The End and Beginning of the Old Testament and New Testamente

Main reference : Rev 6, 7

Believers at the time of the Old Testament or the New Testament are the same regardless if God prophesied and fulfilled or if the prophesy appeared as a reality.

In every era, God first prophesied and came according to the prophecies. In every era, believers misunderstood God and the purpose for His Word. They thought they were a true believer believed that they were the true believers and only they could meet God and be saved. Also at Jesus’ first coming, the priests and the congregation members at that time believed that they were the only true believers and they could be saved. But when God and Jesus, the promised pastor came, they didn’t believe nor did they receive him, but they persecuted him instead. The cause of this is that they knew prophecy and believed in it incorrectly. Another reason is that they thought prophecies were simply history. Even if their spiritual eyes were dark, they wouldn’t have persecuted or abused Jesus if they had known the promised prophecies.

Something happens when Jesus comes according to the prophecies in the Old Testament and the New Testament. First, the chosen people are deceived by gentile doctrines causing them to betray Jesus and receive destruction by spiritual gentiles. After this, Jesus judges the chosen people who betray like the era of Adam and creates a new kingdom with those who believe him.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Matthew 24 show us that in every era, Jesus comes after the chosen people are captured by gentiles. The one who believes this prophecy and the physical fulfillment knows ‘the time’ and isn’t captured by gentiles (spiritual) and believes in the word of the Covenant. It has been 2000 years since Jesus promised his return. Just like Jesus’ first coming, when the promised Jesus returns there is a work that first occurs. As it says in 2 Thessalonians 2, ‘the betrayal of chosen people’. (Rev 2,3) These chosen people are those of today’s spiritual Israel, or those who believe Jesus. These Christians have ecclesiastical authority and say that they are orthodoxy, but this is a lie and because of corruption, they evangelize with the wine of adulteries, or evil. It is said in Revelation 17 and 18 that the world of Christian will collapse.

Like this the chosen people betray and they follow the pastor, commit adulteries with gentile gods, and are destroyed by drinking the wine of adulteries. How can nations and prisoners not be captured or taken? This is the same as the prophecy of Matthew 24. Jesus returns and judges the chosen people who betrayed and the destroyers (Rv 6, 8-9, 16-18), he promised he would harvest the wheat from the North, South, East, and West to create a new kingdom, and to recreate kingdom and priests and the white robes (Mt 8:11, 13:30, Rev 14:14-16, 5:9-10, Rev 7).

Therefore, churches, pastors, and congregation members are not acknowledged before Jesus’ return; but those who are harvested are sealed with the words of Revelation become God’s kingdom and priests. In order for this to fulfill the work of betrayal and destruction must occur and the work of harvesting and sealing must take place.

False pastors make up lies and call us Shincheonji Church of Jesus Christ (in short: ‘Shincheonji’) a heresy and they stop believers from coming to Shincheonji according to the word. Therefore, Shincheonji held Open Bible seminars to let known who is false, who is true, who is a heresy and who is orthodoxy. So, we let pastors, doctors of theology, and believers to come, hear, and confirm‍ them. The Open Bible seminar covered 4 main topics: ‘The sign of Jesus’ Second Coming and the end of age (Mt 24)’, ‘Two kinds of seed and harvest’, ‘The tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and bad’, and ‘Revelation and Faith’. Is any of this heresy?

They could realize that it is a hundred or a thousand times more that this is the truth than the doctrine of pastors and doctors of theology. Whoever persecutes Shincheonji as being a heresy must repent and kneel down before the Word and learn the Word. Only when you learn the word and are reborn with the word, then can you be saved. Those who still say that Shinchonji is a heresy have received the devil’s spirit and are conveying the devil’s words. A dogs (Mt 7:6) son cannot speak (truth) so it barks (persecution). Beasts aren’t allowed to come in the Holy City (Rev 22:15). Those who don’t believe what is covered in the Open Bible seminar are not true believers but they are those who fill their own stomachs with ecclesiastical authority.

Through the Open Bible seminar, it has proved that Shincheonji is testifying to the Revelation without adding or taking away from it (Rev 22:18-19) by using the five W’s and one H. I pray that all believers would be saved from the words spoken at the Open Bible seminar.