The Words to be testified throughout the history of God’s Work and Their fulfilled Realities

1. Testimony of Noah’s world
After Adam, what did the chosen people of Noah’s generation testify? Those who came out of the ark testified and passed down the testimony of how they had been saved in the ark, when the world of Adam which died of their sin and Adam’s world was destroyed by the great flood (Gn 6-8).

2. Testimony of Moses’ world
The world of Moses, which God promised to Abraham (Gn 15) later and fulfilled, that is, Israel, would testify how they had exited Egypt (Ex 12) and conquered Noah’s world Canaan. Theirs would be the testimony of the Law which God gave them (Ex 33 ~ 34; Jn 1:17).

3. Testimony of the spiritual Israel
What God had prophesized to the prophets of the Old Testament was fulfilled by God coming to Jesus (Lk 24:44; Jn 19:30). What the spiritual Israel that is Jesus’ family (disciples) testified was a fulfilled reality of the Old Testament. Right now all the pastors and saints of the global village testify about what Jesus fulfilled from the Old Testament. However they can not testify what Jesus promised in the New Testament. The reason is because he prophesized in parables (Mt 13:34-35). Prophesizing in parables is hiding from the enemy of God’s secrets which are to be fulfilled (Mt 13:10-15; Mk 4:10-12).

4. Testimony of Spiritual New Israel
The prophecies of the New Testament are fulfilled by Jesus who promised them. The prophecy to be fulfilled is the book of Revelation. The one who comes in the name of Jesus is the advocate, the teacher, the holy spirit (Mt 23:39; Jn 14:26, 15:26, 16:13). This Counselor, the holy spirit becomes one with the one who overcomes and fulfills Revelation (Rv 19:10, Rv 10). When the promises in the New Testament are fulfilled, the fulfilled realities become the eternal gospel (Rv 10:7, 14:6). What has been fulfilled in the New Testament is God’s kingdom and priests which are the 12 tribes (Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10, Rv 7, 14:1-5). Just as spiritual Israel testified about the work of Noah, Moses and Jesus’ fulfillment of the Old Testament, the New Testament’s promised nation – the nation of heaven’s people, the 12 tribes which is New Spiritual Israel – will testify to the establishment of God’s kingdom. This is he testimony regarding the fulfillment of the New Testament. testimony. Other than the people of the 12 tribes, there will not be any pastor that testifies about the new nation, being fulfilled in the New Testament.

5. Shinchonji Church of Jesus that testifies what is witnessed as reality
Fulfilling the New Testament’s promises and prophecies, Shinchonji church of Jesus (Shinchonji) does not deny what was fulfilled in the time of Noah, Moses, and Jesus’ first coming. However, Jesus too said in his first coming that when the Old Testament is fulfilled the prophets, laws, and prophecies will come to an end (Mt 11:13; Lk 16:16). Likewise, when the New Testament is fulfilled, the churches, pastors, and the prophecies of the New Testament come to an end as well (refer to Mt 24:29; Rv 6). We, Shinchonji the 12 tribes, testify what the pastors of this era have not seen, which are the prophecies in the New Testament and the realities of the fulfillment as promised.

In order to obtain salvation, the believers who live in time of the fulfillment of the New Testament need to have faith in what is fulfilled in the New Testament and not just what was fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming. Having faith and testifying the fulfillment of the Old Testament is needed until the fulfillment of the New Testament arrives.

We – as Shinchonji – see and testify the meaning of figurative prophecies in the New Testament and also the fulfillment of these prophecies.