The Spiritual Sea, Ship, Fisherman, Net and Fish

The parable of the sea, ship, fisherman, net, and fish in the New Testament of the Bible is a pretext of worldly things to explain spiritual things. Another reason for Jesus to speak in parables was to hide Gods’ top secret from Satan’s pastors (Mt 13:10-11; Mk 4:10-12).

In Mt 13:47-50, the parable of the net, the sea is the world (Dn 7:3, 17), the ship (or boat) into which the fish are gathered is the church (the Kingdom of heaven) among the world (refer to Gn 7:1; Rv 8:9, Rv 18:17-19), the fisherman is an evangelist (Mt 4:18-20), the net is the word of the Bible (Hb 1:15), and the fish is a man who is being evangelized (refer to Hb 1:14; Mt 4:18-20). Then the fisherman on the ship using the net to catch fish means that in the world the pastor of the church uses the word of the Bible to evangelize the people of the world. And the good fish that gets put into the bowl means that man hears the words and goes to the church, but the bad fish that is sent back to the sea means that among the people who hear the words and follow some do not have good field hearts so they go back to the world.

This means people who live inside the world are caught by God’s words of life and brought to heaven to be saved. The person who is saved is brought from the world to church, to the Kingdom of heaven, however, a person who isn’t brought from the world is left behind. There is no salvation for the person who does not get caught by heaven’s net which is the word. If the fisherman on the ship sailing on the sea using a net to catch fish is the Kingdom of heaven, then being caught will be going to the Kingdom of heaven, if not, then what is? We must judge with the promised words.

Why did Jesus say the second coming is like the time of Noah (Mt 24:37-39; Lk 17:26-27)? Those who went into the ark were saved in Noah’s time. Those who refused to go in were destroyed. It is the same as that time, using the net which is the word (God) we follow onto the ark (ship). If we don’t go on there is no salvation, but if we go on the ship we get saved and become citizens of the Kingdom of heaven. We need to believe in the new covenant’s words.

Shinchonji church of Jesus, as promised, like in the time of Noah, is the ark of salvation. Those who believe in the promised words will get on the kingdom of heaven’s ark.