The Kingdom of God, the World of Christianity

Main reference: Jer 31, Rv 14 (Rv 21)

The kingdom of God, the world of Christianity started when the prophecies of Jer 31 (Jer 31:22, 27, 31) were fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ First Coming and it continued for 2,000 years until today.

God worked through Adam, Noah and Moses to restore the kingdom of God, but the sin of mankind and the work of Satan never ceased and the acts of betrayal never ran out. As a result, God started the new work. This is the work of the creation of the new nation consisted by the pastors and saints born with the seed of God, rather than from the people who were born from the gene of the sinners.
In Adam all died (1Cor 15:22) and as a result, God chose a person born from the gene of the sinners in every generation and gave the chosen person His new work but they all eventually betrayed and worshipped other gods. The history of the work of the people born from the gene of the sinners was from Adam until John the Baptist (Lk 16:16). After this, the new work of being born with the seed of God began (Refer to Jn 1:12-13). Jesus and his disciples, who were born with the seed of God, did not betray and even suffered martyrdom.
Furthermore, the work of creating God’s new kingdom with the people born from the seed of God is the new work, the New Testament and this promise is being fulfilled today.

In 1Cor 15:20-26, ‘the firstfruit of those who have fallen asleep’ was Jesus and then the ones that follow are those who belong to him when he comes back. The firstfruits are the fruits that are harvested after sowing the seed for 2,000 years (Rv 14:1-5), therefore these people are the ones who belong to Jesus at the time of his Second Coming.
The spirits of who were martyred because of their testimony of Jesus and word of God are also ones who belong to Jesus. These two existences of spirits and fleshes will take part in the first resurrection (Rv 20:4-6). This is the promise and fulfillment. This is the promise that was told before it happens, so that when it does happen we will believe (Jn 14:29).

Numerous prophets from the Old Testament that prophesized this were killed. During the period of 2,000 years when this prophecy was being fulfilled, thus during the work of sowing the seed, there were numerous evangelists that were martyred. As the chosen people, Israel did not accept the Old Testament (Prophecy) and its fulfillment at the time of Jesus’ First Coming, Jesus has set the New Testament (New Covenant) and proclaimed it to all nations over 2,000 years and as a result, it has been spread to the whole world.
God has fulfilled the New Testament today at the time of Jesus’ Second Coming, just like God fulfilled the Old Testament at the time of Jesus’ First Coming. Shinchonji has been proclaiming this fulfillment to the whole world. This is to alert the saints that have believed and waited for the fulfillment of the New Testament. The fulfillment of the New Testament is fulfilling the will of God on this earth as it is done in heaven (Rv 21). This is the same as the Old Testament when Moses saw the things of heaven and created the same on this earth. For this to happen, firstly there must be a war (religious war) between the betrayer, destroyer and savior to decide who will triumph as recorded in the New Testament. Then the work of fulfilling God’s will on earth as it is in heaven is next. This is the new creation that is promised in the New Testament.
If Moses did not see or hear anything and did not have God’s plan, could he have created the same (Heb 8:5) on this earth? The Promised Pastor of today is also creating in accordance to what he has seen, heard and what God planned (Rv 21:10-27).
The events at the end of Christianity (Events of betrayal, destruction and salvation, War, Mt 24, Rv 6 & 13, Rv 7 & 14) were fulfilled in accordance to God’s plan, and it is the creation of the Holy City New Jerusalem (Rv 21:9-10) on this earth as shown by the Holy Spirit on the mountain.

Not anybody can be the Promised Pastor.
First of all, he must battle the pastor of Satan with the word of truth and overcome (Rv 12:10-11) and after this, he must create as he has seen. God’s new nation, Shinchonji is the promised nation of the New Testament. It is different from anything else that existed from 6,000 years ago. It is different from what Moses saw (Imitation and Shadow, Heb 8:5), therefore it is called the ‘New Jerusalem’ and it is the ‘new thing’ created by Jesus, not Moses.
The Promised Pastor of Shinchonji is not ignoring the pastors of this world today, but rather asking to realize and unite in one so we can work together and create the new kingdom of true God (Rom 8:28). God and the kingdom of God (heaven) have been waiting to be created for 6,000 years and now as its creation have begun, let us create it as promised. God’s new kingdom is being created as written in the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

Shinchonji is working to create God’s kingdom transcending nationality, race and religion. The reason is because the person who has inherited everything in heaven and earth (Rv 21:7) loves all, just like God loves everything that He has created. What is wrong will be corrected and healed. This is the love for everything in heaven and earth.

All pastors and saints on this earth should stay away from jealousy, envy and dispute and work together in the creation of the nation of love. Let us become the true love and light. We must become the large bowl that can be filled with everything in heaven and earth. The best light and fruit of life will be put into this large bowl and feed everybody on earth. Let us achieve the heavenly paradise where we can give glory to God and Jesus and enjoy the eternal blessings.