The Prophecy Promised In the New Testament & the Testimony of Fulfillmente

Shincheonji, Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (abbreviated as Shincheonji) is God’s Kingdom and the temple of the New Testament (Rev.15:4-5, 21:1-7).

Shincheonji won the battle against the pastor of dragon with the blood (word) of Jesus and testimony (Rev.12). Because of this victory, the promises in Rev. 2&3 were given and 12 tribes of the new spiritual Israelites were established (Rev.7).
Shincheonji is proclaiming everything that it has seen and heard according to Revelation and announcing it to all the nations, peoples, languages and kings (Rev. 10) Just as the Jesus’ first coming, no one knows the true God, except for the ones who received the word of revelation, Jesus and the one sent by Jesus and angels (Mt. 11:27).

According to what was commanded by Jesus, Shincheonji goes to the field (church) sown by Jesus and harvest good seeds with the angels and delivers them to Mt. Zion where God dwells (Rev. 14). Jesus said those who are left at the field, that they are weeds, sons of Satan (Mt.13:30, 38-39). Also, the ones who keep them from being harvested are the pastors of Satan, similar to the Pharisees (Mt.23).
Judge us according to the words of the Scriptures. How come you do not believe the promise?

The war of the New Testament refers to the war between God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom, between denominations, just as the first coming. It is not a physical war. Those who claim that it is a world war are the false pastors. Would you receive salvation following these false pastor? Lies are the seed of Satan and the wine of adulteries. The ‘Dubious Secret of Shincheonji’ reported by MBC PD Note was a false coverage, which was based on the false reports by false pastors.

Not receiving the revelation of the New Testament (the new song) and not being part of the 12 tribes of the promised kingdom, you cannot become a man of heaven, and there is no salvation (Rev. 14). The place where all the nations should go and worship is the Tabernacle of Testimony where God’s throne is (Rev.3:12,21, Rev.14 &15). Will there be salvation if you deny this fact? Those who admit their sins belong to God, and those who deny them belong to the world (Satan).

The promised pastor of the New Testament is the one who received the revealed words in Rev.10, and the Tabernacle of Testimony with the one who overcame is the promised temple of Rev. 15. The promised kingdom is Shincheonji Church of Jesus where the 12 tribes are as Rev. 12. These are fulfilled and created according to the New Testament.
Those who cannot accept this fact are from the same affiliation as the Pharisees, the serpent (Mt.23:33). Why not believe the words of promise of the bible? Let us believe it and receive salvation.

Who is the God of KCC? Jesus said “for those who drink his blood and eat his flesh, there is salvation, which should be looked for in his name.” But Mr. Shin who staged a coup and walked out of Shincheonji insisted that “there is salvation only by eating the blood and flesh of Mr. Lee, the chairman of Shincheonji, and we should pray in his name.”
An affiliated denomination of KCC appointed Mr. Shin as a preacher and is letting him preach false testimonies by hosting seminars all over the country. Unless they belong to the same God, how are they able to walk down the same path?

Members of Heaven and Earth! As the fulfillment of the New Testament has been testified, you would have no excuse saying that you did not hear (Jn.15:22) Anyone who verifies and believes in it as true people of faith, will enter heaven and eternal life.