The Figurative Sea, Ship & Captain

Main reference: Rv 18

What are the figurative sea, ship, and captain? And what is the truth? God promised in Ps 78 to tell the next generation the hidden things from of old in parables, and Jesus spoke things hidden since the creation of the world in parables and did not say anything without using a parable (Mt 13:34).
Jesus spoke in parables using the 4 gospels and Revelation explaining what was to come, which are the secrets of heaven. Among all those secrets, I would like to talk about the truth of the sea, captain, and merchant which is the wine of adulteries in Rv 18.

In Revelation it says that something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood. A third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed. What is the difference between this ship and the ship in Rv 18?

It is as follows.
The figurative ‘sea’ is the world (Dan 7:3, 17), the ‘ship’ is the church, and the ‘captain’ is the pastor. The ship of Rv 8:8 is the tabernacle church of the chosen people, and the ship of Rv 18 is the church of false pastors who are the Gentiles’ beast. Revelation 8 and 18 are words about the fall of the church of the chosen people and the church of the Gentile Babylon.
According to what is written in Daniel 7, the beast in the sea was the king (pastor) of the world. The sea was the world and the beast that came out of the sea was a man. Likewise, the sea, ship and captain in Rv 18 do not have a literal meaning but they represent the world, the church of the world and the pastors that belong to the world. The wine of adulteries, which the merchants trade with are commentaries and lies.

The apostle Paul said that ‘we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the tongues will cease and prophecies will pass away. Then we shall see face to face.’ Then the apostle John said the Spirit of truth is coming (Jn 14:26), and he will teach you and remind you of everything and will guide you into all truth (Jn 16:13). The promised pastor of the New Testament whom the Spirit of truth is with (Rv19:10, 22:16-17) takes the open scroll (Rev.10), testifies to the fulfilled truth he saw and heard, and his testimony is the truth.

All the people in Rv 17 and 18 are those in Rv 13 and 12, and the people in Rv 15 and 16 are the same as those in Rv 13. And the figures (the destroyers as Nicolaitans, Balaam, Balak, Jezebel) in Rv 2 (the chosen people from the tabernacle who became betrayers) were the people in Rv 6, 8 and 9. The location of the events (of every chapter) is the one from Rv 2 and 3 as well as Rv 13 and 12. As the temple of Jerusalem (the alter of John the Baptist who prepared the way) was where the prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled, the events of the second coming are taking place in the tabernacle of the one who prepares the way today.

In Rv 8, the captain is the pastor and his merchandize is represented by the wine of adulteries that the pastor testifies are proven to be false. The captain, the false pastor is lamenting in Rv 18.
Lies are not revealed words from God but what was given by the devil, the liar. To those who receive lies the spirit of the devil goes in, which is like getting married to the devil (Rv18). By adopting their organization and doctrines, they are judged and lose all the merchandize, and they are lamenting and crying for not being able to trade without any merchandize. By not getting merchandize from the devil, the marriage is over. This is the judgment on the ship, captain and the merchant in Rv18.

Other than those who receive the revealed words from the promised pastor, the one who overcomes (Rv 2,3), there is no one who could know this as well as Jesus, and the one who was sent by Jesus today. I pray for all of you to know Jesus and the one sent by him with the revealed words rather than the law of humans to get sealed with the revealed words and attain salvation.