Promise (Prophecy), Fulfillment and Faith

Main reference: Jn 14:29 (Jn 19:30, Rv 21:6)

What do the promise, fulfillment, and faith refer to?
The promise refers to God’s promise of what is to be fulfilled in the future with the saints, the fulfillment refers to the achievement of the promise (prophecy), and faith refers to witnessing and believing in God’s fulfillment of his promise.

The one who promises and fulfills is God, and the ones who need to believe this fulfillment of the promise when the time comes are the saints. God gives the promise through his chosen prophets, and the prophets record what has been promised in the Bible and convey this. This is the gospel.
There was never a time when God had not fulfilled his promises in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, as God had fulfilled everything. Each time, people did not believe. The people who did not believe this were people who did not believe in God and Jesus, and they were the betrayers. Certainly, there were also Satan’s disturbances and suppressions through his pastors so that people would not believe in God’s words of promise.

● The relationship between the pastor and saints
Let’s look into the facts at the time of the Old Testament and at the First Coming of the New Testament.
Before the time of Moses, it had been passed down by word of mouth, at the time of Moses there had been the 5 books of Moses but only the Bishops and religious leaders had them.
After that there was the Old Testament but only the religious leaders had it and the saints worshiped by only hearing their pastor’s words without the book (Bible).

In the time of New Testament, the New Testament Bible was made. From this time there were both Old and New Testaments. In the New Testament, the fulfillment of the Old Testament was recorded as well as the New Testament, that is, what will be fulfilled in future. However even in the time of the New Testament, only the religious leaders had the Bible, and general saints or laypeople could not see nor have it. Whoever pointed this out in discontentment was put to death. This is like a person who does not know the Buddhist scriptures believing in Buddhism.
At this time, Martin Luther had carried out the religious reformation, saying that all believers should read God’s Bible and have faith according to the Word. Luther made a printer with a wine presser and started to copy the Bible with this printer for the saints to read. Since then many people were able to possess and read the Bible. However Luther did not interpret the meaning of the Bible. Believers before Luther had only heard from the Bishops and believers after Luther did not know the true meaning of the Bible and only believed in their church pastor’s words. This was the form of faith until this day.

Jesus said when he goes the night will come (Jn 9:4), and the end of the churches will come when the gospel of Heaven that Jesus had conveyed is preached to all nations and to the ends of this earth (Mt 24:14). The 6,000 years of history of the Bible tells us well about each time. Jesus and the Bible tells us the world of Adam, the world of Noah, the world of Moses and Israel, the world of the first Heaven, and Jesus’ First Coming will all be ended with Jesus’ Second Coming.
Saints are loyal to their pastors firmly believing in their words, as they do not know the Bible. But what the saints should believe in is not their pastor’s words but God and Jesus’ words. The reality of the world of religion is that saints believe in their pastor even when the pastor lies, and simply follow even when the pastors lead them to other ways. The reason is because the pastor and saints do not know the words of promise in the Bible.

Jesus has clearly told us the things to fulfill at the Second Coming and the promised pastor in the New Testament. Even if the time of fulfillment of the promises has come and even if the promised pastor has come, they only believe and follow their pastor’s words, as they do not know this. When the promised pastor has come, saints must know their pastor is not true, and salvation is through the words of the promised pastor. For example, at the time of Noah, a person of the world of Adam must listen to the word of Noah rather than Adam to receive salvation. At the time of Moses, a person of the world of Noah must listen to the word of Moses rather than Noah’s world Canaan to receive salvation. At the time of Jesus’ First Coming there is salvation through faith in Jesus’ gospel of Heaven rather than the Law of Moses. At the time of Jesus’ Second Coming, rather than only believing in what has been fulfilled at Jesus’ First Coming, one must listen to the promised pastor’s testimony of the fulfillment of the New Testament to receive salvation.
It does not mean you shouldn’t believe in God, Jesus, kingdom of heaven and the Bible. It means to believe in the promise and the fulfillment. The promise is the new covenant, and when it is fulfilled, one must believe in the physical fulfillment, which is the word of testimony of the fulfilled prophecy, rather than the prophecy.

Shinchonji is promised in the Bible (Rv 21:1), the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is also promised (Rv 15:4-5), 12 tribes on Mt Zion and the new song is also promised (Rv 14:1-5). It is also promised Shinchonji receives the one who overcomes and the word of Revelation and conveys this (Refer to Rv 2, Rv 3, Rv 10, Rv 22:16-17).
Harvesting and sealing is also promised (Rv 7, Rv 14), and it is being fulfilled according to it. Anyone who does not allow this is an interferer, one who works with Satan, and shut the way to the kingdom of heaven not allowing those to enter who are trying to (Refer to Mt 23:13). Anyone who does not become harvested is the weed and the son of the evil one (Mt 13:30, 38-39), anyone who adds or takes words away from Revelation will not enter the kingdom of heaven but goes to hell (Rv 22:18-19).

Is this a lie? Is this untrue? The treatment of persecution and acts of evil is born from the devil and occurs because the devil’s evil spirit is with them. Who would the saints blame? It is themselves who do not believe when the advocate comes and alerts the fulfilled New Testament; it is no fault of others but their very own.

Why won’t you believe in God’s words and promise? Look at Shinchonji. Even a young child has been born by the seed of the Word and so aren’t they better off than the pastors or theological professors of the world? If one cannot believe even after seeing this, it is because their spirit is dead.

I pray that you confirm‍ with the Bible, believe and receive salvation.