The Figurative Wine

Main references:
Mt 9:17 (Lk 5:37-39, Rv 17:2,18:3, Dt 32:32-33, Is 5:1-7)

What is the new wine, the old wine, the wineskins (Lk 5:37-39) and the wine of adulteries (Rv 17:2, 18:3) that Jesus mentioned in parables?

Jesus said that those who do not know the parables (the secret of Heaven) are the Gentiles, and will not reach salvation (Mk 4:10-13). If you want to believe in Jesus’ words (Jn 14:24), you have to know the secret of the parable of the three different wines. It is a lie if people say that they are saved while not knowing the parables – they actually do not believe in Jesus. Instead of believing in the words of their pastors who make unreasonable interpretations of the Scripture, the congregation should believe in God’s words.

Let us check out the figurative wine and the grape vines. Wine is made from grapes, and grapes are from the grape vine. In the Old Testament, in Is 5, the grape vine means the people of Israel and Judah, and in the New Testament, in Jn 15, Jesus said that he is the true vine. It is not the wine, but the words of people that come out of the mouth of a ‘man’ – who is likened to a tree. The words from the mouth are compared to wine.

What are the new wine and the old wine? (Lk 5:37-39)
In the first coming, the ‘new’ wine meant God’s word from Heaven that Jesus, the new pastor testified. The ‘old’ wine was the commandments from Moses. What are new wineskins and old wineskins in the first coming? The wineskin that holds wine refers to a person – not an animal, a physical vessel or a literal wineskin. People who hold words are compared to wineskins. ‘The old wineskins’ means the chief priests who held the law of Moses, and ‘the new wineskins’ were not the chief priests but Jesus and the 12 disciples who hold the revealed words of the testimony.

Now let us learn the meaning of the wine of adulteries which made all nations fall (Rv 17:2, 18:3). The wine of adulteries is given by the prostitute, who is the pastor of Babylon, the ghost town. The sons of the prostitute are the kings and those who live on the earth. Who are they referring to? ‘The King’ refers to the pastor, and those who live on the earth are his congregations. ‘The Kings of the earth’ refer to the pastors of Satan who are compared to the beast with seven heads and ten horns entering the tabernacle of Heaven and forcing everyone to receive a mark on their foreheads and hands and to worship him (Rv 13). The pastors of Satan are the merchants who let all nations fall by the wine of adulteries and gained their wealth, when Revelation is fulfilled (Rv 18:11-16). Who are those who feed the wine of adulteries, and who drinks it? Up to where does ‘’all nations’’ refer to? Is there anything to be seen or heard about them?

Those who feed the wine of adulteries are the prostitute and her pastors, and those who drink it are their congregation. ‘All the nations’ refers to all churches on the earth. It is not World War III which makes all nations fall, but the wine of Satan, the wine of adulteries, and the things that all the captains (pastors) trade on their ships (churches) swimming in the sea (world, Dan 7:3,17) are the wine of adulteries (Rv 17-18).

What exactly is the wine of adulteries?
God said in Is 5 that He had planted the choicest vines, and looked for a crop of good grapes but it yielded only bad fruit. And in Jer 2:21, God said ‘I had planted you like a choice vine of sound and reliable stock. How then did you turn against me into a corrupt, wild vine? Also in Dt 32:32-33, their vine comes from the vine of Sodom and from the fields of Gomorrah. Their wine is the venom of serpents, and the deadly poison of cobras. In Rv 17, the prostitute is the pastor of Babylon (the Ghost town) as well as the bride of Satan. As the words of Jesus refer to the holy spirit which is God’s word of life, the words of the prostitute are the false teaching received from Satan. This teaching is the wine of adulteries and the killing fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is the venom of serpents and the deadly poison of cobras and it is this very poison which Adam drank and got killed from.

The king of Babylon, the ghost nation was the statue of the kingdom (Dan 2:31-43). Likewise, the united body of seven heads (seven denominations) and ten horns (pastors) is the organization of the prostitute. All the nations were bewildered by the organization to belong to them, such as the corrupt wild vine of Is 5 and Jer 2. Satan’s pastor took the teaching of Satan, which is the wine of adulteries and fed it to all nations to be destroyed. This is the incident in Rv 2 (and of the whole Revelation) and the act of Satan who came into the tabernacle of the seven stars (messengers) who prepare the way and mislead God’s servants into sexual immorality.

This is the law and teaching of the united denominations, who are the merchants written in Revelation. The law and teaching they made was the wine of adulteries, which were the lies in the annotation that they received from Satan and fed their followers. The annotation is not just random but lies and the poison of cobra penetrated by Satan. If anyone takes the words of false annotation as if it were the words of life from the Bible, their spirit dies of poisoning.

Is there are any church nowadays not feeding the unbiblical words of annotation? Not knowing the true meaning of the Bible, Theology doctors believe these interpretations, take them as they are and teach them. As a result, they get to drink Satan’s wine (the poison), receive Satan’s seed, and end up following Satan and going to hell.

Jesus let us know the betrayers, the destroyers and himself – the savior (the promised pastor) of the New Testament.

While knowing nothing, they should not pretend to know something. They must realize and come to know the promised pastor through the Bible, and only by repenting and being reborn they reach salvation.

* Time may pass, life, heaven and earth may go, but these words of mine will last forever. They will never be gone or vanish.