The Judge of the New Testament

Main reference:

Rv 20:12-15 (Jn 5, Rv 2, Lk 20:9-16, Mt 19:28)

Who is the judge of the New Testament? The judge of the New Testament, that is, the one who receives authority to judge, is the one who overcomes and the 12 tribe leaders.

At the time of the first coming when the Old Testament was fulfilled, God gave His son Jesus the authority to judge (Jn 5:19-29). During that time, in order to make the church their possession, the pastors killed Jesus, who was the judge and heir. According to the parable in the Bible, the owner (God) of the vineyard (church) will come and kill those tenants (pastors) who killed His son (Jesus) and give the vineyard to others (Luke 20:9-16).

Jesus said, “At the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel” (Mt 19:28). Jesus and his disciples went into martyrdom and their bodies are gone. At the 2nd coming, Jesus and his disciples will come back in spirit (refer to Jn 16:10, Acts 1:9-11). At that time, the one who overcomes (refer to Rv 2, 3, Rv 12:10-11) creates the 12 tribes on this earth and the leader for each tribe. The 12 disciples who went into martyrdom and the leaders of 12 tribes (refer to Mt 6:10) become one and judge as stated in Revelation 20.

At the time of the first coming, because Jesus overcame (Jn 16:33) heaven and the spirit of God came to Jesus and became one with him. Jesus received manna (bread) from God, the authority to judge (white stone), and the  iron scepter to rule over the nations, and sat with God on his throne (refer to Rv 2, 3). And he was the heir to the inheritance.

At the time of the second coming, Jesus will come in spirit and God will send the Spirit of Counselor in Jesus’ name (Jn 14:26). On this earth, there is one who overcame (Promised Pastor) the Nicolaitans, and became one with the Spirit of Truth by clothing themselves with that spirit. He received the hidden manna (the word of life), the white stone to judge, an iron scepter to rule over the nations, and the right to sit on Jesus’ throne and heaven (Rv 2, 3).

At the time of the first coming, Jesus, who came in the Father’s name (Jn 5:43), suffered persecution and was even killed by the teachers of law and the Pharisees. Likewise, today at the second coming, the one who overcomes, who comes in Jesus’ name and is one with the Spirit of Counselor, suffers persecution and was tortured even to the point of death (Rv 11). This is the war and fight between God and Satan.

The Stewardship Education Center, Christian Counsel of Korea, and ‘MBC PD Note,’ know well about what they did to Shinchonji and these actual events were the war. How would the pastors of the world know about this?

At the time of the first coming, God made salvation known through Jesus, who was the one who overcame (Jn 5). At the second coming, salvation comes through the one who overcomes, whom the Spirit of Counselor works through. Even though the door of heaven was closed due to the greed of pastors, how could they know? The Old Testament was to make known one person which was Jesus (refer to Lk 24:27, Jn 5:39) and the New Testament and the book of Revelation was to make known about the one who overcomes (the Advocate: refer to footnote of 1 Jn 2:1). As it is written in the Bible, there is no salvation and heaven without the one who overcomes, the Counselor (Rv 12:10-11).

Why don’t believers know about this? At the first coming, the Jews persecuted Jesus who came in the name of God. In the same way, today’s pastors try to harm the Counselor that comes in Jesus’ name. However, this Counselor is going to live forever and knows that God will end the pastors who killed Jesus (refer to Lk 20:9-18). Is this not the truth? Today, according to Jesus’ word, God will judge those who killed Jesus and who attempted to kill the Counselor just like Revelation 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

This generation loves authority, fame, and money, but God, Jesus, heaven, and the truth do not care for them. Disaster will come upon those who use contempt, scorn, and badmouthing others as a weapon. They would not want the logical teachings of Revelation described with the 5W’s and 1H despite the fact that it is given freely.

Shinchonji was created according to the New Testament and the promises of Jesus. It is the light required in order for God, Jesus, and heaven to come down and shine to the world. Whoever believes this will cross over from death to life and whoever hears this will rise to live (refer to Jn 5:24-29). Judgment will fall on those who do not believe this.