The Cult Specialists & Christianity in Korea

The population of Christians in Korea used to be 12 million, but why is it that it has dropped to 8.6 million? The number seemed to have started dropping since the Christian Council of Korea (“CCK” for short, established in 1989) began to conduct cult seminars for former congregation members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, a group that the CCK has labeled as a cult. If the seminars that the CCK conducted were of God’s will, would there have been any reason for the decrease in the number of Christians? Whose will are they really carrying out if those seminars caused such a rapid decrease?

The CCK also asked Mr. Shin, a former member of Shincheonji, another group that they had labeled as a cult, to conduct cult seminars together with a former member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Did the CCK fail to find a person qualified for discerning cults within the CCK? Is that why they appointed former members of the groups that they labeled as cults, to carry out cult seminars? Or are they doing this so that everyone else can also be labeled as cults? All this becomes evidence that the CCK lacks the word (i.e. knowledge of the Bible) more than any cults. If this is not their reason, they must be conducting those seminars because they have already betrayed God, and also because they want to sabotage others.

Mr. Shin—why was he thrown outside of Shincheonji? He carried out the work of betrayal in Shincheonji, and now he is working together with the CCK to conduct seminars. The Bible testifies that we will receive salvation only by eating and drinking Jesus’ flesh and blood (Jn 6:51-57). It also teaches us that we will be able to gain what we have prayed for only by praying in Jesus’ name (Jn 14:13-14; 16:23). Furthermore, it is only with Jesus’ blood that people are purchased and made to be God’s kingdom and priests that reign here on earth (Rv 5:9-10). People are dressed in white, worship God in the temple with the water of life, and attain salvation, only by washing themselves with the blood of Jesus (Rv 7:13-14). This is the absolute covenant, the absolute truth that we as believers must keep.

Mr. Shin, the betrayer in Shincheonji, denied this truth. He attempted to flatter the Shincheonji chairman by claiming to the congregation members that they would acquire salvation by eating and drinking the Shincheonji chairman, Mr. Lee’s flesh and blood, and that they would receive what they had prayed for by praying in Mr. Lee’s name. Mr. Shin also proclaimed that even if he would be thrown outside for giving such testimonies, he would still continue to testify what he had said. Mr. Shin saying all this was filmed and put into a DVD. Unlike what he said at that time, Mr. Shin later formed a sect and carried out a coup d’état in Shincheonji with the purposes of expelling the Shincheonji chairman and sitting in his position. Consequently, Mr. Shin was banished from Shincheonji. Is he still supporting the Shincheonji chairman just as he had said he would? Or is he conducting seminars to curse the chairman? Those who see and hear what Mr. Shin is doing will be able to judge for themselves. Unlike his own words, he fabricated lies about Shincheonji and gave them to MBC PD Note, and he is now planting those lies into the hearts of all the citizens. How can this not be the act of planting weeds? His claims—that one must eat and drink the chairman’s flesh and blood to gain salvation, and that one must pray in his name to receive what he has prayed for—are defiances against Jesus, and making such claims is the act of betraying and opposing Jesus. Should we still regard him as someone who believes in Jesus then?

What kind of place is the CCK that it has appointed such a lawbreaker to stand on the pulpit, to have him conduct seminars, and to have other pastors come, listen, and believe what he says? Furthermore, those who spread lies saying that the Shincheonji chairman claims to be Jesus, or a founder of religion, or that he claims to be the spirit of Counselor, conducts the same kind of lawlessness as Mr. Shin. Why are people saying that a mere person is Jesus, a founder of religion, or the Holy Spirit? It seems that they are all filled with the same spirit, from the way that they are all speaking the same words. If the CCK curse and condemn us as a cult just because we are pointing out their wrong doctrines and policies, then they are no different from the Jewish priests, elders, the Pharisees, and Calvin.

○ Biblical evidence regarding antichrists
God did not create the devil in the spiritual realm. How did the devil come to exist? In God’s kingdom, there was an angel who went against God with the greed of wanting to be exalted. He sinned against God and became the devil (Ez 28; Is 14:12-15; Rv 9; 2 Pt 2; Jude). Similar incidents have occurred amongst the chosen people of God here on earth. Someone sins and is expelled from amongst God’s chosen people, and he unites with the fallen angel, the spirit of the devil, to carry out his work.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is the twelve tribes of the kingdom of God and his creation promised in the New Testament. Mr. Shin left his position of authority and abandoned his own home (Jude 1:6) here at the twelve tribes (1 Jn 2:18-19). He took the way of Cain and Balaam (Jude 1:11) and formed a sect (Jude 1:17-19). Such actions are the actions of antichrists as recorded in the Scriptures. It is the actions of the antichrist to deceive the congregation members of the twelve tribes (Mt 24:24). This person has acted in accordance with what the Bible says regarding antichrists. According to the prophecies recorded in the Bible, destroyers and antichrists may have the same spirit that is controlling them, but originally were not of the same entity.

Today believers must find out who they are as according to the New Testament. If they reflect upon themselves the words of the books (of the Bible), they can know where they belong to—whether they belong to the betrayer, the destroyer, the savior, or the antichrist. The recorded words of the Bible and a person’s nature together prove where he belongs to. The Scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:35). The end of the world does not refer to the destruction of this globe, but rather to the end of the world of true believers and the truth. Now, the world is corrupt, chaotic, and empty. Darkness has covered the light. Living water has dried up everywhere, and lies are preval‍ent all over. In the midst of this situation, Shincheonji upholds the will of heaven, and according to that will, it has become the true light for this darkness with the truth, the revealed word. Shincheonji is shining the world with absolute righteousness, justice, and truth. We in Shincheonji have determined in our hearts that at least we must hold onto Jesus and keep his words so that we can establish God’s house and his kingdom to serve him. We are making effort to be clothed in the utmost righteousness. Like solid rocks, we are enduring the rough and strong winds that blow against us. Every step and every breath we take, we pray that we will not stray away from the path of our Lord, and run towards our goal. We are not letting go of the Lord for one second, and are walking together with him. We are also sincerely praying that the Lord will not hold the sins of the persecutors against them, for they do not know us, and that the Lord will help them to perceive (Rv 5:8; 8:3-4; Acts 7:60).