Deception, & a Victorious Life of Faith

Everyone has senses to see, hear, and think. Just as there are real and fake things in the physical world, there are real and fake things in the spiritual world. There are more deception, temptations/ trials, and lies in the spiritual world than in the physical. Trickeries and frauds are abundant in the spiritual world as well. These things happen because one is not able to stand firm on his own.

In Matthew 24, the disciples asked Jesus about the end of the age, and Jesus’ first words were, ‘Watch out that no one deceives you.’ He noted that at the end of the world (the end of the age), many will be deceived and tempted. Revelation 3:10 also speaks of the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth. In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus prayed, ‘Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one,’ (Mt 6:13).

Adam and Eve had inherited all of creation, but they were tempted by Satan, and so betrayed the creator of the heavens and the earth. Adam and Eve were not able to keep God’s word and overcome the temptation of the serpent, and thus lost many things. Before discussing Adam and Eve’s fault, however, we must look back at ourselves. Eve knew what God had said, but did not keep his words. Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil without hesitation after being deceived by a mere person (Eve). Is it because he trusted her too much? Eve received the serpent’s seed, that is, its word, and so became a serpent herself. Then she repeated the serpent’s actions and fed him the fruit as well, meaning she fed him the words (seed) of the serpent – its deadly poison (Rv 20:1-2; Mt 23:33; Dt 32:31-33; Lk 8:11).

Jesus said that he came to bring fire on the earth, and that through the kindling of this fire, five in one family will divided against each other, three against two and two against three (Lk 12:49-53). Why is there division? It is because some are filled with the fire (i.e. the fire of the Holy Spirit), while others have a different spirit. How can evil and good live together? Whether it is between husband and wife, father and son, brother and sister, or mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, many are beginning to hate each other. They are even taking one another to places leading them to their death (to Satan’s organizations) and making them vomit back out the grace they received from the word. Just as Eve did to Adam, they make them to believe their god, and keep them from believing the Holy Spirit. These are the very things which Jesus warned us about in the New Testament. The evil spirit took possession of the world through its work of deception in the time of Adam; it is now keeping people from knowing, listening to, and going to out God. This is why there is division.

No matter how hard one may claim to be the orthodoxy, the older things always take to flaw, while the new stands true. The devil fears the preaching of the physical fulfillment as well as the one who preaches it, more than the one who merely prophesies. During the 6,000 years of Biblical history, the things of old have always ended up being in Satan’s possession. This is also one of the reasons why Jesus is coming again – because the old has taken to flaw. He also comes to fulfill prophecies. When prophecies fulfill, it is evidence that he has come to the world. When such testimony is given, the family members who do not belong to God rise in opposition. Despite the fact that they are in the wrong, they condemn those who speak the truth as heretics and as the devil. In an attempt to correct their ‘improper’ faith, they drag them to their pastors and make them receive conversion education by force. They are committing a huge sin of sending their own family members to hell through deception. Even a father and son, a husband and wife, or a brother and sister can be divided, one to heaven and the other to hell. This is the result of religion.

The Bible says that if the father sins, only he goes to hell, and that if the son does what is right, only he goes to heaven. It is as God said in Ezekiel 18 – just because the fathers eat sour grapes, does that mean that the children’s teeth will be set on edge (Ez 18:2-4)? Although one may hear Jesus’, the angel’s, and furthermore the chosen promised pastor’s word of truth, and speak it to one’s own family, the family members think it to be heretical because it is different from their pastors’ word, as well as their own thinking. This causes the family to be divided. Nevertheless, whoever keeps the word of promise will be saved. Between Cain and Abel, and between Jacob and Esau, which one was true and thus saved? Whosoever does not receive the revelation does not know true God, the physical fulfillment, and the promised pastor; he just becomes a persecutor.

Shincheonji masters the Bible and is testifying to the revealed physical fulfillment according to the five “W’s” and one “H”. Hating this is a result of being controlled by the spirit of the devil. The evil that the persecutors have been committing up to now have been actions of a beast, not a human. They are overthrowing God’s work of revelation and persecuting by posting countless lies on internet cafes. Their congregation members are reading these lies, and are being kept from going out to the word of truth. Someone who is persecuting Shinchonji because he has taken the lies to be truth should know that his pastor has deceived him. If, however, he goes on to believe the lie, he will be, like his pastor, a deceived soul. At judgment, when this fact is revealed in broad daylight, would they have any excuse?

I (the writer), like Jesus, pray that no one would be deceived by the lies, but rather live a life of faith within the Bible.