The Order for Fulfillment of the Old Testament & the New Testament *

Main reference: Jn 14:29, Jn 19:30, Rv 21:6

God came to Jesus during the First Coming and fulfilled all the promises He made through the Old Testament prophets. Likewise, God comes to the promised pastor (one who overcame) during the Second Coming and fulfills all the promises in the New Testament that He made through Jesus. The prophecies of the New Testament were told in advance so that when they happen, people will believe (Jn 14:29).

When the prophecy is being fulfilled, God first sends and works through the lampstand, the messenger who prepares the way (Jn 5:35, Rv 1:20). The messenger that prepares the way makes known the end of one generation and the beginning of a new generation. The end of the duty of the messenger that prepares the way marks the end of a generation.

The messenger who prepares the way, who also represents a generation, betrays God with the rest of the believers of that generation. They become like Adam—like the sun, moon, and stars (chosen people, Gen 37:9-11) in heaven that betrayed and fell to the earth. (Hos 6:7, Mt 24:29, Rv 6:12-17).

Like the time of Noah, the pastor of a new generation judges the previous world and creates a new world through the people returning to the right way. The previous world fell from heaven to earth; the chosen people of physical Israel returned to the secular world during Jesus’ first coming, and the spiritual Israelites who started from the holy spirit return to the secular world during Jesus’s second coming.

However, the world does not know about this. Furthermore, those who belong to their pastors do not know that they fell to the earth, that they returned to the secular world. Rather, they assume that they already received salvation.

● The Order of Fulfillment of the New Testament Prophecy

When Jesus’ return is near, God sends the messenger who prepares the way. The messenger who prepares the way are the seven stars, the seven lampstands in Revelation chapters 1,2,3—seven individuals with a duty. They are anointed by Jesus, belong to heaven, and they are the messengers whom Jesus worked through (Rv 1:12-16).

The prophecies of the New Testament begin to fulfill as Jesus comes to the 7 messengers to begin his work. Then, Satan’s Nicolaitans invade the tabernacle where the seven messengers are at (Rv 2).

The Nicolaitans are the pastors of Satan. Like the serpent in Adam’s time, these pastors of Satan deceive the seven messengers. God’s seven messengers who prepare the way get deceived by the Nicolaitans and eat food sacrificed to idols, hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans, and commit spiritual adultery (Rv 2:14-15).

At this time, Jesus chooses one pastor (the one who overcomes, the new John), shows him this situation, and sends letters to the messengers requesting for repentance (Rv 1:9-20, Rv 2 and 3). Even though the seven messengers receive the letters, they do not repent of their sins. As a result, the tabernacle(tabernacle heaven, Rv 13:6) and the followers of the messengers are handed over to the Gentiles as recorded in Revelation chapter 11. Like the time of John the Baptist, the Gentile pastors who are like the beasts invade the tabernacle(Mt 11:12). As written in Revelation chapter 13, they trample on the tabernacle for 42 months.

Therefore, the tabernacle of the messengers who prepare the way and the entire world of Christianity fall from heaven to earth like the sun, moon, and stars, and become the possession of Satan. At this time, a spiritual child is born in this tabernacle heaven (Rv 12). The tabernacle heaven of seven messengers who betrayed is taken over by Satan’s Nicolaitans, the dragon’s beast with seven heads and ten horns (Rv chapter 13). The child born in this tabernacle heaven and his brothers fight and overcome the group of the dragon. The dragon loses his place and is hurled down (Rv 12:10-11) from this tabernacle heaven. For this reason, the tabernacle of the messengers becomes the spiritual battlefield.

In the battle between the betrayers (messengers who prepare the way) and the beast, the beast is victorious. However, in the battle between the beast and the child, the child is victorious(Rv 12).

The one who is defeated flees in seven directions (Dt 28:25), but the one who is victorious becomes a New Spiritual Israel (Ge 32:38) and creates the 12 tribes. In the First Coming, Satan’s Pharisees invaded Jerusalem, the tabernacle of John the Baptist. The Pharisees were victorious in the battle and John the Baptist lost his place. Jesus came to this place, fought, and overcame the Pharisees (Jn 16:33). In Jesus’s first coming, the betrayers were John the Baptist and the Physical Israelites; the destroyers were the group of the dragon, the false pastors (Pharisees); and the savior was Jesus who fought and overcame the Pharisees. Today, in Jesus’s second coming, it is fulfilled in the same way.

The betrayers are those who fulfill all the prophecies recorded in the Bible regarding themselves. The destroyers are those who fulfill all the prophecies regarding themselves. The saviors, too, are those who fulfill all prophecies regarding themselves. A believer can receive salvation when he goes to the one out of the three, the savior, described in the promised words of God (prophecy). However, those whose spirits are darkened cannot realize anything and are unable to achieve salvation. What is the reason for this? It is because they are merely saying that they believe in God. They only believe their pastors and are not interested in the words of God. Therefore, they do not know about the betrayer, destroyer, savior, and the appointed time.

We, the promised nation of God, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, have mastered the Bible. We know the true God, Jesus, and heaven. We know very well about Satan and the people who belong to him.

This is because we entered the promised nation (Shincheonji) after being harvested and sealed with the revealed word. We perceived the revealed word by knowing the promised pastor, the one who overcame. It is because we saw and believed in the fulfillment of the prophecy that happened according to Jesus’ revelation.

A believer must see and believe in the appearance of the betrayer, destroyer, and the savior as prophesied in the New Testament. One who does not believe in the fulfillment of the prophecy is a false believer. At the time of the end, all believers are separated into heaven or hell, eternal life or eternal judgment. It is the true duty of a believer to not believe in their own thoughts, but receive salvation by believing in the promise.