Heaven, the temple of God, & the world, the church of man

Main references: Jn 3:31-34, 1 Jn 4:4-6

How is heaven, the temple of God and the world, the church of men different from each other? The temple is the house of the holy God, and the church is simply a gathering of people. God’s word comes from the place where God dwells, and men’s word comes from the place where people of the world gather.

Religion does not speak about men’s knowledge, men’s will, or the knowledge of the world. It speaks about the education of the holy spirit of heaven. Simply put, religion teaches the will of God, the holy spirit. The church of the world belongs to the world and is born from the world. It is a place where people teach the things that are seen, heard and taught on the earth. God’s temple, in contrast, is a place where the things in heaven are seen, heard, and taught. Being sealed, mentioned in Rv 7 and Jn 3, refers to how people are sealed by the testimony of the one who sees and hears what is of heaven, not by the testimony of the one who sees and hears what is of the world and the earth. The one that comes from heaven speaks the word of God, because God gives the Spirit without limit to the place where one speaks his word, which is seen and heard from heaven. Will the holy spirit be present in the church of the world where worldly words are preached?

Two types of seeds were sown in Jesus’ field (the church of Jesus). One represents the sons of the kingdom that were born of God’s seed, and the other represents the sons of hell that were born of the devil’s seed (Mt 13:37-39). At the time of the harvest, a harvester goes to the church of Jesus and proclaims God’s word (the revealed word), which he has seen and heard in heaven. At a time like this, those who were born of God’s seed and who belong to God will listen to the words of the harvester. Those who were born of the devil’s seed and who do not belong to God, however, will not listen to the words of the harvester. The Bible tells us that people’s seeds and their spirits can be distinguished in this way (1 Jn 4:6).
As discussed, the CCK, which has the Presbyterian Church as its central force, goes against what is truth and sacred today when they label SCJ and its gospel of the revealed word as a heresy. Their claim is illogical and unreasonable. In fact, SCJ is the only City of Truth among all mankind, and it teaches the gospel of the revealed word according to the 5Ws and 1H. Just as the pastors persecuted Jesus and his disciples at the first coming, the pastors of the CCK handed over false information about SCJ to the MBC PD Notebook and laid the blame on SCJ for all the outrageous deeds they had done. Despite their brutality, SCJ has overcome them with the truth, and its victorious new song is shaking the heaven and earth.

We in SCJ have been testifying about the SEC and the heretical lies (the weeds, the seed of the devil) of the CCK. There is no other way for the CCK to handle their situation, but to kneel down and repent before God. Stop deceiving more congregation members using ecclesiastical authority. SCJ’s message is the judgment prepared by God – the sword of truth held at the ready by the heavenly soldiers of more than 12 legions. We are the kingdom of the victorious God, and we are the heavenly soldiers, who have been united with the victorious Jesus. Let us triumph in building the strongest kingdom in heaven and on earth! Heaven and earth are trembling at the victorious sound of our horse hoofs.

Whoever does not believe in Jesus’ parables and their explanations, and whoever opposes the work of the harvest or hinders others from being harvested, is clearly a pastor and servant of Satan. God’s temple speaks the word of God because God dwells in it. The church of the world only speaks the words of men and worldly stories because God is absent from that church. Today, it is only the worldly words that come out of the churches of this earth. This is the evidence that God does not dwell in those churches.
The saints of God can have the hidden manna (Rv 2:17), the food of eternal life, only by meeting the promised pastor, the one who overcomes. They can attain salvation only by coming to God’s promised temple, Shinchonji Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Rv 15:4-5; Rv 21:1). They can become the people of heaven only by being sealed and by belonging to the promised kingdom, the 12 tribes (Rv 7). If someone does not belong to this promised kingdom, they will end up being judged by the white stone of the one who overcomes (Rv 2:17). Will someone have something to say if they are judged and go into the fire of hell because of their disbelief in the word of promise that was preached to them? Can someone claim that they believed in God, Jesus, and their words without believing in this fact? That kind of person is nothing but a superficial believer who practices hypocrisy.
The world knows that the CCK has now become corrupt. Their congregation also knows that the pastors of this world lack the word, and that the revealed word is being testified in SCJ. Despite this being so clear, the CCK is persecuting SCJ because their spirit is different from God’s.

No one can enter heaven unless they are born again of God’s seed and spirit (Jn 3:5; 1 Pt 1:23). Will someone who persecutes God’s revealed word be able to attain salvation? Persecutors, please answer this question.

Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/462