Israel Expelled from Heaven

Main reference: Rv 6, Mt 24

What is the Israel that was expelled from heaven?

Israel means “the one who overcomes” (Gn 32:28). “Israel” is the name given to the one who overcomes.
There are three types of Israel in the Bible. One is Physical Israel that originated from Israel (the name given to Jacob after he overcame in Gn 35:10). Another is Spiritual Israel. Jesus became Spiritual Israel when he overcame (Jn 16:33). The other is New Spiritual Israel. One has become New Spiritual Israel today when he fought and overcame the group of the dragon (Rv 12:11).

The descendants of the Physical Israelites came to an end due to their corruption at the time of Jesus’ First Coming (Lk 16:16). Likewise, the Spiritual Israelites also come to an end due to their corruption at the time of Jesus’ Second Coming (Rv 6; Rv 8; Rv 9; Rv 16). After these two Israelites were brought to an end because of their corruption, the kingdom and the people promised again in Revelation were created by the blood of Jesus and the seed of God. They are the New Spiritual Israelites and God’s eternal new kingdom.

The Israelites who were expelled due to their corruption!

Just as God brought Adam’s world to an end during Noah’s time, God finished the Physical Israelites at Jesus’ First Coming because of their worshiping of gentile gods during Solomon’s reign. After the end of the Physical Israelites, twelve disciples were appointed as the Spiritual Israelites.

Today, roughly 2,000 years after they were created, the Spiritual Israelites received the mark from the group of the dragon and worshiped them in Rv 13. As a result of their actions, they were judged in Rv 6 and Rv 16, and they were brought to an end. Afterwards, the twelve tribes of the New Spiritual Israelites have been created through the people who were harvested and sealed in Rv 7 and Rv 14.

Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden, God’s dwelling place, due to his sin. Cain, too, was expelled from Adam’s presence. In Gn 37:9-11, Jacob’s family was symbolized by the sun, moon, and stars. The place for the chosen people, the tabernacle, can also be likened unto heaven where the sun, moon, and stars are. Adam’s tabernacle where God dwelt was heaven. Thus, being expelled from this place is the same as being expelled from heaven. [Adam] could no longer shine the light in heaven and was expelled from there.
If the place where God dwells is heaven, the place where God’s family, his chosen people, dwells can also be heaven. Being expelled from this heaven is the same as falling from heaven. The Jerusalem tabernacle where God resided was heaven. In that very location, the chosen people, the Israelites, betrayed God by worshiping gentile gods, just like Adam. Consequently, God had to leave them, and the Pharisees—the pastors of the gentile gods, the destroyers—came to rule over that place instead (Mt 23).

The pastors of the gentile gods and the Israelites, however, did not realize this situation. They made claims to both Jesus, who was serving God, and to Pontius Pilate that they had no king but Caesar, the king of the gentiles (Jn 19:15). They neither knew their sin, nor did they know that God had left them, and that the devil, the pastors of the serpent, was ruling over them. They only thought of themselves as the chosen people of God.

According to Jesus’ prophecies regarding future events in Mt 24 and Rv 6, the sun, moon, and stars are expelled from heaven just like Adam. Those sun, moon, and stars today represent the Spiritual Israelites. This is the event that occurs at the time of Revelation, at the end of the age. Not only were they expelled and cast down from heaven in Rv 6, but their spirits were also killed under the false and gentile pastors—yet they still have not recognized this (Rv 8 and Rv 9).

Why were they unable to shine their light, and why were they expelled from heaven? It was because they were just like Adam and Solomon in receiving the mark from the dragon’s beast with seven heads and ten horns, the false pastors who belong to the gentile gods (the spirit of the devil) in Rv 13, and in worshiping them and accepting Satan’s teachings—the figurative wine of adulteries, the venom of serpents and the deadly poison of cobras.

In Rv 16, the bowls of wrath were poured out unto the betrayers (the Spiritual Israelites) and the destroyers (the false pastors, the dragon’s beast with seven heads and ten horns) so that such facts would be made known to them. Without knowing that their actions brought them the bowls of wrath, the betrayers and the destroyers insulted the messenger sent by the Lord and labeled him as a heretic.

The word of the serpent is death whereas the word of God is life. The promised book of Revelation has been fulfilled from chapter 1 to chapter 22 without having added to or subtracted from it. Although the betrayers and the destroyers hear the fulfillment of Revelation, they do not know it just like the deaf and beasts. Although they see it, they do not know it just like the blind. They are only carrying out arrogant actions.

I (the promised pastor) have traveled around the world a few times and have made known the physical fulfillment of Revelation. Yesterday and today, and until the day of the Sabbath-rest, I will continue to proclaim that God’s will, the twelve tribes—God’s new kingdom and new people promised through the blood of Jesus—have been established as the eternal gospel.