The Seven Stars and the Seven Golden Lampstands

Main reference : Rv 1,2,3

What are the seven stars and the seven golden lampstands that were prophesied in Revelation? Jesus said to John, ‘The mystery is this, the seven stars are the angels, and the seven golden lampstands are the seven churches.’ (Rv 1:20) Then, who are the seven messengers and what are the seven churches, when and from where do they appear and from which church? John saw Jesus holding seven stars in his right hand standing among the seven golden lampstands (seven churches) (Rv 1:12-16). Is Jesus in flesh or in spirit? Is John who saw this in the flesh or in spirit? Jesus was among the seven golden lampstands in the spirit. John was the flesh that was moved when he saw and heard the holy spirit and the word in flesh.

New John saw the fulfillment of the prophecies to the main reference which took place in Gwachon, Korea in 1979. Jesus worked with the seven angels who were the chosen messengers; they are the lampstands – messengers who prepare the way at the time of the end (at Revelation’s fulfillment). The seven golden lampstands is the body or church, who do the work of unveiling. As seen in Rv 4, the light on top of the candlestand is God’s seven spirits blazing before Gods throne. The reason this is clearly made known is according to Jesus’ promise because it is not the era to speak figuratively but to speak clearly through the reality (Jn 16:25).

The seven messengers and the seven golden lampstands who were in the tabernacle (heaven) are connected to each other. It was made like this at the time of Moses (Ex25:31-40) everything was exactly made according to the things that were seen in heaven. It is the same at Jesus’ First Coming (Jn 5:35, Mt 11:12-13). John the Baptist worked as the light of a lamp. According to the promise in Rv 1, first there is a work of a lampstand – the messengers from the church of the golden lampstands – that prepares the way even at Jesus’ second coming. The work of the seven golden lampstands or lampstands, is to prepare the way for the bridegroom who is Jesus at the time of the end. Jesus doesn’t come at until the messengers who are the seven golden lampstands prepare the way at the time of the end. When the work of the messengers who prepare the way is seen, then Jesus will come again soon.

Believers must perceive this and repent. What we first need to know from the Bible is that when the messengers who prepare the way do their work, there is someone who comes before Jesus at the time of the end. This is the group of destruction who are Satan’s Nicolaitans (beast with seven heads and ten horns). Like this, the work of religion begins with the work of God. God works through men who then work together with Him. This is the same with those who belong to God and those who belong to Satan. The messengers of the seven lampstands and the messenger of Revelation 22:16 are different. When the spirits of the seven lampstands before God’s throne chooses a person on earth and works together with them, if that person falls into Satan’s deception the spirit working within that person leaves (reference Rv 2:5), and Satan’s spirit dwells together with them. The summary of the messenger who prepares the way – the seven golden lampstands reveal the way to the Lord, this is not Jesus but he is the one who comes before the Lord to prepare the way for him. We must never forget that the Lord comes out from the place where the messenger who prepares the way appears from. As recorded, Satan’s group invaded through the appearance of the messengers who prepare the way and started a war between them. The messenger who prepares the way is defeated and flees in seven directions (Dt 28:25) at the time of the first coming and the second coming. Then, Jesus comes to fight and overcome Satan’s pastors who destroyed the first tabernacle and establishes God’s nation.

Therefore, if you don’t know the purpose of the Bible then you will not know the reality of the promises even if you see it according to the fulfillment. By perceiving the word you enter into the heaven you have hoped for through faith and receive salvation. Those who are defeated from the war flee in seven directions as recorded in the Scripture and the One Who Overcomes becomes Israel and creates the twelve tribes. How can you say that you are a believer even after seeing this? We at Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony have fought and overcome Satan and the Nicolaitans and created the twelve tribes. God and Jesus Christ are with Shincheonji as promised in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 (Rv 3:12, 21, 21:1-7).