation through Moses
God left Noah’s world and made known future event to Noah’s 10th descendant Abraham (Gn 15). Abraham’s descendants ended up going to Egypt because of this, and the Israelites were led out by Moses after four generations since entering into Egypt. After coming out of Egypt, the Israelites destroyed (conquered) and ruled over Ham’s descendants, the world of Canaan.

● Betrayal of Israel, Moses’ world, and the promise of God and the Old Testament prophets
God made a covenant with Israel, the world of Moses (Ex 19:5-6). But that covenant was broken as they did not keep the covenant and as they worshiped and bowed to the gentile gods at the time of Solomon. Israel, made up of 11 tribes, and the tribe of Judah (Jerusalem) violated and betrayed the covenant like Adam (Hos 6:7). However, God did not give up and began to give promises regarding future events starting at that time to the prophets of the Old Testament, and this promise is the Old Testament.

● The Era of the Gospel of Heaven of Jesus’ First Coming (Spiritual Israel), and the New Testament
God conveyed this promise to Israel that betrayed for the next 600~700 years, and came to Jesus to do a new work (thing).
What is the new work? Although God used people who were born with the genes of Adam who had sinned, but they ended up betraying because of their element of sin. Thus, God made known that He will appointed someone born with God’s seed (Jesus), not of man, to do a new work (Jer 31:22). About 600 years after at the appointed time, God came to Mary (virgin) and gave birth to a son through the holy spirit of God, and Spiritual Israel began at the time of Jesus (Ref: Jn 1:12-13); this is the new work.

God fulfilled what was promised through the Old Testament by coming to His Son born with His seed (Jn 19:30), and further promised what were to be fulfilled in the future (harvest and the creation of a new kingdom, Mt 13:30, Heb 8:10), and this is the New Testament.
At this time, the people of Physical Israel did not realize that they broke the covenant through their transgression at the time of Solomon (1 Kings 11), and that they were sinners who betrayed by worshipping gentiles gods. Rather, they still believed that they were the orthodoxy and the chosen people, while they did not know that God had already left them, and they called Jesus a cult. Just like Adams’ world that was destroyed through the flood, they still considered themselves the orthodoxy and God’s chosen people. But they did not know themselves as they called Jesus a cult and demon-possessed for not being one with them.
Jesus explained to them that they had become the children of Satan and that they must be reborn to enter into the kingdom of heaven, but they did not perceive this. The previous-Israel did not know that they became a part of the gentiles by worshipping the gentiles gods, and treated Jesus as a sinner and crucified him.

At the First Coming, Jesus sowed the seed of God which was the secrets of heaven, and made a new covenant with his blood that he will return to reap the fruits of the seeds that were sown (Mt 13:24-30, Mt 26:26-29, Heb 8:10) as he took up the sins of all the people and left. This is the era of the gospel of heaven established through Jesus and the twelve disciples, the era of Spiritual Israel.

● Betrayal of Spiritual Israel, and Creation of New Spiritual Israel
Jesus left in the clouds and said, ‘Will I find faith on the earth when I return?’ (Lk 18:8). Spiritual Israel (era of the previous-heaven) that began through Jesus at the First Coming came to its end as it became corrupt (Mt 24:29, Rv 6), and God’s new kingdom is created in today’s era of the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, the time of the Second Coming, through the Promised Pastor (the one who overcomes in Rv 2, 3, the messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus in Rv 22:16). This is New Spiritual Israel (era of the latter-heaven).

After his Ascension, Jesus gave us the Book of Revelation through his disciple, John. This book is a comprehensive summary of the New Testament and what was to be fulfilled in the future. In today’s era, about 2,000 years after, the promises of Revelation were fulfilled at the ends of the earth, in Republic of Korea in the East in Asia. Jesus sent his messenger for the churches to testify to these (the fulfillment of Revelation) (Rv 22:16).In the Book of Revelation, there are the events of harvesting (Rv 14) and sealing (Rv 7). A new kingdom is created through the firstfruits who are gathered through such events (Rv 14:1-5). But in Republic of Korea, a land overflowing with grace, the winds of sin and evil are blowing ever so strongly as the dragon’s pastors under the heavens are all gathered there (Rv 16). For this reason, the winds of sin and wickedness are blowing the most strongly here at this place where grace is overflowing. Evil spirits and their pastors do not stop using every possible means to carry out their wickedness. They have no concern for God, or Jesus, or their will, or the promises of the Bible.
At the end of the age, the tabernacle of the seven golden lampstands represents all the Spiritual Israelites (Rv 1:20)—otherwise referred to as the tabernacle of heaven in Rv 13:6. This tabernacle received the mark from the pastors of the gentile gods (the group of the dragon, the beast with seven heads and ten horns) on their foreheads and hands, and they worshiped those pastors. This event caused the stones (churches) of the temple to be thrown down with no stone left on another. The chosen people, who were like the sun, moon, and stars, and who were once part of the tabernacle of heaven, were expelled from heaven because of their sin of becoming one with the gentile gods (Rv 6; Rv 13). Furthermore, all nations fell by becoming one with the gentiles and by drinking the wine of adulteries (Rv 17; Rv 18). Today’s Spiritual Israelites claim to have received the holy spirit, and they think of themselves as God’s chosen people and the orthodoxy, despite betraying God and being one with the gentile dragon. Although the Lord has sent his messenger who speaks on behalf for the churches, the Spiritual Israelites are accusing him of being a heretic.
They were defeated by the word of truth, the word of testimony (Rv 12). It has been plainly revealed that they are the pastors of Satan. They sinned against God by betraying Him. They accepted the mark from the dragon and worshiped him. They drank the wine of adulteries, and all nations fell because of this wine. God had already left them, and they were expelled from heaven (Rv 6). The Spiritual Israelites, however, do not realize such situations. They are stubborn in claiming to be the orthodoxy. Today is no different from the times of Adam, Noah, Moses, and Jesus’ First Coming.
The corrupt generation passed away and a new generation began in each and every era. Today, too, a corrupt generation (Spiritual Israel) came to an end as promised in the New Testament, and a new generation began. New Spiritual Israel has begun as it fought and overcame the dragon (Rv 12). The twelve tribes have been established by harvesting and being sealed according to the promises. This is the kingdom of promise. This is the new kingdom purchased by the blood of Jesus. Those who perceive this will obtain salvation.