The war of kingdom and kingdom

Main reference: Mt 24, Rev 12, Rev 13

In the Bible, it says that nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. This nation and kingdom is not the physical (world’s) nation and kingdom, but it is regarding God’s nation and the devil’s nation. Even if they are the same physical nation, the same Christians, and one family, God’s people and nation are only those whom God’s spirit is with. Those whom the devil’s spirit is with are devil’s nation and kingdom.

Those that misunderstand God’s will and the Bible point to the physical nation and kingdom rather than the spiritual nation and kingdom. It is a false teaching to teach the spiritual war as physical war. It becomes one where the devil’s seed of lies are planted. Those that are born from this seed of lies become the devil’s children. These people must one day sooner be reborn with God’s seed to receive salvation.

The war in the Old Testament was the war between the demon’s nation of Babylon and God’s nation of Jerusalem. Although the war in the New Testament is using the name of the people and places of the physical war in the Old Testament, it is a figurative expression‍. It was not about the war between the physical nation and kingdom but it was about Jesus’ “new thing” (Jeremiah 31:22). The New Testament is a spiritual gospel — a parable using the things of the Old Testament. Who fights the war in the New Testament that Jesus talked about? With what do they fight? In the war of Jesus and the Pharisees, Jesus fought and overcame (John 16:33) with the words of testimony (Matthew 4:3-11, 15:1-21). In Revelation 13, the dragon’s group beast with seven heads and ten horns enter the tabernacle of heaven, fight the congregation members, and wins. In Revelation 12, the male child that the woman gave birth to and the brothers fight against the dragon’s group and overcome. Their weapon was Jesus’ blood and the words of testimony.

In Revelation 6 God also judged the sun, moon, and stars that sinned and did not repent. At this time, the weapon to judge was the bow, sword, scale, and the wild beasts. Today in this era, can you really fight in a war or judge with the bow, sword, scale, and wild beasts? The bow, sword, and scale in the main reference represent the Word and the wild beasts are the enemy. This war (judgment) is not a physical war. Also, in Revelation 16, God judged by pouring the bowl of wrath upon the betrayers and the nation of the beast. What is this bowl of wrath? What is contained in there? In Romans 9:21-24, the Lord made the bowls of wrath and He says that the bowls are ultimately the apostles. The content of the bowl is not explosive gunpowder but God’s Word of wrath. The Word of wrath is contained in the chosen person and poured out to the betrayers and destroyers. This is not a physical war but a spiritual war of judgment.

In Revelation 19, Jesus and the armies of heaven that follow rode on the white horses and blood was on their clothes. This blood is God’s Word. And from their mouth comes a sharp sword and with this sword is the authority to strike down the nations. This sword that has the authority to strike down the nations is not a sword made of iron. It is made of logos (the Word). In Hebrews 4 it says, “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Therefore, the sharp sword is not a physical war weapon and this war is not a physical war either.

The war between Jesus and the Pharisees in the First Coming was a war fought with the words of testimony. Jesus’ army is God’s army and the army of the Pharisees was the devil’s army. Jesus, just like the Pharisees, was a chosen person, an Israelite. The difference was the spirit within them. They fought because the spirit in them was different.

Today, the war in the New Testament is not a physical war but a spiritual war. Although one may say that they are a same nation, same Christian, there is a war of the words of testimony since the spirit within them is different (Holy Spirit or evil spirit). There is a first and a second to the war that is promised in the Bible. This was the same in the First Coming. The result of the war was the creation of the twelve tribes of New Spiritual Israel as God’s group overcomes (Revelation 7). God’s 144,000 kingdom and priest and their people — the great multitude dressed in white — appear as well (Revelation 5:9-10, 7:9-14, 14:1-5).

This is the new nation and the new kingdom that God and Jesus promise in the New Testament. Right now is an era of harvest. Those that interfere with the work of harvest and prevent people from being harvested are false pastors. They are pastors who look like believers from the outside but inside are full of the evil spirit, not the Holy Spirit. Because they don’t believe in God or the Word, they hold on to the congregation members as if they were their own congregation members and prevent them from leaving.

Today there is no salvation except for those that are harvested, sealed with the revealed Word, and are a part of the twelve tribes. Also, nobody knows the true God, Jesus, One that is sent, and heaven except for those that received the revealed Word of the New Testament (Matthew 11:27).

This revelation must be received from the one that has received a revelation. It is a lie if one claims to know the Scriptures when they had not received a revelation. Let’s not become like the physical Israelites in the First Coming that waited for the Savior to come although God and Jesus (the Savior) has already come. I pray that we receive salvation by becoming those that see, confirm‍, and believe God, Jesus, heaven, and the promised pastor in the Second Coming.