The Appearance of the Seven Stars And Seven Lampstands

Main reference: Rv 1, 2, 3

During Jesus’ first coming, Jesus, being the one who overcame, and John the Baptist, being the one who prepared the way for him, appeared (Mt 11:11-14, Jn 5:35-38).

In the same way, the seven messengers who will prepare the way for the promised pastor will first appear at Jesus’ second coming (Rv 1). The appearance of the seven messengers is written in Revelation chapters 1, 2, and 3; however, the process of how they showed up is not recorded. I will tell the story based only on what I saw. However, I will not reveal their real names at this time though. Even in Malachi, which predicted the arrival of John the Baptist, the one who prepared the way for Jesus, there is no record about the process of his showing up, but only a record about the appearance of Elijah. In this same way, when someone appears in the Bible, only their lineage is recorded.

It was in Gwacheon in February 1966. Eight people praying heard the voice of Jesus in an attic one day. The voice said, “Your eight prayers have been conveyed to me. I choose seven of you (the remaining one among them was an elder in charge of financial affairs). You will pray where I instruct you. I am Jesus who was dead once, and survived.” (This is a rough testimony.)

Those seven, along with the elder, went to a mountain that Jesus requested they visit, prayed and were trained for 100 days. They received orders to prepare the way for Jesus and made a solemn vow to God in their own blood, and then descended from the mountain. After that, they preached the words of the Bible and gathered many followers from all over the country. There was a big roar from the existing churches, because their believers quit and began attending service at this new church, the tabernacle of the seven messengers.

The chosen sold all of their property and used it for the budget of the church, which started in a small cottage. They preached for two to four hours at a time. The followers who listened to the sermons gathered from all around the country. It was the work of the Holy Spirit. There was a letter of the covenant written in the blood of the eight inside the ark on a platform in the church, and seven stars were painted on the wall. These seven messengers were called the ‘seven angels’. The followers at that time prayed, speaking in tongues. The seven messengers all had their own spiritual names, so they were called ‘(their spiritual name) angel’. They went outside and preached. They didn’t come back and even stayed up all night if they couldn’t lead someone to God. They came back only when they evangelized new followers.

The work of these seven stars is written as being in Jesus’s right hand in Revelation chapter 1 (Rv 1:20). It means Jesus chose and trained them, and he was with them. Seventy percent of the chosen had never gone to church before. However, they preached the words of the Bible to the world after studying it for only 100 days.

They also testified about the final days of Revelation. They said, “The promised time will be in three and a half years after we begin working. After that time, the world will come to an end through a third world war. We will evacuate to a secret room in a mountain. Then the world will become ours (Is 2:19, Rv 6:12-16). They testified in this way because they misunderstood the words of Jesus. The content of the covenant was that Jesus would accomplish the promise in three and a half years if they obeyed him. Jesus accomplished the written prophecies in three and a half years as promised; however, the seven messengers misunderstood his words and believed that the whole world would come to an end through war after three and a half years, not realizing Jesus’ true intentions. I will skip the events that occurred before Jesus chose the seven.

The seven lampstands who prepared the way had to come first before Jesus’ second coming. As Satan’s Pharisees invaded the tabernacle of John the Baptist, the one who prepared the way for Jesus at his first coming, today, the previous tabernacle had to be established first. Afterwards, Satan’s Nicolaitans, like the Pharisees, came to invade it. The promises in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 were accomplished as Satan’s Nicolaitans invaded the tabernacle, as it was a trap by God to seize Satan (Jer 50:24).

Satan’s Nicolaitans intruded into the tabernacle of the seven stars, and forced the believers in the church to eat food sacrificed to idols and believe in the teachings of the Nicolaitans, whose followers commit adultery.

Therefore, Jesus chose a new John (the promised pastor) who is like John the apostle. He had this new John write a letter to the seven messengers asking them to repent for their sins and to overcome Satan’s Nicolaitans. He said that they would be blessed as written in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 if they would fight against Satan’s Nicolaitans. Jesus chose the seven messengers first, before the pastors of Satan invaded the tabernacle of the seven stars. Then Jesus chose the promised pastor and showed him every event in Revelation, giving him the revealed words, and let him testify about what he saw to all. Only when one accepts the revealed words through the new John, can they see and know what has happened in Revelation and be saved. This is the work of the seven stars, which signaled the end of the age of the New Testament.

A follower in the age of the New Testament must know the workplace of the seven messengers who prepared the way for the promised pastor. Only then can they see the accomplishments of the words of Revelation.