Three Friends K, B, S (Skit)

People who appear:
Mr. Kim (金氏): K
Mr. Park (朴氏): B
Mr. Shin (申氏): S

These three people are close friends from their home town. K is a pastor, B is a deacon, and S is an evangelist. These three people belong to different churches and denominations.

(One day, B and K met together.)

B: Pastor K! Did you hear the news?

K: What news?

B: S Church is having an open seminar.

K: What? An open seminar?

B: Yes, yes. They are having an open seminar. Many church goers from our neighborhood are planning to go the seminar.

K: Wait, I shouldn’t be sitting around here like this. I should go to my church (then he gets up).

B: Pastor K! We haven’t seen each other in a while, why do you have to go to your church?

K: Many of my members are excited for the seminar. They are eager to go to S church. If they hear this news, do you think they would stick around? The sound of CCK crumbling hurts my ears; my heart is nauseated and disturbed. If my members leave the church then I will starve to death.

B: The sermon from S church is said to be the best truth. Even other pastors and religious leaders are going there.

K: Pastor and church member, whoever hears the word from there would stick like glue to them as if their life is on the line.

B: That’s why we should go check it out.

K: Goodness, you don’t understand what I’m saying. Because of the S church, pastors are rallying up to have meetings about them.

B: What kind of meeting?

K: Do you know what the topics of the meetings are about? Since there is no word in the seminary schools, we as pastors don’t have the word, isn’t that true? If they go to S church their eyes will be widely open. I’m certain if B and I hear the words from the seminar then we will fall into the words. Is there any way we won’t fall? Many pastors have already fallen into them. Haven’t you heard the interviews held by the pastors at the press conference? Just hearing what they’re saying makes my heart thump.

B: Ah ha ha ha ha ha. K, are you sure you are a pastor?

K: Yes, I am a pastor. Received ordainment from an orthodoxy denomination.

B: Sure….you call yourself a pastor and you are afraid of God’s word? Ha ha ha ha~. Surely you are a pastor, pastor K. What do you teach your members after being paid offerings? Worldly sayings and jokes? What do you teach them?

K: Why are you scolding me? All pastors are the same.

B: What? All the same? You are like a con artist. I won’t call you pastor anymore. I don’t want to be a liar myself. You pastors are con artists. Are you sending the church members to the kingdom of heaven or leading them straight to hell? K, do you think the members are there giving you money just to feed your mouth? You are not a pastor. You are a con man!!!

K: Why B~ you should be careful. I am a pastor ordained by the orthodox CCK.

B: You said during your four years of schooling, you went to school only two days and became ordained, right? One was to register for school and the other was for graduation, right?

K: I at least went to school twice, there are pastors who haven’t gone to school once and got ordained.

B: You are truly a dog. Go to school twice and become pastor, not go to school once and become a pastor? How can you call yourself orthodox?

K: Don’t you think your pastor does the same?

B: My pastor was a seminary student who went to seminary school with 100% attendance.

K: Did you see him going to seminary school or graduate school? What’s the point in going there thousands and thousands times? It wouldn’t matter, the fact that the word isn’t there doesn’t change.

B: Because of the pastors of CCK, the Christians around the world say Christians in Korea are not Christians. The news on money matter during the CCK election circled around the globe several times. What happened to Christians in Korea? It’s all because of you pastors from CCK. You know?

K: Should you be talking like that about t0 CCK?

B: Why not? Did I say something that isn’t there? You coward~ you sure have changed. I’ve been proud of you all along until today. Now I see you and you’re not the same friend I used to know. You’ve become corrupted. Non-believers are more righteous than you are. Looking at you I don’t want to believe.

K: Why are you saying that? I am doing these things for you.

B: Then let’s not go to the S open seminar, instead let’s call S friend and ask question about that place.

K: That’s a great idea. Let’s do that.

(B calls S.)

B: S? Is that you?

S: Yeah, it’s me S. B is that you? How are you?

B: Long time no see. Let’s meet up soon.

S: You want to do that? I am really busy. People keep coming to wanting to talk to me. Okay, let’s meet for a short time. (They decide on place to meet)

B: Okay, I will be there. Please wait. K will come along too.

S: Oh, okay. Really? I’ll be there soon.
(In a while the three friends meet.)

B: How long has it been?

S: It’s so good to see you.

K: S, are you still with the Methodist church?

S: I left that place last year.

K: You left?

B: S, have you heard of S church having open seminar?

S: I know of it very well. Why? Are you planning to go?

B: I am thinking about it.

K: No.

S: It would be okay to go, but I heard it’s as hard as finding a needle in a haystack to be registered to S church.

B: Have you heard anything about them?

S: Yes.

K: What? What have you heard?

B: Tell us anything you’ve heard. We want to hear more about it.

S: Then I will tell you up to the point of what I know.

1. First, you need to be invited by a congregation member from S church, during the conversation you need to show that you believe in God and His Words and wish to learn God’s words.
2. And then if you wish, you can get introduced to a gospel study teacher (Teacher who teaches Bible study).
3. When teacher accepts, the study goes on for about a month. When the person studying does well in understanding the words, then the teacher asks if the student wants to learn words in more systematically. Then the teacher introduces the center. When the person passes the interview with the instructor at the center, then the person can take two month of the introductory course. After that they are tested and must pass in order to move to the next level intermediate level then studies for two month.
After that the take an exam to pass and when that person passes the exam they can move up to the advanced level to study for two months. Afterward they take an exam for revelation and when the person passes, there is a final exam of about 300 questions to pass. When they pass, they must evangelize to one or more people to be acknowledged of their graduation (refer to Jn 15:1-5). After they graduate, they are suggested to go back to their church (suggested to go back to teach what they learned).
If they do not go back but registers to S church, they are accepted and are allowed to take the one month course of newcomer training. After the registration for about 6 months, if the person does well in adjusting then they are registered to the General Assembly of Shinchonji church of Jesus.
4. S church teaches according to the Bible; educate revelation in five W’s and one H, and teaches the reality of the fulfilled promised prophecies.
All the organization and the names of S church are according to the promises in the Bible. They are the created realities of God’s words. General churches make up lies and call S church heresy to stop their members in going to S church, but that is completely absurd. Even now, people are flocking to S church from their church. General churches don’t have God’s words nor do they keep His words. They are like the world (the worldly people). Would God save those who are created according to His words and keeps His words or those who do not keep His words and do whatever they like? If you aren’t going to be saved it is better to live not knowing and together with the world.

B: Hey, I think I get it. Listening to what you say sounds like we aren’t believers at all. We haven’t learned the Bible properly, we aren’t created according to the word, and we are nothing. You are right, if a person is going to carry out a life of faith, he should do just like that…

S: S church has a goal in creating the strongest kingdom of God that I the ‘City of Truth’, ‘Justice and Righteousness’, and the ‘best Holy Kings.’ Comparing between S church and general churches, the differences are heaven and earth, kingdom of heaven and hell.

K: Just because a person wants to go doesn’t mean he can enter, right?

S: At S church they call general churches, its pastors and congregation ‘worldly people.’ Frankly speaking, isn’t it true? They only say they believe, but the seminary schools, church members all have no relationship to the Bible. It’s just a group of society. It is easy and comfortable for general church members to say that they believe, but like the time of Noah, would they be comfortable in hell? S church that I know of understands the Bible inside and out. They are reborn and newly created by God’s seed (the word, Lk 8:11) and the Bible. They are sealed by the Lord. They are also God’s kingdom and priests, forming the twelve tribes of God’s kingdom (kingdom of heaven).

B: Listening to S, I want to go to the S open seminar and hear what they are saying.

S: Sure. Go and find out for yourself. To receive the right to live with the Holy God in the Holy Kingdom of Heaven, one must be reborn by God’s seed and be sealed. What do you think? With the way you believe, do you think you will enter the kingdom of heaven and gain eternal life? The S open seminar will be held with these four topics:
1 The Lord’s Second Coming and the Signs of the End of Age.
2 Two Kinds of Seeds and Harvest
3 The Reality of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
4 Revelation and Faith
Do you think the denominations, seminary doctorates, professors, pastors, elders, and evangelist would even get 10 points out of 100 of the test given by S church? Pastors, seminary doctorates, and professors hid their identity and took the test and they got 2 to 3 points out of 100 points. They signed a confirm‍ing letter saying that S church holds the world’s best and highest Truth.

If the two of you take the test you both will get zero points. Would you still say you are orthodox, have received salvation and the Holy Spirit? Those words are all lies. Just like in 2 Thessalonians 5, not the day and light, but night and darkness. Becoming a light (life) or night (ignorance, foolish) all depends on you. Pastors will be punished greatly. The reason for that is, they teach the church members lies instead of truth. They stop the church members who wish to learn the Bible (refer to Mt 23:13). One other reason is that they persecute truth, say it is heresy, and this is a sin.
I just told the two of you briefly about S church. To tell you the truth I’ve moved and registered at S church.
The reason is because the former church had no words of life but S church is full of words of life. Friends! Let’s go to S seminar and hear what they have to say. Right now you are ignorant about the Bible and are in the state of night without light. Do you want to go to heaven or hell? Don’t be a pastor that loves money. Rather be a humble believer that loves the truth.

B: Hey! S, you surely sound like god.

K: I am ashamed, how can I go there? If I go to S church my current denomination would accuse me of heresy.

B: You still have no sense in you. You just heard about S. You are afraid of the persecution and you rather go to hell? We should at least once still go to the seminar.

K: Alright, I will go with you.

(Uses pinky to promise each other to go.)

K: I feel so much better making the decision.

B: Hey! Really, S, I feel better you came. K, if you gave up and didn’t listen, you may have receive a big punch from me. Ha ha. You know how I don’t let things pass by easy.

(K, B, and S hold hand in hand while they are heading their way to the S open seminar to make their steps into God’s Words in the Bible. Amen.)