Shincheonji and Contemporary Christianity

Main reference: Mt 22: 29 (Mk 4: 10-13)

Jesus once told the Jews that they were in
error because they did not know the Scriptures. [Mt 22: 23-29]. He also said that if we do
not know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven
and the parable of the sower then we
cannot be forgiven, making us no different to those outside God’s eternal Kingdom [Mk 4: 10-13]. In the time of Jesus’ first coming the
Israelites knew the laws of Moses and they lived according to them, yet ironically, they did not know the will of God. They did not know the true meaning of the Scriptures written by the prophets and this is what Jesus told them plainly. Furthermore, the Israelites served gentile gods which led them to their demise, nevertheless, they did not realize their reality and what it was that they were doing. They had no doubt that they were the chosen people of God, but in fact, they were only clinging to their man made traditions. This is why Jesus told them that they were in error.

Spiritual Israel, better known as today’s contemporary Christianity, knows that Jesus fulfilled what was promised in the Old Testament and that the heavenly seed of the gospel was sown, but they have greatly misjudged Shinchonji. They do not realize that all contemporary Christians in Korea worshiped the idols of Imperial Japan. They do not know the prophecies promised in the New Testament nor about their revelation.

The contemporary Christians only know the word as far as those things Jesus fulfilled according to the Old Testament. What Jesus promised was the New Testament and this Covenant was given to us in order that we might believe the fulfillment when things begin happening [Jn 14:29]. Everything that is fulfilled becomes the revelation of Jesus’ promises.

Just as the Israelites believed that they would be redeemed by the law, the spiritual Israelites, or contemporary Christians of today, also believes that they will be redeemed simply by what was fulfilled at the time of the first coming. The law of Moses along with what was fulfilled in the Old Testament are only the elementary truths of God’s Word and like guardians which lead us to Christ. The work of God and Jesus cannot be completely fulfilled by what has happened in the past. As Paul said in
1 Cor 13: 8-12, we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the fiulfillment comes, what is in part shall disappear. The prophecies will cease, tongues will be stilled and we shall see face to face. So there is more to come just than the work of Jesus’ first coming.

There was nothing fulfilled before the sealed book of the Old testament was opened. But finally the realities came to be, as the prophecies began being fulfilled. Likewise, the book of the New Testament was sealed with seven seals. So how could the fulfillment of the New testament possibly become a reality?

Just as the Israelites only believed the law of Moses before Jesus came and opened the sealed book of the Old Testament, the believers of contemporary Christianity have always believed only what wasfulfilled at the first coming according to the Old Testament prophecies. This is only meant to be the case while the book of the NewTestament, sealed with seven seals, is still closed. Once it is opened, people need to believe.

How could the law of Moses and the revelation of Jesus be the same? Likewise, how can the elementary truth of the fulfillment of the Old Testament be compared to the revelation of the opened book (New Testament) which once was sealed with the seven seals?

Contemporary Christianity has sown the heavenly seed of the gospel for the last two thousand years. We, Shinchonji, have created the 12 tribes of the Kingdom of God, reached out to the fields where the seed has been sown and are harvesting people to God’s Kingdom. People are harvested in order to seal them with the Word of revelation and the fulfillment of the opened book. How can this work be even compared to the work of sowing the seed? Why don’t people realize that the law of Moses, the fulfillment of the Old Testament, Jesus bearing the cross, and the New Testament fulfillment is all for the purpose of creating the Kingdom of God?

Contemporary Christians spread the fulfillment of the Old Testament while Shinchonji spreads the fulfillment of the New Testament, this is the difference. The revelation of the Old Testament was for the establishment of the New Testament, and the revelation of the New Testament was for the creation of the 12 tribes of Shinchonji (The New Heaven and New Earth). The contemporary Christians have greatly misjudged Shinchonji for they do not know the will of God or the Scriptures. This is why they persecute.

The Scriptures, the prophecies of the Old Testament and the prophecies of the New Testament are for the restoration and creation of the Kingdom of God which was once lost. It is to this end the God had been working tirelessly for the last 6 thousand years. This Kingdom of God is the 12 tribes and these 12 tribes are Shinchonji which the Heavens, God and Jesus are with. The Kingdom of the One who overcomes, Shinchonji, is where the will of God is being fulfilled on earth as it is fulfilled in heaven. This is the only place where all nations should come to worship God, and the only placewith the Word of revelation, a new song, which all nations should learn.

Only here one can find the One with the food of eternal life, the hidden manna, the white stone and the iron scepter, ruling over all nations, as promised in the book of Revelation chapter 2 and 3. This is the one and only place that all nations should seek to find and come to in order to be redeemed.

Above all else, one should repent, and renounce our materialistic ways and wordly worries. The Kingdom of Heaven has come to the tabernacle of the One who overcomes [Rev 3:12]. While sitting on the throne of Jesus Christ, the One who overcomes waits for the chosen nation of God. Believe in the revelation of the New Testament so that we can join the citizenship of heaven and the saints of Shinchonji. This is my prayer.