False Orthodoxy and Salvation

Main reference : Mt 24:29, Rev 6:12-14

When we look at God’s 6000 year history in the Bible, a corrupt age comes to an end and a new age comes. When the time of Adam ended, the time of Noah came, and when the time of Noah (world) ended, the times of Moses came, and when the time of the Mosaic Law ended, the time of the gospel of heaven of Jesus Christ came.
The age that sowed the seed of the gospel of heaven ended, and then the age of the second coming, the time of harvest must come.

The old era is brought to an end because it had become corrupt, and the new era comes as it is a new creation. The law of God was the word of God given at that time (Mt 5:17-20, Rev 22:18-19, Jn12:48, Mt 24:34-35).

The work of sowing the seed of the gospel at the first coming of Jesus ended when the word was made known to the whole world (Mt 24:14).
During this time, the Church of Jesus Christ collapsed by adversaries, and heaven’s people – the sun, moon, and the stars – fell to earth. (They began with the Spirit but returned to flesh. Gal 3:3) This means that the spiritual Israelites (the Church of Jesus) that began at the first coming of Jesus came to an end. After this, Jesus will come again with his angels (Mt 24:29-31) to harvest from all directions. The new kingdom of God will be created by those who are harvested and sealed. This is the new covenant and the promise which is to be fulfilled, and those who fulfill this promise are the new kingdom of God – the sealed 12 tribes.

In the New Testament, the work of the first coming of Jesus was to sow the seed of gospel of heaven in the field of Jesus (the Church of Jesus) for 2000 years, and the work of the second coming is to harvest what was sowed and create new kingdom of God. At this time, the work of the churches that have received the sowed seed and its pastors both will end.
The world of Adam who sinned didn’t listen to Noah’s word nor repented, but insisted that they were an orthodox and that they already have been saved. Also, the world of Noah (Canaan) didn’t repent their sin and insisted that only they were saved and were orthodox. Physical Israelites of Moses’ world didn’t think of their sin of serving foreign gods (at the time of Solomon) and they insisted that they were orthodox and didn’t repent it.

At the first coming, John the Baptist and Jesus both cried, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near,’ (Mt 3:2, 4:17) but the chosen physical Israelites didn’t listen but rather called Jesus heresy and killed him. To whom did the priests (pastors) and believers of this time belong? God? The devil? Were the priests true orthodox and saviors? Were the believers truly saved? What was the problem? It was that they didn’t believe God’s promise of the Old Testament, but believed the word of their pastors more than God. As priests didn’t know the word of promise, their believers also didn’t know the word. Those without the word desire titles, authority and money. This shows the state of their faith at the time.

Today is the time of the second coming of Jesus, 2000 years since Jesus promised that Jesus and God promised to return (Jn 14:2-3). What does the Bible say about today, the second coming of Jesus? (Mt 24) And what about the reality of pastors and believers?
The Spirit, the essence of the word, is not in theological schools that educate pastors.
So, there is no word of the Spirit, and they teach and learn the commandments of men. And the pastors who learned the commandments of men lead churches and teach men’s precept, hence the theological schools, pastors, and the believers have neither the word nor God(the Spirit), and have only arbitrary judgment.

At this time if God and Jesus came and asked about the promised word in the New Testament, would they know? And if the promise were fulfilled and testified to, would they accept it? Because they don’t have the Spirit and don’t know the word of the Bible, it’s obvious that they will persecute the promised pastor who testifies the fulfillment just like at the first coming. They have considered ecclesiastical authority as truth and ruled with it, so how can we make them know the promised word and the evidence of fulfillment?
This is why God had to end the corrupt and old spiritual Israel. This is the end of the first heaven of the world at the first coming of Jesus. As the first heaven ended like this, God seals men, has the sealed men’s names written in the book of life, and allows these men to enter the Holy City, whose names are written in the book of life. God lives with these chosen men and this is when the new Covenant is fulfilled. (Rev 21:6)
This event that Jesus prophesied in the New Testament was told to us to believe it when it happened (Jn 14:29). But when the pastors and believers don’t know the word of the Bible, how can they believe it? They only believe in their arbitrary authority with pride and stubbornness. This stubbornness is shown when they claim that they are ‘orthodox’ and that they ‘are saved.’ Therefore, their salvation and orthodoxy are the same as those people in the age of Adam, Noah, Moses.

Pastors hate the anything holy, are against the truth, make normal believers heresy, and make up lies. This is because they don’t belong to God. The believers who receive the seed of lie from the pastors become their spiritual sons and are devoted and loyal to them. This is the reality. Then how can they avoid the final judgment? To save these men, God sent his only son to the world and made him shed blood, and promised with this blood, ‘I will not drink of this fruit of the vine(wine) from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father’s kingdom. ‘ (Mt 26:26-29, Luke 22:16-20) The result of this prophecy is to achieve one thing – Shinchonji 12 tribes (Rev 1:5-6, 5:9-10, 7:9-14). That is, at the second coming, the fulfillment of Revelation, Jesus Christ purchases with his blood and creates the kingdom of God, priests, and the crowd in white robes(people) (Rev 1:5-6, 5:9-10, 7:9-14).

Shinchonji is the kingdom of God (heaven) and the chosen people of promise. Whoever doesn’t belong to Shinchonji 12 tribes are not people of heaven but are gentile.
Are they wise enough to realize this word?
If they have a conscience, they will check the Bible at least once.
Shinchonji (members) is new creation who has repented for its dead deeds and was reborn with the seed and spirit of God, and has become the eternal family of God.


Source: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/467