The standard of true faith & the judgment

Main reference: Rv 22:18-19, Mt 7:15-20

In the Bible, Jesus and the apostles were persecuted and killed for heresy by the pastors at that time (Mt 5:10-12, Ac 7:51-53, Heb 11:35-39, Lk 20:9-15).

During each period, pastors persecuted and killed the men who were sent by God. If that is the case, why did the pastors of the chosen people, who are known to sincerely believe in God, kill every messenger that God sent? To whom do the pastors who killed the messengers from heaven belong? It is certain that Satan, not God, is inside the minds (1 Co 3:9,16) of the pastors who killed the men from heaven. History testifies about this.

In this case, do we have to believe these pastors? Isn’t Satan inside the pastors and not in the unbelievers of every period? If this is the case, where is the pastor that believers should believe in and follow? Followers cannot give up their faith even if the pastors become corrupt, like they have during every age. In this situation, in what should the believers need to believe?

God, Jesus, and the angels are invisible, and therefore there is no way to converse with or ask questions of them. Is it written in the Bible to believe a pastor? Which pastor should we believe? Believers have to ask to the visible God, which is the word (Jn 1:1). In the word is God and the promised pastor.

If a pastor who believes in Jesus and testifies about him is a pastor of God, then why did God promise to send another pastor and say to be trained by him?

In the Old Testament, the pastor sent by God was Jesus. The promised pastor sent by God in the New Testament is “the man who overcomes” who saw every accomplishment of Revelation (Rv 2,3). As in Ezekiel 3, it was Jesus (Mt 15) who ate God’s revealed word and was instructed to convey it to the corrupt chosen people (Physical Israelites). In this manner, the man who overcomes in Jesus’s second coming is “the baby born from a woman” in Revelation 12, and the new John who ate the revealed words in Revelation 10. All nations, peoples, languages and kings, that is, every church and religious body, has to learn from the pastor who ate the revealed book. The man who received the book and was instructed also has to convey what he received according to the instruction. The New Testament testifies that the pastors of these days will again kill the witness who serves Jesus (Rv 11), just like the time of Jesus’ first coming. At Jesus’ second coming, it will be time to harvest. Today, when Jesus secretly harvests with angels like a thief in the night (1 Th 5:2, 2 Pe 3:10, Rv 3:3, 16:15, 14:14-16), the pastors desperately persecute Shinchonji as heresy to prevent followers from being harvested (Mt 23:13) as was the case in Jesus’ first coming.

Let us be judged before the words of God, whether obeying the intention of God is heresy or obstructing the purpose of God is authenticity.

There are no revealed words about God and Jesus in a general church. It is only full of persecution and spiritual murder. What is the reason for not being able to confirm‍ the revealed words that the promised pastor, the man who overcomes, receives and conveys before the public, God, and the Bible?

The instruction of churches without revelation belongs to the earth and does not come from heaven (Jn 3:31). Only the man who received revelation (Rv 10) can realize Jesus and be saved. If many believers follow the revealed word, you have to confirm‍ rather than persecute it.

Anyone who hears and believes the revealed word comes across from death to life. The man who hears the revealed word among dead men in Adam will rise to live, however, the man who does not believe and persecutes it with the authority granted by men will rise to be condemned (Jn 5:24-29).

The standard of the true faith and judgment is not the pastor who has the religious power granted by men, but the promised word of the Bible. One is also judged by the word of Jesus (Jn 12:48).

We have seen people in the Bible who have sold the name of God, seduced the desires of followers, and pretended to be true pastors for 6000 years.

How can one who does not believe in the word of God be a pastor of God? Will the nation of God be created with an arbitrary religious power far from the word? It is not what God wants (Mt 7:21).

Don’t you believe in the new covenant (New Testament) of God? Do you desire the arbitrary power that much? Every pastor is only interested in power and not in the word of God. Anyone who believes the new promise, the New Testament, will find the revealed word of Shinchonji which comes from heaven, and receive the revelation, the word of God. Paul said in Ga 1 that he had conveyed the revelation of Jesus Christ from heaven, throwing out all laws and knowledge. However, his teaching was, in part, like the word in 1 Co 13. Today, Shinchonji teaches about the perfect revelation and “the accomplished revelation of every Revelation chapter”.

If one does not receive and believe in the perfect revelation, his faith is not acknowledged by God, and he cannot be saved.