The Reason and the Cause of Persecution

Main reference: Acts 7:51-53, Mt 23:30-33

<Persecutor and those who are persecuted>
In the Bible, there is God and the Devil, and the pastors who belong to them. In the 6,000 years of God’s work, there are persecutors and those who are persecuted (refer to Mt 5:10-12). The persecutors belong to the Devil and those who are persecuted belong to God. God’s pastors loved, forgave and blessed while the Devil’s pastors persecuted, cursed, liked, and quarreled. Those who belong to God and those who belong to Satan are made known through this.

<The Reason for and Cause of Persecution>
As written in the Bible, the reason for and cause of persecution are to hide their own false testimonies (Jn 15:18-25, 16:1-30). But, these cannot be hidden and only add to their sins. While persecuting, putting people out of the synagogue and killing, they say that this is the example of serving God (Jn 16:2); in the same way, persecutors still argue that they are orthodox and accuse others of heresy. This is like judging others when they themselves did wrong; the heretics set themselves up as orthodoxy and make the true orthodox a cult. If one says that black is white, does the black become white? And if one says that white is black, does the white become black? (Is 5:20-23)

The old prophets whom God sent, Jesus whom God was one, and his disciples were called heretics by the Jews ((refer to Mt 26:65-73), Acts 24:5), but they were not real heretics. Rather those who called them heretics were the true heretics. Today, would people not call Shinchonji a cult? However, the twelve tribes of Shinchonji are the kingdom of God that was promised in the Bible and fulfilled on earth as it is in heaven (Rv 7, 14:1-5, 21:1-2). Therefore, Shinchonji is not heretical but “true-ical”—orthodox, and of all orthodoxy, the direct orthodoxy from Revelation.

At the time of Jesus’ First Coming, God and Jesus delivered the most wondrous (Is 29:14) Word of revelation (Mt 11:27); the disciples also delivered the revealed words of Jesus (Gal 1:11-12). As Jesus proclaimed the revealed word (Mt 11:27), he called the pastors of that time the blind from the passage in Isaiah 29:9-10, saying, “If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit” (Mt 15:14). He also said that the things they taught and learned were nothing but teachings of men, and they were close to the Lord with their lips, saying “Lord, Lord” but their hearts were far from God (Is 29:13, Mt 15:7-9). This means that the pastors of the time and their congregation were unable to receive salvation, and only those who received the revelation as Jesus’ will knew God and were saved.

This is the reason and cause that the Jewish pastors persecuted Jesus and his disciples. At the time, the pastors called Jesus a pestilent fellow, a heresy in order to keeping people from going onto Jesus and not hear the Words as described above (Mt 23:13). The reason why they used this method, was because they were afraid of their false testimony or lies surfacing and of them (power, status, honor and wealth) being destroyed. Had they repented and become lower and obeyed the Word, they could have been saved.

<The Reason for Persecuting Shinchonji, Church of Jesus, as a cult>
The reason for persecuting Shinchonji, Church of Jesus as a cult is same as that of the time of the Jesus’ First Coming. There is no truth anywhere and only the teachings of men, and to raise their prestige, fear that their false testimony of the sealed word and its reality would be revealed, they persecute Shinchonji by calling it a cult. Shinchonji is the only place in the whole world that received and is testifying to the revealed words of Revelation 10Upon the whole world, and the only place that mastered the Bible and testifies the revelation and its physical reality.

Jesus took the sealed scroll that was in the right hand of God in Rev 5 and, after he removed all the seals, gave it to an angel in Rev 6, 8. The angel then gave it to the New John to eat in Rev 10 and commanded him to deliver the revealed word and what he saw, to many peoples, nations, languages and kings. Therefore, Jesus’ will is for the peoples, nations, languages and kings to receive the revelation from the New John; this is the will of Jesus and the New John. Those who do not obey this will do not believe in Jesus nor his Word. How can one gain salvation if he does not believe in the promise?

Through this explanation of the difference between the false testimony of the teachings of men and the revealed words of today’s New Testament, they should no longer lie. We Shinchonji testified to what no one could so no one can give excuses for their sin.

Those who want to receive true salvation must believe in the revelation of Jesus more so than the words of men, and must make biblical judgments. Revelation is the revelation of Jesus, and if anyone adds anything to them, or takes words away from the book, he can neither enter the heaven nor avoid disaster (Rev 22:18-19). Do pastors and believers truly believe in these words? Have they not added to took words away from Revelation? Everyone is to be judged according to what has been recorded in the Bible based on their deeds (Rev 20:12). Whoever believes in today’s promised Revelation and its reality will be saved.