The Promise of the New Testament & the Secrets of Heaven

At the time of the First Coming, Jesus spoke of the secrets of the seed in Matthew chapter 13, and he spoke in parables when he explained the secrets of heaven (Mk 4:10-11). He also warned us not to add to or subtract from the content of the Book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19).

There are three secrets, or mysteries, that also appear in Revelation. The first is the mystery of the 7 stars (Rv 1:20), the next is the mystery of the 7 pastors who belong to the Devil (Rv 17:7), and the last is the secret of the last and the 7th trumpet (Rv 10:7).

The order of the events of Revelation follows the pattern of betrayal, destruction, and salvation, and the judgment given to the betrayers and the destroyers follows the order of the judgment of the 7 seals (Rv 6, Rv 8:1-2), the 7 trumpets (Rv 8, 9, 11:15), and the 7 bowls (Rv 16).

Revelation is made known to one person (refer to Jn 16:25, Rv 1:17-19, Rv 10) at an appointed time (Hb 2:2-3). Anyone who claims to know the meaning of Revelation other than this person is someone who speaks lies. The person who knows the meaning of Revelation is the one who testifies to the reality of Revelation (refer to Rv 1:2, 22:8, Rv 16), because the Lord makes known the fulfilled reality to the chosen person when the prophecies of Revelation are fulfilled and when their realities appear. And at the time of the end of the Old Testament era and at the time of the end of the New Testament era, the world becomes the world of Satan. This is because the devil enters into the pastors who possess the ecclesiastical authority at that time (Mt 4, Rv 18).

At the time of Jesus’ First Coming, it seemed like the believers of that time (the Jewish pastors and their congregation members) were good and diligent believers of God. Then why was it that they wanted to go against God and kill Jesus? (Mt 27) It is because the devil was working within them (refer to Jn 8). Through this, we can also understand what the marriage of the devil at the time of the New Testament as all the nations fall refers to (Rv 18).

In the world of faith at the time of the First Coming, there was no one righteous and no one who could know God and Jesus, and there was no one who could know the Bible (the Old Testament) or the will of God (refer to Rom 3:10-12). At the appointed time, when no one understood the vision and when the chosen people of God were captured by the gentiles, God chose one person (a pastor) and gave him the open scroll, and commanded him where to go to testify to it (Is 29:9-14, Hb 2:2-3, Ez 1-3). Therefore, at the time of the First Coming, no one knew God other than those who received the revelation through Jesus, who received the revelation (refer to Mt 11:27).

In the same way, there is no one who can know the meaning of Revelation in today’s era of the New Testament until God reveals it through a chosen person. And anyone who claims, “I have already received salvation, the holy spirit, and I am the orthodoxy,” is someone who is only speaking lies. If the claims of such people were true, they already would have mastered the revelation and the Bible, which are the deep things of the heavens, the secrets of heaven (1 Cor 2:10). How can those who are in deep darkness of night be the people who are saved by receiving the holy spirit and be the orthodoxy, if they do not have the Word, the light of life? One must receive the revelation of the heavens and testify to it just like how Jesus, Apostle John, and Apostle Paul did (Rv 1:1, Gal 1:11-12). Whether it is the time of the Old Testament, the time of the First Coming of Jesus, or today’s era, one cannot know God and Jesus, nor receive salvation if he does not receive the revelation (fulfillment of Old Testament regarding ‘revelation’: Mt 11:27, fulfillment New Testament: refer to Rv 10:10~11).

Thus, the believers of today’s era must know themselves and the ‘time’ that they are living in (distinguishing the era), and must find and go to the place where the revealed word is coming from. It is only nighttime if there is no revelation, which is the life and the light. Please take a look at 1 Thes 5.

The difference of the beliefs of Shinchonji Church of Jesus (Shinchonji) and that of the churches of world is the difference between the heavens an the earth. This is because Shinchonji has the revealed word and has mastered the Book of Revelation, and it is because only the wheat-like believers have been harvested from the harvest field (the churches) to become the congregation members of Shinchonji (Mt 13:30, Rv 14:14-16, 1-5). There is no salvation or heaven for anyone who does not receive the revelation from Shinchonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. What remains in the churches of the world is only condemnation, persecution, and lies. There are those who testify to the revealed word and those who try to block people from receiving the revealed word. People will be able to distinguish the two sides by seeing the reality that they are in, and these very words will also be the evidence.

We suggest to converse to find a way for all of us to live. One must not persecute with the purpose of hiding his own flaws like the time of the First Coming of Jesus, but must come out to a place of conversation with confidence. A person who likes the light will come, but a person who likes the darkness more than the light will not come. And the murderous conversion education must be stopped immediately. The murderous conversion education is like following a dog and becoming a slave of a dog (refer to Is 56:9-11). Calvin, and also the conversion education pastors belonging to Presbyterianism which originated from Calvin, are the fulfillment of the prophecy written in John 16:1-2. They committed the act of murdering the spirits and the flesh of the people who refused to convert to the conversion pastors’ church (denomination).