The Promised Pastor

Main reference: Rv 2, 3 (Rv 12, 15, 11)

What kind of pastor is the promised pastor? There are four kinds of pastors in the Bible. Of those that belong to God, there is a pastor of prophecy, a promised pastor, and a general pastor; and there is a false pastor who belongs to Satan.

A pastor of prophecy is chosen by God to preach what God will fulfill in the future. A promised pastor, given that he keeps the promises of God, is chosen and appointed as ruler and as the one who speaks on God’s behalf. A general pastor is one set up by men to preach to the future generations (the world) what the Lord has fulfilled. The false pastor who belongs to Satan is the one set up by Satan in order to persecute and hinder God’s work and pastor. These pastors can be seen in both the Old and the New Testament.

♥ The promised pastor of the New Testament

Jesus makes a promise with his believers, and the one who keeps it is chosen as the promised pastor (refer to Rv 2, 3). Regarding the promise of the New Testament, who, when, where, with whom, what, and why was it made?

1)     Who: Jesus

When: in 1980

Where: at the foot of Cheonggye Mountain in Gwacheon, Korea

With whom: the congregation members of the Tabernacle Temple

What: to fight and overcome Satan’s Nicolaitans

Why (he made the promise): to him give full authority and to appoint him to speak on his behalf, and thus testify the word of revelation and what he saw to the servants

2)   What did he promise?

If he fights against and overcomes Satan’s Nicolaitans that invaded the Tabernacle Temple he will be given the twelve blessings promised in Revelation 2 and 3.

3)   What are the blessings given to one who overcomes?

He is given the right to eat from the fruit of the tree of life in the paradise of God. He will not be hurt at all by the second death. He is given the crown of life. He is given the hidden manna and a white stone. He is given an iron scepter to rule all nations, and the morning star. He is dressed in white, and his name is written in the book of life. He becomes a pillar in God’s temple. The name of God and the name of the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, and Jesus’ new name are written on him. He is given the right to sit with Jesus on his throne.

4)   Where are Satan’s Nicolaitans, whom he must fight?

As seen in Revelation 1, 2, and 3, they are in the tabernacle of the seven messengers (seven stars), i.e. the lampstands who prepare the way for the Second Coming.

5)    What does he fight with?

He fights with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony.

6)   What is the evidence of overcoming and being defeated?

As according to the promises in Deuteronomy 28 regarding those who break the covenant (lose in the war), everything will be taken away from them, and they will flee in seven ways. If one overcomes, he receives the twelve promised blessings, and inherits everything. He becomes New Spiritual Israel and creates God’s kingdom and priests of the twelve tribes. This is the evidence of victory and defeat.

In Romans 8, it says that ‘the subjected creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed, in hope that they will liberate them from what has subjected them. For this, the Spirit, as well as we, who are the firstfruits of the Spirit, wait eagerly, with groans that words cannot express, for the redemption of our bodies.’ By first overcoming, and then quickly completing the twelve tribes of the sons of God, the creation, which is held captive by evil, can be liberated from it (refer to Rv 17:14; 18:4). This is the work that leads to the redemption of our bodies.

As the promised pastor, that is, the one who overcomes, appears, God’s will in Revelation is fulfilled. Also, as stated in Revelation 2 and 3, God, Jesus, and heaven come down on him; the food that gives eternal life, that is, manna and the fruit of the tree of life, can be eaten. As he sits with Jesus on his throne, he receives the authority to judge (the white stone), and rules all nations with the iron scepter.

Therefore, believers must know the meaning of the New Testament (i.e. Revelation), and come to Shinchonji Church of Jesus where the one who overcomes is. Heaven, the food that gives eternal life, God, and Jesus are with him; only by coming here can believers eat this food and achieve their hope.

God is testifying this through his messenger for the believers at the churches (refer to Rv 22:16). Aware of this, we, Shinchonji, are praying without rest for the believers who are buried in darkness.