The Tabernacle of Heaven, Babylon, & The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony – The mystery of the seven stars, the prostitute, the seven heads and ten horns, and the 12 tribes of Mt. Zion –

Main reference: The book of Revelation (Summary of the Events)
What is ‘the tabernacle of heaven (Rev 13), ‘the prostitute’, ‘the seven heads and ten horns (Rev 17, 13)’, and ‘the sealed 12 tribes at Mt. Zion of the temple of the tabernacle of testimony (Rev 15, 14, 7) that appeared at the scene of the New Testament in Revelation’? Where is the place of this event and who appears on the scene?

At the time of fulfillment in revelation, Jesus set seven angels (seven stars) and made them to prepare the way of Jesus’ second coming (Rev 1). However like the Pharisees who took over the temple of Jerusalem at the first coming of Jesus, Satan’s Nicolatian came into the temple of the seven angels (tabernacle of heaven) and taught Jesus’ servants (seven stars) to commit adultery (spiritual act) and to eat food sacrificed to idols (Rev 2, 3).

During this time, Jesus chose new John (promised pastor that is in the same class as Apostle John “one who overcomes”, Rev 1:1-2, 22:8, 26, Rev 2, 3) and explained all the event stated above. Also, he was made to send letters to the seven angels and their saints to “repent and win (If you win I will give the blessings stated in Rev 2, 3)”. New John who saw and heard the event sent letters to the seven angels to “repent and win” but they did not repent.

As new John saw, the tabernacle of the seven stars in Rev 2, 3 were the tabernacle (heaven) in Rev 13, 12 and Satan’s Nicolatian was the Dragon’s beast with the seven heads and ten horns in Rev 13. This beast was the beast with the seven heads and ten horns and the prostitue, which is dwelling in Babylon the nation of ghost Rev 18, 17.

Let’s look at the reality of this event.

At this place (Gwacheon temple of the tabernacle) on September 1981, the seven angels and their saints fought with the beast (Babylon). The beast won the war and the angels and the saints of the tabernacle lost. The seven angels who lost the war abandoned the flock of sheep (saints), fled in seven directions (Deu 28:25), and left the tabernacle. The saints of the tabernacle who lost the war believed teaching (false word) of the beast (Babylon) was correct, received the mark of the beast on their hands and forehead, and worshipped the beast. This is when the stars fell on the earth and the saints of tabernacle who started with the spirit returned to moral. How could people of the world know about this? However, I, the writer, saw the saints of the tabernacle who accepted the Babylon beast’s doctrine, lifted their right hand to swear, and were ordained on the forehead at the scene.

The history of Jesus’ first coming, the spiritual Israel (Christianity), and sowing of the heaven gospel’s seed has ended. This is like the time of the law and the prophets who proclaimed until the time of John the Baptist (Luke 16:16).

The food sacrificed to idol that the people ate belonged to Babylon beast was the intoxicated wine (doctrine of foreign Babylon) in revelation 17, and the spirit that was with them was the dragon and the ghost of the evil spirits (Rev 18).

When looking at God’s history in the bible, during the creation of the times of Noah, Abraham, first coming of Jesus, and the new world, “little seed” was left to be a foundation (Isa 1:9). This is the same in the second coming of Jesus. At the scene of Revelation 13, the tabernacle of heaven that prepared a way fell on the earth and ended in Revelation 12. Also in Revelation 12, the minority of the saints, the child that was bore by the woman clothed in the sun, and the many brothers who fought with the dragon’s beast won bringing salvation and heaven once again (Rev 12:1-11).

“The tabernacle of heaven” is the tabernacle of betrayer, seven angels that prepared a way, “the dragon’s world, Babylon” is the prostitute and beast with the seven heads and ten horns that trespassed and destroyed the tabernacle of heaven, and “the tabernacle of the temple of the testimony” is one who won the war against the group of the beast and testified what he saw and heard about the happenings of Revelation (Rev 15:4-5). The seven angel (seven stars) of the tabernacle of heaven is the betrayer, the beast with seven heads and ten horns is the destroyer, and the one who overcame the group of the beast is the savior. These are the three mysteries of Revelation, God’s history (Rev 1:20, 17:5-7, 10:7).

New John saw and heard these (reality) things (Rev 22:8). If one is a true believer and is not deceived from the false pastor, then one should receive the testimony from new John. At the time of Moses and the first coming of Jesus, there were promised prophecy and a promised pastor. Like this, the New Testament has promised prophecy and a promised pastor.

Why do people listen and believe the word of a person (pastor) and disregard the word of God? Isn’t this because they became enemy of God?

The reason that they became enemy of God is because they belong to Satan. God is the word (John 1:1) and if they do not listen to the word of God, then it is a proof that they belong to Satan. Today is the time of harvest and the second coming of Jesus. God fulfilled the new covenant as he promised and the promised pastor, new John saw and heard the fulfillment and testified them according to the order. Why do they not believe this?

God gave salvation to those who believes. It has been 2,000 years since Jesus’ promised new covenant, Within all the people of the world, he only allowed Shinchonji to know about the fulfillment of the new covenant and to testify them throughout all nations. Why do they listen and obey well to the false pastors and not listen to the true pastor? God only accepts and seals those who listens and believes (John 3:31-34).

Shinchonji received the best truth in humankind and is teaching it. The open book of Revelation is being testified at this place. This is the testimony that the spirit of truth is with (John 14:16-17, 26, 3-15, 25). The world of God and his will is here and this is the beautiful kingdom of truth, heaven of righteousness and justice, and the best of the holy Kings. Come and see.