The fulfillment of the East making known to the West and the New Acts  

Main reference: Rv 22:16-17

What does the fulfillment of the east making known to the West and the New Acts (Acts: Actions of the Apostles) mean? Dong-Sung-Suh-Heng means the fulfillment of the east making known to the West (refer to Rv 10:11). Like what was fulfilled in Heaven must be fulfilled here on earth, the New Acts is regarding the actions of the promised twelve tribes in Revelation. In Heaven there are the spirits of Jesus and the martyred twelve disciples, and on this earth there are the flesh of the one who overcomes and the twelve disciples (tribe leaders). Like the twelve disciples of heaven who testified to what will be fulfilled today in the New Testament to the ends of the earth (refer to Mt 24:14), today the New Acts is regarding making known the fulfillment of the Revelation in the New Testament which took place in the ends of the earth, the kingdom of the East, in the Republic of Korea, to the churches who are eagerly waiting for it to be fulfilled.

As we see in the Old and the New Testament Bible, at the time of Moses, Jesus’ first coming and Revelation when the second coming takes place, the twelve tribes are created. This is created just like what one saw in heaven. Jesus who fulfilled the Old Testament also prophesied the New Testament. This prophecy was testified for over 2,000 years through the twelve disciples and other disciples who came after. God, however, sealed Revelation, a book of prophecy that will fulfill, with seven seals and He hid it with parables. In the heavens or below the heavens there was no one to know this (Rv 5). That is why, sadly, up till today there was no one to know these words that were recorded.

What God has not revealed till today, the pastors of Satan by their own accord say and interpret, “this is this and that is that.” This is Satan’s scheme in making people confused. This is the treatment of sowing the seed of weeds, which are lies, and also the wine of adultery that establishes relations with Satan.

The reason why the fulfillment of the New Testament in the East being made known to the West (Dong-Sung-Suh-Heng) is because the work of the New Testament, the gospel of Jesus Christ, began in the West and as promised was testified to the kingdom of the East, in the Republic of Korea, and this was made known to all nations (Mt 24:14). According to the promise is has also been fulfilled in the ends of the earth, in the Republic of Korea. Since the prophecy testified from the West, Europe, has been fulfilled, we are making known the fulfillment to the West. This is to make known to the churches, which believe in the promises and are waiting, that God’s promises has been fulfilled. As this is made known they will know that God is eternally true and not a lie. The words that are being testified is the eternal gospel that people must confirm‍ and believe to receive salvation.

 Why did God fulfill the New Testament in the kingdom of the East, in the Republic of Korea, instead of Israel, the nation of the chosen people?

If one believes in the words that were testified by God through Jesus, then the physical Israelites did not receive God and Jesus (refer to Jn 1:1-13). Therefore, by the time of John the Baptist, Jesus put an end to physical Israel that broke the prophecies, prophets, Law and the covenant (Mt 11:13, Lk 16:16). According to the promises of Jeremiah chapter 31 he established the New Testament (New Covenant) and made this known. Without the physical genealogy, those who believed in the Lord became acknowledged as those born of God and they were chosen as the New Israel (Spiritual Israel). This is like how God put an end to the world of Adam at the time of Noah and how Physical Israel came to an end at the time of Jesus’ first coming.

Jesus, also, said in Matthew 21:42-43 that the stone the builders (the pastors of physical Israel) rejected became the capstone. Following this he said that the kingdom of God has been taken from them and given to a kingdom and people that will produce fruit. Like this he put an end to physical Israel and fulfilled the new work. Through Jesus and the twelve disciples spiritual Israel was created and throughout the world fruits were produced.

This spiritual Israel and once the gospel (the prophecy of the New Testament) is testified then the New Testament will fulfill. In the New Testament the spiritual Israel comes to an end like the physical Israel and then the New Spiritual Israel is created. Revelation testifies to this. At this time in the midst of spiritual Israel those who are born of God’s seed are harvest, sealed and created to be the twelve tribes (Mt 13:24-30, Rv 14:14-16, Rv 7). According to the promise the trees by the river of the water of life bear twelve crops of fruit every month. Also with the leaves on this tree all nations are healed. This tree is the tree of life of Shinchonji. Confirm‍ this truth.

Shinchonji is the only place in the whole world that has been fulfilled today according to the New Testament, created, and like being stamped it has been created according to the New Testament without anything missing. Why don’t they believe? Those who do not believe are fake believers and they cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. The pastors of Satan called Jesus who fulfilled the Old Testament a “cult” and someone “possessed by the devil.” Today the false pastors born of their gene call Jesus and the one who overcomes a “cult, and the devil.” Today and from the past, the strategy of the devil that has been passed down is the same actions of the spirit and seed.

God fulfilled His promise to Abraham at the time of Moses. The Old Testament that was promised with the prophets was fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ first coming. 2,000 years since the promise of the New Testament was established, today Jesus has fulfilled that promise in the Republic of Korea. Today through the messenger, the Advocate of Shinchonji, who saw and heard the events of the fulfillment of Revelation, the fulfillment of Revelation is being testified to the churches according to the promise (refer to Rv 22:16).

Whoever it might be, one must listen and perceive to receive the juice of the tree of life and become the fruit of that tree. Then they can receive salvation and become the people of Heaven.