Heaven and Repentance

Main reference : Mt 15:14, Jn 5:24-29

About 2,000 years ago, John the Baptist preached in the Desert of Judea, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near (Mt 3:1-2).’, and said, ‘The ox is already at the root of the trees (Mt 3:10).’Jesus also said, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near (Mt 4:17).’

It was a time when the Israelites thought they were the holy chosen people, they kept the Law of Moses, and it was a time when god came to them as promised in the Old Testament. The self-centered chosen people believed the commandments but didn’t keep the prophecies of the Old Testament written by the prophets. So, they were unable to know when and to whom God would come, and also why God would come to them. The Physical Israelites thought that the Law of Moses was the greatest and only truth. Therefore, they couldn’t think of Jesus coming to do the work of sowing the seeds of heaven. This was because they only believed in the Law of Moses.

Why did John and Jesus tell the chosen people to repent and that the ox was at the root of the tree? Telling someone to ‘repent’ means that the listener is a sinner. There is no one righteous, not even one (Ps 14:1-3, Ro 3:10), therefore, one must repent of his sins. If they had been the true chosen people, and holy citizens by the Law of Moses, Jesus might have not needed to come and tell them to repent. Men all died in Adam because of sins (Ro 5:12). Since the law cannot clear anyone of guilt (Heb 10:1-4, 11), they are all dead sinners, not the chosen citizens. God and Jesus came to this world, and Jesus who is innocent took up the cross and shed blood for sinners to wipe away their sins; in conclusion, sinners who believe in Jesus have been forgiven (Heb 10:5-14). Jesus paid the debt for the debtors so that he no longer had any debt.

In 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse from 20 to 24, sin came through Adam, death came because of sin, however, life came through Jesus. Everyone will be made alive in his own turn, which means he will cross over from death to life through the resurrection of life all in his own turn. Those who belong to Jesus will rise to live when Jesus comes again. We can know that it is illogical and false to say ‘I am saved, I am authentic.’ before Jesus comes. If they believed the promise in the bible then they would not have said these things.

At the first coming, as one could know God and Jesus by receiving the revealed words through Jesus (Mt 11:27), it is same with the New Testament (revealed words of Revelation). Jesus opens the sealed book of God, and gives it to a chosen pastor. The pastor who ate the revealed words conveys it as he is told to like Jesus at the time of the first coming. Then, the one who received the revealed words from the pastor who ate the revealed words can know God and the man whom God has sent today (reference for Jn 17:3). Before receiving a revelation, everyone is dead in Adam, and their spirits are dark. It is a lie to say that one ‘knows, is orthodox, is saved’ this is self righteousness. As the Law of Moses and the pastor who taught the law came to an end at Jesus’s first coming (Mt 11:12-13, Lk 16:16), the pastors who preach the accomplishments of the Old Testament by Jesus and the prophecy of the New Testament are over in Jesus’s second coming. The pastors whose works are done cannot be saved before they are not born again. This is the New Testament and the promise by Jesus. Since the pastor, followers, religious schools don’t know the meaning of the New Testament, they don’t know anything like the people of Noah’s age even when the prophecy of God is being accomplished. As one generation comes to an end, the doctrine and the pastors come to an end as well.

Then, the church and the pastors of a new generation are created. Today, there are pastors who join up only with themselves in a city. These pastors unite in one and do what they are doing unanimously. They keep denying and despising the holy things. One church (religious body) said, ‘We will make this city a sacred place.’ They organized the citizen’s movements after hearing it, and advertised it in the newspaper, and hung banners on the wall to expel the church not to make the city holy place. These actions are against the holy things, for example, holy father, holy son, holy spirit, holy bible, holy place. Who do they belong to? God or Satan? They are in communion with the Christian Council of Korea, and all of the citizens heard what they said and behaved. It is a deploring state of Korea’s Christianity including the Christian Council of Korea.

Jesus said that by their fruit you would recognize them in Matthew chapter 7. How can we say that the pastors belong to the Holy God? Can those who follow them be saved? Jesus said that if a blind man led a blind man, both would fall into a pit (hell) in Matt chapter 15.

In Isaiah chapter 29, it is said that a blind man can’t know the words sealed in a scroll (bible). This blind man is a pastor. He preaches the rules taught by men, and the people who learnt those rules go near to God with their mouth and honor God with their lips, but their heart are far from God. So, how can they get saved?If the pastors in a city stated above had not been blind, they would have known the meaning of the bible, and their purpose of religion would have been based on that, and therefore, they would have not been against the holy father, holy son, holy bible, and holy place. Do the united pastors of this city belong to Holy Spirit? Is it holy or evil to deny making the city sacred place? Will God accept the religion of the followers who obey the united pastors against the holy things? Will the believers who follow the pastors denying the holy things be saved? Will the pastors and believers against the holy things enter the Holy City, heaven? If one hopes to enter heaven and get saved with a sincere religion which God wants you to have, he has to come out from the pastor and the church that hated the holy things and liked the evil, and go to the holy place. One can get saved only when he is out of the church and the pastor which came to an end.

Shinchonji came in the name of holy father, holy son, and holy spirit in the New Testament. We are the true light, and received the best truth in 6000 years from Jesus (reference for Jn 16:13-15). Also, we got the meal for the eternal life (hidden manna), the right to judge (white stone), the right to govern all the nations (iron scepter), and we serve holy father, holy son, and holy spirit. Moreover, the Holy City heaven is with us (Rv chapter 2,3). This is not false, but the process of the accomplishments of the promise. Today, followers have to think deeply what to know and what to find in the New Testament, and also have to remember the words in Matthew chapter 7 verse 7 to 8 and do according to the promised words.

Shincheonji does not invent the lies to make the followers as heresy. Our 100,000 followers are repenting their sins and riding the waves of Holy Spirit by being trained the faith and obedience to the new history of new Acts in these days when everyone’s spirit is barren. Come here! If you obey, you will be forgiven, wear the white robes, and eat the hidden meal for the eternal life, that is the manna from heaven. If you refuse and betray, you will get a cut from the spiritual sword.

Shincheonji knows heaven and judgements, and we are praying for the salvation of everyone.