News to All that Have Been Waiting for the Fulfillment of Revelation of the New Testament

Prophecy of Revelation has been fulfilled in the land of Korea. Spiritual Israel (Christianity), the first heaven has ended and Shincheonji (New Spiritual Israel), new heaven has been created.

The base of the lamp is dark. While pastors in Korea continue to reject the ‘promised messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus,’ pastors in other parts of the world is busy in inviting the promised pastor to their seminars. Following the first trip of ‘fulfillment in the East, proclaiming to the West’, the second trip was carried out by the promised pastor traveling from Korea to Europe and followed by America. He has travelled around the world with the holy spirit and has overcome the world with the truth. Pastors from overseas churches have welcomed him waving palm branches saying ‘Hallelujah’. At this time a cloud in the shape of a cross of Jesus appeared in the heaven. Heaven and earth also witnessed the scene.

Korean churches who reject Jesus’ messenger who was sent to the churches (Rv 22:16) do not have the revealed word of God and end up in a continued state of darkness. All overseas media has been busy organizing interviews with Chairman Lee. One broadcasting station even extended their 5-10min live interview to 40 mins due to the overwhelming response from listeners requesting to continue and not to stop. After Chairman Lee’s sermon of Revelation’s testimony, the media and pastors from various countries requested the confirmation of the invitations that they had sent for his visit.

After listening to the revealed word, all the pastors have provided written confirmation that they will join the study of Revelation with their congregation members. There are more than 600 pastors who attended the seminar in the Crystal church in LA and many have registered for the Revelation course. The reason why they have registered is to be harvested, sealed and become the people of the kingdom of heaven. This is because no one can enter the kingdom of heaven if he adds or takes away from the book of Revelation. (Rv 22:18-19)
One of the reporters of a newspaper interviewed Chairman Lee and his seminar at Crystal Church in LA and has reported, “Instructor Lee has given the lesson to the false pastors and knocked them down”.
Those who saw Chairman Lee providing the sermon of Revelation thought he had the energy of a 25 year old. Some people even brought a donkey for him to ride on when he approached the church. This shows that the Lord is with chairman Lee at the age of 82, who has proclaimed the message for a month in his 2nd trip of ‘fulfillment in the East, proclaiming to the West’.

It is sad to see Korean congregation members have become in a state of darkness (the world without the light of life) under the false pastors (1Th 5:1-9). The group where you can sell or buy your positions as a pastor and their chairman is the organization of the devil. Please ask yourselves whether you have added or taken away from the book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19) or whether you have been harvested (Mt 13:24-30, 37-40). If you have added or taken away from the book of Revelation and not have been harvested, that is the evidence you are the wheat who is born with the seed of the devil.

The scripture of a covenant can be broken (Jn 10:35). The word has been promised (prophecy) so you can believe when it happens (Jn14:29). Now Jesus has sent his messenger to the churches (Rv 22:16) to harvest the firstfruits and to testify about the revealed word of fulfillment of Revelation. Let us believe in this, let us not be the one who adds or takes away from the book of life and let us not be the weeds left in the field.
This is the hand of salvation from the Lord. Whoever cannot believe will be terminated with the first heaven. Whoever believes will be the nation and priests entering the kingdom of heaven. This news is the last favor of the Lord.

False pastors have reported falsified information about Shincheonji through ‘MBC PD Note’ in order to stop their congregation members from going to Shincheonji. PD Note aired twice the 50 minute program (2007). After the TV program was aired, police and prosecutors carried out an investigation and verified that the information aired was not true. In other words, Shincheonji was vindicated and cleared of suspicion. Responding to the decision, they aired a correction reporting and objecting to the report (2009).
Those who tell lies are devil (Jn 8:44). Do you believe this?

Shincheonji overcame the world with the truth. According to the prophecy of the bible, we created the 12 tribes of the kingdom of heaven with harvested firstfruits and sealed with the word of God. God is with Shincheonji. And the messenger is giving the free gift of revelation (revealed word) to the congregation members who believe in the New Testament and desires its fulfillment. This is the salvation and new creation promised in the New Testament.