The Path to Heaven and Hell

Main reference:

Mt 7:13-14 (refer to Mt 5:10-12, Mt23:30-36, Acts 7:51-53,

Lk 20:9-15, Jn 16:1-4, Rv 11:7-10, Rv 8, 9)

The apostle asked, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” Jesus answered, ‘Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to’ (Lk 13:23-24). 

The text and reference verse above is the content related with the event of the First Coming and Second Coming of Jesus, that is,  persecution. At the end of the world, if the pastor truly believes in God and the word of God, he must ask himself who this verse applies to.

The narrow and confined path is the path to heaven which is persecuted. The path that many people go on is the path to hell which persecutes. People who killed the prophets of God in the Old Testament were the pastors who called themselves true believers. Also, people who killed Jesus and his apostles were the priests, that is, the pastors at that time. And, Jesus said the Second Coming of Jesus will be like that time.

Look at the organizations of today which boast about their tradition. Jesus said, ‘By their fruit, you will recognize them’ (Mt 7:15-20). They do not have the word of God but only the words of the world. Aren’t money and power the only things they know? One time (Japanese colonial period), they bowed down to and worshiped the god of Japan, Now, they buy and sell the authority with money. However, they insist that people who teach the Bible at no cost are heresy. With their ecclesiastical authority, they convert people to their church, and they kill people who resist to be converted, like Calvin. Is it this orthodoxy? If you don’t realize these things even after seeing and hearing it, you’re like an animal. In the Christian news paper these days, corrupt and rebellious behaviors involved in money fraud and etc. are widely spreading. People who cheated God and people of their money say that Shinchonji is heresy. When you hear news about those big and famous church cheating people of their money, can you say that it is orthodox? Why are people converted there? Do they have the right to say that Shinchonji is heresy? Tell me, in front of the heaven!

Which tree that the Bible talks about are you? Can you say that you are the tree of life or the tree of knowledge of good and evil? God made the corruption of the Christian Council of Korea to the congregation members of the churches? People who still follow them, although they have seen and heard it are people who were born with the evil seed. They will be judged because they’re the same group of thieves. In order for people to live in the world of a thief and the devil, they must carry out the same actions.

In this world, the path of true believers who keep the faith and go on the right path is narrow and confined. This is because of the persecution from the wicked people. They don’t call the traditional organizations which cheat and steal as heresy. They’re all in the same group. They accuse true believers of a sin they’ve committed and  are frantic to make them into a heresy. Also, they condemn other people as heresy and cover up the sins of their organization. This is the wide path to hell. The narrow, being persecuted, path is the way to heaven. People who walk on this narrow path are hard to keep their true faith because of the pressure and sorrow that comes along. During the Japanese colonial period, many true believers were imprisoned until the day of their independence to keep their faith. It seems that true believers, today, are imprisoned under the power of the people with ecclesiastical authority.

To us who endured, the sound of the seventh trumpet is being heard. However, is there anyone who can know this? In this situation, how can people overcome the evil people without the belief, the word and God? Many disciples kept their faith even in front of death. Shinchonji, which has sprouted and grown in the snow, is blooming with flowers and yielding fruits. And the birds come to us and sing. We, Shinchonji have endured even the robustious winds of the evil, even after being trampled down; we have lived patiently. Crossing over and over the pass of Ariryeong, the kingdom of heaven is coming. In the narrow and confined way, we’ve been walking with the word of God as a cane.

The corrupt and rebellious Spiritual Israel, what kind of spirit is in you? And why do you say evil is good? Take a look at the newspapers of religion. Can you raise you head and read it? Is this your religion that is worse off than the world?  Out of the seven billion people in the world, only Shinchonji born of God’s seed have been gathered to create God’s nation. The wicked people of the corrupt first heaven head to the west mountain with their god and go into a deep sleep. The beautiful flowers of Shinhonji are moved by the love of the blood of Jesus, and return the glory with the song of victory to God, our father. At Shinchonji which walked on the narrow path, peace is accomplished. Let’s smile in the paradise of heaven forever, living with God and Jesus in the temple of our hearts (1 Cor 3:16).

We have seen and walked on the path to hell and heaven. We have escaped from the fire of the hell and ran to the path of heaven. We see our former self and its reality. True faith changed and turned into evil and the churches like the stars in heaven that started out with the Holy Spirit returned to the dust. The heavens and the earth passed away. It has become a world of evil spirits.

Shinchonji, which started out from a blank piece of paper, bloom with flowers of a new nation beautifully. It is a heaven where the birds and butterflies come and sit together. We are left from the wide way of the hell, and are walking on the narrow, steep, confined path to heaven. We are the people of heaven. Let’s love one another. Let’s live forever in Shinchonji, Shinchonji of good fortune.

Shinchonji 28.12.10

The  Messenger of Jesus